On September 1st, 2009, Blizzard participated in Digital Taipei 2009, an electronic media conference held at the Taipei International Convention Center. Diablo 3 was represented by Jay Wilson, who made a 10-minute power point presentation featuring character information, monster coverage, skill runes, and a fair amount of gameplay. It’s an odd mix of old and new info, showing the coolest game features, whether or not they’re working like that in the game today. So you’ll see the Monk, but also a presentation on skill runes last seen in Blizzcon 2008, and the battle with Siegebreaker from the WWI gameplay, etc. It’s a very entertaining presentation, and credit to Gamebase Taiwan for posting it. Here’s a link to the Google-translated page.

    Here’s some more gameplay footage from PAX. The Diablo 3 stuff starts 2 minutes in, and it runs for 9 minutes. Most of it features the Monk, who at one point has an encounter with Husam, the object of the Blood Money quest. There’s also a lot of footage of items and the inventory, as well as a death, which shows off the convenience of the checkpoint system. (Since the Monk dies on the Fallen Shaman bridge, about half a screen from a checkpoint.) There’s also some Witch Doctor and Wizard footage at the end. For bonus lulz, check out the YouTube page with all the (jealous) commenters bagging on the (non) skills of the guy playing.

    Click through to view three more videos, with more PAX footage, a fan-made D3 gameplay compilation, and some funny footage of what happens in D2 when you cover every inch of the town with gold stacks.

    Our friends at Diablo3.net.pl pointed us to this cool D3 movie. It’s a fan-made compilation of gameplay scenes from the various official movies, divided up to show off each character, and scored with rock music. I enjoyed the choice of Marilyn Manson’s cover of Tainted Love for the Witch Doctor.

    Here’s another short piece of gameplay video from PAX. If you feel like you’ve not seen the Wizard cast enough Arcane Orbs, or haven’t heard someone click a mouse as fast as humanly possible, this is the video for you.

    For a final laugh, this guy carpeted every inch of the D2 Rogue Encampment with dropped piles of gold. It’s a funny sight, mostly for how totally it breaks the game engine’s ability to keep displaying what’s on the screen.

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