More Diablo 3 Patch Skill and Monster Changes

Blizzard has listed more changes to Diablo 3 Patch v1.08, which are now testable on teh PTR. There are buffs to numerous skills, lots of life regeneration doubling effects, and some changes to monster abilities as well. See the official post for the full list of changes. The following lists the newly-added changes.

* The bonus experience granted by Enlightened shrines is now also calculated multiplicatively. (Note: That was fast.)

* Active Skills
** War Cry
*** Skill Rune – Invigorate
**** Now regenerates 620 life per second (up from 310)
* Passive Skills
** Inspiring Presence
*** Now regenerates 4% of maximum life per second (up from 2%)
Now affects all party members

Demon Hunter
* Active Skills
** Companion
*** Skill Rune – Boar Companion
**** Now regenerates 310 life per second (up from 155)

* Skill Rune – Aid Station
** Now heals nearby allies for 2% of max life per second (up from 1%)

* Passive Skills
** Brooding
*** Now regenerates 2% of maximum life per second (up from 1%)

* Active Skills
** Mantra of Healing
*** Now causes party members to regenerate 620 life per second (up from 310)
**** Skill Rune – Sustenance
***** Now increases Mantra of Healing’s life regeneration to 1240 per second (up from 620)

* Passive Skills
** Guiding Light
*** Damage bonus increased from 16% to 20%

Witch Doctor
* Active Skills
** Firebats
*** Now has a larger initial cost but a much lower continual cost while channeling
**** Base weapon damage increased from 180% to 385%
*** Skill Rune – Cloud of Bats
**** Initial damage increased from 234% to 500% weapon damage
*** Skill Rune – Plague Bats
**** Maximum damage increased from 270% to 578% weapon damage

* Passive Skills
** Blood Ritual
*** Now regenerates 2% of maximum life per second (up from 1%)

* Active Skills
** Familiar
*** Skill Rune – Vigoron
**** Now regenerates 620 life per second (up from 310)

* Ray of Frost
** Base weapon damage increased from 215% to 280%
*** Skill Rune – Black Ice
**** Ice patch weapon damage increased from 387% to 504%
*** Skill Rune – Sleet Storm
**** Weapon damage increased from 280% to 364%
*** Skill Rune – Snow Blast
**** Maximum damage increased from 280% to 364% weapon damage

* Passive Skills
** Galvanizing Ward
*** Now regenerates 620 life per second (up from 310)

* Templar
** Skills
*** Loyalty
**** Now regenerates 310 life per second (up from 155)

* The damage dealt by the fire pool left by Blazing Guardian attacks has been reduced by 50%, but it’s minimum damage has been increased

Bug Fixes
* Monsters with the Avenger affix now correctly gain +25% damage each time a monster in their pack dies
* Monsters with the Vampiric affix now correctly heal for 200% of their damage done in all difficulties.

The “Molten Pool” effect is the fire on the ground after fiery Mage Constructs (those spider-legged mages in the act 2 dungeons) hurl fireballs at you. Those were painful before, but with the huge buffs to monster numbers in Act 2 in v1.08, all of the Mage Constructs are now very dangerous, since you routinely get 8 or 10 of them hurling projectiles at once, rather than just 3 or 4 as in v1.07.

I noted this danger in our recent article on Monster Density changes, though I found the poison mages the most dangerous, since every time I killed one or got hit by them the poison explosion took off 6-10k. Which meant nothing with 2 or 3 or 4 of them, but with 8 or 10 at once, it was potential instant death if I just charged in and started pounding away melee, without taking notice of the dozen incoming projectiles.

Act 2 is much more fun and profitable in v1.08, but (unlike most of Act 3) it’s not entirely without danger.

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26 thoughts on “More Diablo 3 Patch Skill and Monster Changes

  1. Plague Bats are really good, Ray of Frost still sucks, Black Ice has to be one of the worst runes in the game, right? Although now you can actually tell it does damage, which is something.

  2. I sort of foresee them making a small post or something as to why health regen off of skills and passives as been doubled all of a sudden.

    Maybe health pools are getting bigger and bigger as the item bar rises over time and they’ve done this to compensate. None of these changes really make the skills and passives more appealing to use based on the new regen values alone. I wander if leveling (and stuff in general that’s not late-game) will be a lot easier with this buff to health regen skills and passives.

    I really dig the “bonus experience granted by shrines is now also calculated multiplicatively” thing. It makes these kinds of shrine not useless on higher MP level.

    • Without any knowledge of the actual reasoning I think the changes might be one step towards creating an alternative to life steal.

      Right now Health regeneration is close to useless in comparison for high dmg characters.

      I think they need to somehow lower the life steal gain a little bit more in inferno too if they want to succeed. This could be done by lowering the max amount of life steal on weapons to 2% (1-handed) and 3.5% (2-handed). They could cap it at 4.5% also so that it not greatly surpass all the other life sources. On top of that make all belts able to spawn with life steal instead of just barb ones but maybe with max 2% to make barb belts stand out a little bit.

      They should also give a 50% boost to Life/Spirit spent attribute to monk, both the passive and the item attributes.

      The last change I’d like to see is that they lower the life after each kill attribute by 75% or so, but make it generate over time. Maybe 15 seconds or so would do it. Then this attribute would not be OP for trash mobs and useless against elites since you could build up a nasty regen over time, and use it against the elites.

  3. Just loving the change to Fire Bats and Plague Bats in general. After trying it out, its really really fun.

    Just makes me wonder why Ray of Frost does so much less damage than Fire Bats. IMO it needs to be in the 300-400% range to be competitive (for runes not named Black Ice or Sleet Storm of course).

    • Probably because there’s already disintegrate and Archon that are basically the same function as Fire Bats. So they wanted RoF to do something different… it’s just a something that’s much less effective, since D3 is all about AoE.

      Basically the same question/thought I had about Rapid Fire with the DH changes. I want to use it, but without AoE it’s hard to see any amount of single target impact useful enough to be one of your 6 skills. If you had 8, then maybe you could carry something that was just huge DPS to single target, for those rare occasions when all the minions are dead and only the boss remains.

      • Single target won’t get to shine until real PvP comes out. Ray of Frost could actually be really good in PvP, maybe.

        • Although I pretty much find the game mechanics in terms of skill gameplay, decent at least, I have to say that the 6-skill thing, with the big cooldowns on skill change (I read somewhere it is going to change, right?), limits so much the game. I don’t want to restart old arguements here, but i really can’t understand why having 2 more skills is a bad thing for Blizzard. You could even keep the 6 slots, and give the ability to switch 1 or 2 skills in one specific slot. Kinda like in D2, but only in one slot, and only 1 or 2 skills (without a cooldown ofc, that is).

          Btw, given the fact the skills still receive huge huge changes in dps, to become balanced, I wonder… what is exactly the reason that dps on wiz and wd, is item based and not skill based? How silly it feels to have a staff that does the same or even more damage than that huge gruesome hammer for instance? I’m not sure if the skill- based dps buffs should be the way to go, maybe it is as broken. But honestly, to me, this is the silliest option. Mighty hammer = 1000 dps = staff = ceremonial knife. WTF!
          I really hope for the devs to have the guts to change item issues on the whole. Stop this dps crap, being the one and only determining stat on a weapon. Esp for wizards and wd!

  4. Well, just bring an ‘inspiring presence’ barb along on your journey, noone ever dies 😉

  5. My hardcore barb will never die with 4% inspiring presence. I have about 100k hp so 4k life a sec with high block and armor/all res. It’s kinda hard to kill me now and my gear is still rather crappy.

  6. I might be wrong, but isn’t there a thing, where the best items only drop in act III and IV?
    If so, the increase of monster density in act I and II, will not put people running through this acts for farming.
    Another chance I like to see is the possibility to when “host” a public game, being able to limit the number of players you want to join you. For me I like no more than three players, four is to chaotic for me.

    • It worked that way long ago but not currently. With mp1 or higher are the drops the same in all acts.

  7. Erm…1 year and I can only see…4-5 active buffs? (It’s so long I don’t even remember the exact number…)
    I want a PC version of Diablo 3…when will they launch it?

  8. I hope all these changes will be reflected in the D3 database, it hasn’t been updated since 1.05.

        • Ironically, the devs could have just nerfed barbs 4 or 5 patches ago to even out the classes. Instead they’ve spent the last patches trying to find enough buffs for the other 4 to catch up to the OPBs, and they’re still trying…

          • Yeah the low risk high reward barb playstyle is hard to balance around, and it just gets worse with the Inspiring Presence buff.

            Personally I think they need to reduce the perma-CC immunity of WotB (make CC immunity last 15 seconds only, WotB damage buffs can stay), and possibly the overt effectivness of well geared CC/WW mage builds in perma-controling anything.

            I don’t mind builds that destroy everything in sight. I do mind builds that destroy everything in sight while taking very little risk doing it.

  9. I don’t feel like I have lost out on anything because I have spent the vast majority of my time playing Wiz. I just don’t get this idealism that you have to play a Barb to be efficient. I have played in games with some awesome WD’s, Monks, and DH’s, and they mow down everything in sight. I play a CMWW Wiz, and even though there are people touting these low budget MP10 builds, it takes some planning and gold to make one that doesn’t die and can farm MP10 efficiently. I don’t have a problem with the Barb kicking ass. That character class is supposed to be strong. All the buffs for the other classes have happened mostly because of the Barb. NOTHING needs a nerf. That goes for players and monsters. If anything, there needs to be more monster damage introduced to the game.

  10. I don’t think it was blizzards intent on Inferno MP10 being easy to run with any character. Its really too late to do anything drastic now.

    This is why it has been mentioned by the devs on more MP levels….

    Its kind of an arms race right now with inferno high MP levels…. Everybody wants to own it and farm it and the devs have said that they want to get away from that….

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