More Diablo 3 Paragon 2.0 Answers from Blizzard

Slowly but surely the CMs and devs are answering our remaining questions about the DiabloWikiParagon 2.0 system.

Will you gain regular levels from 60 to 70 while earning paragon experience at the same time?
Travis Day: Paragon experience is only earned when you are playing a character who is max level. If you are level 60 and paragon 100, when the expansion launches you will continue earning paragon experience in the new system. Once you have the expansion enabled your experience earned will take you from level 60-70 at which point it will again be added to your paragon level instead of character level.

Suppose my account’s shared paragon level IS 100. Does even the level 30 character get 100 paragon Points to spend???
Lylirra: Under current design, yes. Using your example, if your account’s Shared Paragon level is 100, all Normal characters on your account would have access to 100 Paragon points, even if they’re not at max level (i.e. sub-60).

Again, all subject to change prior to ship, etc etc. 🙂

For clarity (since I saw some confusion in the other thread):

  • After Paragon 2.0 goes live, if you are level 60 and do not have the expansion enabled on your account, you will continue to earn Paragon experience in the new system. This is because you are still technically at the level cap.
  • However, if you are level 60 and decide to enable the expansion on your account, you will stop earning Paragon experience. This is because the expansion increases the level cap to 70. Once you reach level 70, you will start to accrue Paragon experience again from where you left off.
  • So, basically: Only max-level characters will be able to earn Paragon experience. If you don’t have the expansion, max-level = 60. If you have the expansion, max-level = 70.

    Still wondering what’s going on with Gold Find and the MF/GF/Exp bonuses on our current characters when the transition comes, but it’s nice to get some questions answered.

    It’s going to be crazy rerolling in Paragon 2.0, if the full PPs remain accessible at level 1. That’s making Paragon 2.0 double the big deal for Hardcore players; no more losing exp and progress with each dead char, and now new chars will start off with huge bonuses already available. That said, if the ladder seasons go as expected, many/most players will be playing in the ladder each time, where you’ll be Paragon level 0, at least at the start of the season.

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    19 thoughts on “More Diablo 3 Paragon 2.0 Answers from Blizzard

    1. At first I misread this as “Your Paragon experience will level you from 60 to 70 automatically at which point future Paragon experience will be earned again.”

      That solved the issue of how progression is going to work for players currently farming some part of Inferno on MPX, because they haven’t commented on this at all. Are all Acts in Inferno beyond MP0 going to be mlevel 73+? Are we going to have to do Act 5 Inferno on MP0 because that’s the only way to fight mlevel 64-72 monsters? What about earlier Acts once the expansion hits? But of course I read it wrong, so I have no idea what the plan is for this sort of thing. But I’m interested to find out.

      • They said that they planning some difficulty levels changes, maybe no more Inferno. I think will get more info on that at BlizzCon, currently there are no answers for your questions.
        Max ilvl will be 70.

    2. Are ladder seasons where everyone starts at Paragon Zero, no existing characters, no existing items, no existing gold confirmed?

      Day 1 RoS… starting with anything other than a pristine state is beyond retarded. I realize some people will love Day 1 with a level 60/P100 character or starting a level 1 Crusader with access to 600+ paragon levels converted to Sharagon points, but I certainly don’t want to play with any of these people.

      • They said it, I believe. At least they said that you’re starting at P0 and after season ends all your Paragon exp goes to non-ladder sharagon.
        “no existing characters, no existing items, no existing gold”
        That’s preety much what ladder means. If it is opposite – then that would be weird decision. So we can assume yes.

      • “Are ladder seasons where everyone starts at Paragon Zero, no existing characters, no existing items, no existing gold confirmed?”

        None of it is confirmed, and hopefully we’ll get details at Blizzcon. I think Paragon zero at least has to be a feature, since if the ladder isn’t putting everyone at an even starting point and then measuring paragon level earned on the ladder… what’s it measuring? Whether that also means no twinks, no shared gold, no shared artisans, etc… unknown.

    3. am i the only hc player that is bugged by the sharagon system?

      it may be that i just blow goats at this game or that i don’t spend a huge amount of time playing it, but i just dont have a lot of clvl60 characters running around to earn me any p-points.

      i’d blame it on disconnects but beer might also be a culprit; either way, at the rate i lose clvl 40-59 characters, i dont expect to see much benefit from the new system:/

      • But then, when you hit 60/70 and earn some Paragon levels you’ll get boost for new chars. At least some progression.

    4. As a guy who has always tried to play as untwinked as possible, this annoys me a lot. I’d really really some way to play a truly new, fresh toon (preferably without shared gold and artisans too).

      • You are in no way obligated to allocate your accrued paragon points on new characters.

        Can’t really help with the gold or artisans though.

        • Fair point, I guess. I try to do this with gold, actually, to keep track of what each character “actually” has. I guess I could do that with these new points. It’s fairly awkward and cumbersome, though.

    5. Annoys me as well, but I feel that the ladders are a passable work around so I’m not that upset. The ladders, if they’re set up decently, should let me have an easier time of making fresh characters than I do presently with the shared stash. And if all their paragon xp etc just transfers over after the ladder (as i understand it does), it’s not a particularly bad use of time. Limited to one fresh charachter per ladder, but… still beats what we have now imo.

      And the whole sharagon thing is consistent with what they’ve been doing so far at least. I don’t like it, but it’s consistent. And I like consistency, if nothing else ~.~

    6. So if an account has 700 paragon, a new level 1 character can allocate 700 points immediately? That’s stupid. I really hope they balance that out properly.

      • You might want to consider playing the game on the hardest setting once you have those pp’s.

    7. Instead of the shady “level 5 characters to paragon 20” they should simply use raw experience and apply it to the overall system.

      • pretty sure that’s what they’re doing

        I understand is there is no such thing as “5 chars to paragon 20”

        once one char hits P 20 they are all P 20
        so if you stop playing that one char and start another you don’t start at P level zero and increase to P level 20

        you start at P level 20 and increase all your chars to P level 21

        and if you have 5 chars now at P level 20 that does not = P level 100 in the system anymore than than it does not

    8. So are people finally starting to see the fun in applying your own attribute points at last? :eyesroll:

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