More Diablo 3 Merchandise Spotted

No doubt you’ve already got your Diablo 3 wardrobe all sorted out now, I know I would look great in those Mistress of Pain socks 😉 Fmulder spotted some more merchandise today on German site Gaya Entertainment where they have some new DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Merchandise we have I have not seen before including:

  • Diablo III Long Sleeve Thermal Hooded Tee Prime Evil
  • Diablo III Workwear Inspired Buttondown Woven Shirt
  • Diablo III T-Shirt Burning
  • Diablo III T-Shirt Tyrael Side
  • Diablo III T-Shirt Tyrael Standing

The Thermal Hooded T apparently includes buttons styled “After Judgement Chamber Lens”. Which sounds like it refers to this and this, from the Diablo III cinematics. Tyrael punished by the other angels for his wayward ways?

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  1. I want it now! Where can I buy it? This website doesn’t ship to Brazil and is only for Retailers and Distributors =/

    • One of the European distributors have some of the shirts on preorder. They probably aren’t available anywhere yet.

      Damn I want that woven shirt, though.

  2. I actually like a hoodie.  Never thought I’d hear myself say it but that would be great for after the gym.

  3. Wow, what a nice shit. Mostly like the hoody and the black tyrael shirt…i hope i can order it from europe. thumps up Blizz…

  4. Omg. I must have these. Anyone know when/where we can buy them?

  5. Notice the JINX label, they will be up for sale soon I bet, maybe during/after Blizzcon

  6. I want that diablo shirt like NAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  7. this is a must have! I want everything! muahahahaha 😈

  8. Really liking the button up shirt… classy and cool colors… the diablo and black tyrael shirts are pretty bad-ass too… 🙂

  9. I want that white Tyreal T-shirt SOOOOOO fuk’n badly…I shall not rest until I have it.

  10. hoodie and long sleeve look awesome. I could wear those at work and still look professional

  11. I will not pay someone for the dubious priveledge of advertising their products.

  12. Got a Diablo 3 shirt last weekend from my birthday from some friends.
    They order it from a german shop. (it has the jinx label in it)

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