More Diablo 3 Graphics Comparisons

The chaps over at Gamefront have been putting the Beta to the test and whipped up a new article which looks at the different graphics settings in the game. The article feature some comparison shots which look at both texture quality and the shadows cast depending on what option you go for. The tested the settings out on an Intel® Core i7 CPU 960  3.20GHz with an ATI Radeon HD 5800 Series.

If you missed it the first time round you an also check out this graphics comparison video which we posted earlier this month.

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15 thoughts on “More Diablo 3 Graphics Comparisons

  1. I like pretty graphics as much as anyone, but as I was looking at those shots, I realized- as fast as the action is going to be moving, most of us are not going to notice the difference on that chest piece and probably not even the shadows that much. And turning those settings Off or lower will improve performance on any machine…

    • T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U. Any D3 vet at this point is sick to death over the graphics issue. It’s one thing to play the game, it’s a whole different thing to look at screen shots for several minutes at a time.

  2. the jaggies, so many jaggies.
    Want SuperSampling or at least Adaptive multi sample >_<
    MLAA = blurrovision.  Post processing is junk and removes image data…

  3. “That being said, if you turn Physics Quality to Low, you’ll miss out on a lot of Diablo 3?s cool, Havok-powered physics…”
    Wait, whut ? Havok-powered physics ? Can I have a confirmation about that ? The last blue post I’ve seen about the physic engine was saying that they were not using Havok anymore but rather a custom in-house physic engine.

  4. If someone had said this is all I need to write to get a beta invite.  I would have been writing articles ad nauseaum.

    • It won’t happen. At the very best, there will be direct X 11 support like in WoW. So there might be some AA improvements, but I wouldn’t expect things such as high-definition ambient occlusion, tessellation or any high end post processing effects like bokeh, dynamic blur, etc.

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