Some more short Q&A coverage of technical details about the Diablo 3 Console, via Blue replies:

    By default all 360 games can play your own music streamed from your PC or hard drive. Can this be done on the PS3.
    Grimiku: Each platform has its own set of features, and background audio is supported a little differently between the two consoles. They both have the original background soundtrack, but only the Xbox 360 will allow you to play custom music.

    Can i use my Diablo 3(PS3) disc on Ps4?
    Grimiku: I thought I heard the answer to this at some point, but I double checked around the office (and in google) to be sure. The PS4 is not backwards compatible with a PS3 disc.

    I know pc got pvp, but will there be console pvp? If so, can we duel for gold?
    Grimiku: The console version of Diablo III has all of the PC content up to patch 1.0.7 (and then some), so it’ll have the Brawling feature, but no additional options for it.

    Apologies for not posting an article about my Diablo 3 Console play testing yet. I talked about all the interesting stuff (controls and feel and movement and targeting and economy/balance promises) on the TDP #97, but I do want to get it in writing as well, and add some more details to my verbal account. Soon!

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