diablo 3 beta invitesA quick note to say that more keys went out last night and today so we suggest you check your Battle.Net account to see if you were one of the lucky ones today (thanks to everyone who mailed in). In related news, Zathym posted a response to someone asking why they just don’t let everyone into the Beta.

    That’s just not the purpose of a beta. It’d be very counterproductive for us to try and open testing up to anyone who wants in. You suggested it’d buy us time, but it’d actually achieve the opposite. We understand that threads like this only come about because people are anxious to play the game. We want to make that happen rather than trying to provide people with open access to a small fragment of the game’s content.


    Also note it looks like no EU keys went out. Bashiok posted a Tweet responding to the lack of EU keys:

    There will be, but the current Beta test is only running on NA hardware, so the vast majority of invites will be for NA players


    Oddly enough that Tweet appears to be have been deleted now by Bashiok, probably to stem any fallout.

    Don’t forget if you were one of the chosen few drop me a PM for your special beta title.  It’s pink with sparkles (okay, okay, I made the sparkles bit up).

    Thanks Lukk.

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