More Diablo 3 Beta Keys Sent Out

diablo 3 beta invitesA quick note to say that more keys went out last night and today so we suggest you check your Battle.Net account to see if you were one of the lucky ones today (thanks to everyone who mailed in). In related news, Zathym posted a response to someone asking why they just don’t let everyone into the Beta.

That’s just not the purpose of a beta. It’d be very counterproductive for us to try and open testing up to anyone who wants in. You suggested it’d buy us time, but it’d actually achieve the opposite. We understand that threads like this only come about because people are anxious to play the game. We want to make that happen rather than trying to provide people with open access to a small fragment of the game’s content.


Also note it looks like no EU keys went out. Bashiok posted a Tweet responding to the lack of EU keys:

There will be, but the current Beta test is only running on NA hardware, so the vast majority of invites will be for NA players

Oddly enough that Tweet appears to be have been deleted now by Bashiok, probably to stem any fallout.

Don’t forget if you were one of the chosen few drop me a PM for your special beta title.  It’s pink with sparkles (okay, okay, I made the sparkles bit up).

Thanks Lukk.

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    80 thoughts on “More Diablo 3 Beta Keys Sent Out

    1. “That’s just not the purpose of a beta”

      I wonder exactly what the purpose of the beta is ? 
      Stress test the servers ?
      See how many items with random stats the servers can store ? 
      Test the client on different configurations: Macs, Windows PCs, different graphic cards ?
      Test the network/server architecture with 1000s of people playing 24 hours a day ?
      Test the AH with 1000s of people playing 24 hours a day ? 

      It seems like all of those reasons would best be served by adding more people, but no, adding lots of people is “just not the purpose of a beta”

      So what EXACTLY is the purpose of the beta now that we’re 4 months into it ?

      • The beta is about finding bugs and so that they can correct as many of them they can before releasing the game, it’s probably also about testing D3 on b.net2.0 and tweaking that.

        • no, that’s not it at all

          August 1, 2011

          asked by Risingred:
          What’s the point of even having a beta test, then?

          Bashiok: We’re testing client and server stability. We want to make sure the game is running, and running well, on a wide range of systems, and the server infrastructure that runs Diablo III is completely new, so we need testing on that front as well. Quite right, we’re not necessarily looking for gameplay related testing, although we do hope to see feedback on the various systems and see what people like/don’t like from the first few hours of play time.

          Risingred: Don’t you guys have QA labs just for this purpose?

          Bashiok: We have a huge and talented QA department just for purposes like these, yes, but it’s still no comparison to thousands and thousands of players hammering the system. We can run simulations to see what breaks just from over-crowding, but it’s ultimately no comparison to real players testing the system.

          blizzplanet dot com/blog/comments/bashiok-on-diablo-iii-press-event-feedback

    2. Oh my god. I just checked my account and I the wrong video card was used from my laptop… I never even had a chance lol!

      • Eh? They’d probably want weaker cards to test compatability rather than monster cards which they probably have a easy time to QA anyway.

      • Haha, a little much on the **** there but I feel you. It’s a little annoying that EU is left out just because. I mean, I don’t think it would be SUCH a bit inconvenience to just set up a identical server in the EU is it? Oh well

      • i got in too!  i saw the email while i was at class.  i felt like a crack head needing his next hit on the drive home, hoping it wasn’t fake.

        • I got in three!  Finally!  Can’t wait to take a test drive.  I would check my email in the morning at work.  And my brother is coming to town for a visit this weekend.  What timing!  lol

    3. Been a Blizzard fan since Warcraft 2. I own all the Blizzard games, been a WoW subscriber since release, bought Blizzard merchandise left and right, etc. Despite that all and always having been in good standing with my all my game accounts I have NEVER been lucky enough to be selected to participate in ANY of their beta tests no matter how many contests I’ve signed up for. I was convinced that the Blizzard Gods frowned upon me.

      I checked my email after reading this post hoping to see that I was selected. Not surprisingly, my inbox was empty. No biggie I’m used to it. I then log into my account…and what is this??? I’M IN THE DIABLO III BETA TEST???!!!!


      Holy freaking crap! Now to pace back and forth impatiently as the beta installs!!!

      Never lose hope my friends!

    4. I die a little inside every time beta invites are sent out and I don’t receive one. I’m about to take a picture of /photocopy my CE pre-order, mail it to Blizzard with about 10 pages of “LET ME IN THE BETA!” until I get an invite.

    5. Agrr we (EU) must bomb NA, but seriously recent decisions made by Blizzard are in many cases unfortunate..

    6. I dont believe I gave you guys permission to use my picture, copyright infringement! (And yeah, it is my picture, can verify the email address).

      So gimmie a damn key!

    7. Stopped caring like a month ago 🙂
      Still proud to be European, I’ll play the whole thing when it’s out, not to mention I have seen pretty much everthing thats in the beta on vids….

    8. NA HArdware? WTH is that??? The new world have better hardware? Or what he mean? He´s joking???
      Fcuk, bringt that game out soon, thats holy shit what you made blizz!

    9. Doesn’t sound promising that “EU Keys WILL come soon”. I want the full game now, stop beta testing..

    10. Thank God ME3 will be out in 5 weeks, demo in 2 weeks. So when I’m done playing it with 2-3 chars, and add to that some multiplayer fun, we will have info about release date… Oh well

    11. I received one, and 2 of my best friends too, so I guess it’s not “that” random, they probably look at your friends somewhere, either in WoW or something like that (or by cities), so we can play together.

    12. Got my Key this morning but never got an email.   Looks like I know exactly how I will be spending my weekend!!

    13. The new world has better hardware. Or what does he mean. Is he joking. The second sentence, while grammatically correct, makes no sense. You can’t use “holy s h i t” in that way. Not trying to be rude or anything, just trying to help you with your English.

      EDIT: This was meant as a reply to Coolhawk, but somehow got mixed up.

    14. blizzard always manages to figure out a way to get my hopes up and then let me down. first it was diablo 3 (coming soon) on my account, now it was making me accept the new tou when signing in

      still no key. wtf blizz

      oh yeah and vast majority? does it even count as a vast majority if they’ve only invited like ten new people? lol

    15. Honestly I really wish by now that there never would have been a beta… It’s not THAT bad that I cant’ play, but it seems like everybody else is playing the beta and have seen all the changes they made first hand. For example in a few years we won’t be able to tell the story of the funny \cauldron of jordan\ with which you could sell stuff WITHOUT going to town. Dunno kinda feels like we’re beeing robbed of experiences that are already part of the D3 community…

    16. I expected my daily dose of disappointment, but there it was waiting for me. Dunno if I’ve been so happy to be wrong.

    17. seems like a lot of people here got in. perhaps  they sent out a much larger number of invites in order to start stress tests which would be the last stage before a release? just spitballin’

    18. may be a stupid question, cuz i assume it would be pretty obvious, but when you log into your bnet account where will it inform you youre in the beta?

    19. No email confirmation, but checked my while at the mall and i had mine today, hurrah happy. ttyl.

    20. Happy to report that I indeed did finally get a beta invite after checking every other day for the last forever.

    21. Diablo 3 beta acquired. I didn’t get into the SC2 beta until like the last 2 weeks when they gave it to everyone and their dog. Sign of release!

    22. I’ve had beta for a while, my roommate just got it and he isn’t even going to play the the garbage and I don’t blame him.

    23. I saw this article and logged onto my account… to my surprise I got into the Beta. I then began to scream and run around the house. My 2 yr old thought it was great. Now if only it would download faster. Oh, and I had work off today and I just now decided to check… 8 hours of potential beta time down the drain. But I’m still excite 😀

    24. I just saw this post and logged into my, didn’t have high hopes – but I am finally in!  

      Good luck to everyone who is still waiting.  

      Possibly of interest:  last week I upgraded my old GTS 250 to a new GTX 550 ti, re-ran and uploaded the hardware checker.  Could be totally coincidental, but thought it worth mentioning.

    25. Well I just finished Skyrim (all quests) and see this news and say \wtf I’ll just check my account for the kicks of being not chosen\ Well dammit, I got it so I know what I’ll be doing in the next few weeks

    26. weak i really had high hopes this time for an invite.. i dont know why cus email doesnt have anything and bnet account plain as ever.. sigh.. 😕

    27. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I GOT INTO BETA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

      In all seriousness, I’m pretty excited…

    28. I feel so dirty… I’m such a whore… excuse my language. So I got so jaded with the constant removal of features… I said despite the fact that I’d still get the game, I was extremely dissapointed at the constant removal of features… and wondered what they’ve been doing all these years… and that I didn’t care anymore… and then…. blizzard… had to go…. and do that. Logged onto my account… saw a policy agreement update… that peaked my interests… and there it was… that beautiful beta invite… and I got so excited… and happy… and then… I recalled what I said… and felt dirty… because I had so quickly changed my tune… (so empty inside Dx)…. kay… screw this, going to play beta now, best of luck those without XD

    29. damn pissses me offf seein every1 post they got in beta lmfao FML once again damn karma hates me forlife yo. idk why tho…. i do so goooddddd 👿

    30. ironic I stop caring and I get in. must have been a huge wave cause I really never saw myself getting in.

    31. Wow, a lot of invites it seems!

      Congrats everyone, alas, I am in Europe so I’ll just take this for what it is: SIGN OF RELEASE!

    32. I got an invite today.  So far I’m quite impressed.  It feels even better than expected from the many videos I watched back when it first released.  The sound is particularly good at setting the Diablo atmosphere.  I’m not terribly bothered by the changes as of late as it all feels quite alright in the context of the rest of the game play.  I’m curious how it will play out in the later difficulties.

    33. Looking at all the comments, this must have been indeed a big wave. Which is a good sign.

      Still waiting here, in EU… But when EU starts getting invites, this will be an even better sign – servers will start working outside NA, which means we will be a lot closer to the release.

    34. I don’t want to whine too much, but I am a bit disappointed how Blizzard is handling this Beta. I mean, 6 years ago they did their WoW Beta, simultanous in US and EU, with lots of invites for everyone. And back then the WoW Beta was really a huge thing for Blizzard as they didn’t had this huge amount of human and financial resources. Again, just a bit disappointed.

    35. In as well….thank you IncGamers for the RSS feed that reminded me i needed to go look at my Account this in sick or go to work! 😛

    36. I swear to god I am making a purpose in not buying this game. I am not a fukin game developers slave. -_- It’s retarded the fukin constant failure feeling and disapointment. it’s getting to me and it is not rly worthit. ive got more important things to care for in real life.

    37. can I ask a question knowing that this isn’t the right place. From all the things I’ve seen on YouTube…. do armors and weapons actually have a use anymore…… I just see skills…skills and some more Skills……-_-
      WHAT IS THAT….???? 👿
      it’s no longer a Horror game…. ah the good old days…..AHH…! FRESH MEAT….. and crapping my pants screaming “Holy crud…look at this guy….what I DO…?” Nostalgia :-‘(

    38. There will be, but the current Beta test is only running on NA hardware, so the vast majority of invites will be for NA players

      Translation : Let’s fuck around some more and give our great american friends all the keys. Fuck the world baby! USA! YEAAAAH!

      Yes I know this was extreme, yes I know.
      But it’s like… Here have this NOTHINGness while the guy next door gets a million bucks, although he broke into the house and impersonated owning the house. The undeserving get what they don’t deserve, is my point. 

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