Lylirra continued her busy day of forum explanations with some new details about the DiabloWikiMonster Power system.

    What MP is 1.04 equivalent too?
    Lylirra: The current difficulty in 1.0.4 is roughly equivalent to Monster Power 2 or Monster Power 3 in 1.0.5. (Monster Power 0 is just the setting the game will default to when you first log in.)

    Is Monster Power 0 = “No Monster Power” in the choose quest options?
    Lylirra: Correct!

    And if so, are the monster levels 61/62/63 for A1/2/3? Or even on 0 are they 63/63/63? Thanks.
    Lylirra: Monster Power is considered “on” once you bump it up to Monster Power 1, at which point all monsters in Inferno become level 63. “No Monster Power” means that the system is technically “off,” so monster levels will remain the same and you won’t get any of the scaling XP/GF/MF boosts.

    Must be bugged then, because MP1 the bosses tear through my char where normally it was only the rarest of the rare that could do that with my MF set.
    Lylirra: Are you a) playing on your witch doctor and b) using a very similar build to what’s in your profile? This is just for context so I can pass on the information (though you might also want to report this in the PTR Bug Report forum).

    I haven’t logged on yet to see but does the increase to monster power increase chances for higher end ilvl’s drops in Act 1 or 2?
    Lylirra: So, the moment you go into Inferno with any kind of Monster Power (e.g. Monster Power 1 and above), all monsters become level 63, and they can now all drop iLevel 63 items the same way that Act III and Act IV Inferno currently do. However, bumping up Monster Power beyond 1 will not further increase your chance of getting iLevel 63 items.

    That last bit surprises me. Seems like it’s almost essential to play on MP1, but higher levels than that are much more optional; just yielding you slightly higher numbers of items? Testing will have to be done to see just how much the Magic Find bonus is, and if it’s worth it for the slower killing that comes with increased monster hit points.

    Have any of you guys succeeded in logging onto the PTR now that it’s (at least somewhat) more stable today? Any test results or reactions you’d like to share in the comments?

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