More Details on the Monster Power System

Lylirra continued her busy day of forum explanations with some new details about the DiabloWikiMonster Power system.

What MP is 1.04 equivalent too?
Lylirra: The current difficulty in 1.0.4 is roughly equivalent to Monster Power 2 or Monster Power 3 in 1.0.5. (Monster Power 0 is just the setting the game will default to when you first log in.)

Is Monster Power 0 = “No Monster Power” in the choose quest options?
Lylirra: Correct!

And if so, are the monster levels 61/62/63 for A1/2/3? Or even on 0 are they 63/63/63? Thanks.
Lylirra: Monster Power is considered “on” once you bump it up to Monster Power 1, at which point all monsters in Inferno become level 63. “No Monster Power” means that the system is technically “off,” so monster levels will remain the same and you won’t get any of the scaling XP/GF/MF boosts.

Must be bugged then, because MP1 the bosses tear through my char where normally it was only the rarest of the rare that could do that with my MF set.
Lylirra: Are you a) playing on your witch doctor and b) using a very similar build to what’s in your profile? This is just for context so I can pass on the information (though you might also want to report this in the PTR Bug Report forum).

I haven’t logged on yet to see but does the increase to monster power increase chances for higher end ilvl’s drops in Act 1 or 2?
Lylirra: So, the moment you go into Inferno with any kind of Monster Power (e.g. Monster Power 1 and above), all monsters become level 63, and they can now all drop iLevel 63 items the same way that Act III and Act IV Inferno currently do. However, bumping up Monster Power beyond 1 will not further increase your chance of getting iLevel 63 items.

That last bit surprises me. Seems like it’s almost essential to play on MP1, but higher levels than that are much more optional; just yielding you slightly higher numbers of items? Testing will have to be done to see just how much the Magic Find bonus is, and if it’s worth it for the slower killing that comes with increased monster hit points.

Have any of you guys succeeded in logging onto the PTR now that it’s (at least somewhat) more stable today? Any test results or reactions you’d like to share in the comments?

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50 thoughts on “More Details on the Monster Power System

  1. i got could not retrieve hero’s list, then when i did the trick suggested, i get you are disconnect, gave up and played one of my 5 60s, yes i am going for the 2 of everything build.

    fyi, STRAFE FOR LIFE!!!

    • on a side note: they should scale monsters higher levels 63-66 or more, and give us more exp/gold/mf, per monster level :/ then why should i go through the headache. incentive please…..

    • Since you mentioned Strafe: I was intrigued by the bit in the Patch Notes about all of its rune variants allowing you to “walk through” enemies while Strafe is active. Just curious if anyone has had a chance to actually try that out in the PTR yet? I haven’t used Strafe at all up to this point (and haven’t gotten any play time in in the PTR yet), but I’m curious to find out if that “walk through” effect could make it a viable Smoke Screen replacement.

      As you clearly appear to be a big fan of Strafe in general, once you do make it into the PTR, I’d be curious to see if you think that’s a realistic option. I probably still wouldn’t switch it out, but I’d like to at least know if it is an option worth keeping in mind.

  2. “. . . bumping up Monster Power beyond 1 will not further increase your chance of getting iLevel 63 items . . .”

    That bit surprised me too. Whatever happened to higher rewards for tougher challenges? Seems they’re missing out on something here . . .

    • To me it just sounds like mf has nothing to do with rolling the basic itemlevel and only the monsterlvl influences this roll. You still got your better chances for more rares/legendarys. And the chance for an additional itemdrop at least should increase the quantity of lvl63-items drop (, although not the relation compared to drops of other itemlvls…)

    • I think it’s about catering to different audiences. Some players want to farm, so the highest efficiency is at MP1. Others are simply looking for a gameplay challenge, so they can adjust MP to their liking. Undoubtedly some players will want to beat MP10 not because of better drops but, like Mt. Everest, “because it’s there.”

    • I think I see where a lot of the confusion is coming from. Not just on this particular question, but about these changes in general. If I can get everybody to bear with me, I think I can clear some things up for a lot of people in the course of answering softshack’s question about greater rewards for tougher challenges. (And it’s not that I somehow magically have all the answers, it’s just that the problem seems to be in the way that the changes have been presented, which is often the case.)

      First, Silverfang is absolutely right.

      Monster Power has no influence over the actual item level, or iLevel, of the drops. It does however increase the level of the monsters, or mLevel, in Inferno. Keep in mind that iLevel is no longer used to determine affixes and stat rolls, that is all determined by mLevel now. Although iLevel is still an important factor in an item’s overall “quality” (as it sets the base armor/damage/etc. that the affixes and stats then modify), it is determined independently from, and is therefore not affected by, the Monster Power system

      Also, changing Monster Power from MP0 to MP1 is exactly like switching it from “off” to “on”. As soon as you go to MP1, all monsters in Inferno are set to Level 63. Setting Monster Power higher cannot make the Monster Levels any higher. But, the fact that all Inferno monsters are Level 63 (@MP1 or higher) means that they now have at least a chance to drop any item in the game that has an iLevel between 58 and 63, including the top level Legendary and Set items. (The Hellfire Ring being the exception, but that is due to it being awarded much more like a quest item rather than a random drop.)

      The reward for setting MP higher is the increased Magic Find and Experience. Before you decide that Magic Find is not enough to make it worthwhile, remember that every monster in Inferno (@MP1 or higher) now has the chance to drop all the best items in the game, exactly the same as if they were in Act 4. Magic Find is much more valuable in that situation than it is in Act 1 of v1.0.4.

      A lot of the confusion over how this works is due to people coming across just these Blue quotes on their own and not factoring in some of the changes we already know about from the Patch Notes. They have to all be considered together as a whole. They are very interconnected, and more than that, they are completely interdependent. Don’t forget that this was designed as a system, and not just individual minor tweaks. If you are only seeing particular portions at a time, it can be nearly impossible to make sense of. But seen as a whole you can start to see how it all fits together, with each aspect feeding into and reinforcing the others.

      (Everything in this post is taken from either the Patch Notes, or Blue Posts like the ones at the top of the page. It’s all very easy to find, coming almost entirely from those two places. As I said at the beginning, the problem really seems to be coming from it never being presented all together at once. Maybe we’ll get that in the finalized Patch Notes.)

  3. For each lvl of Monster Power you put on, you get 25% gold and magic find along with 10% XP. So up to 250 GF and MF and 100% XP at 10 Monster Power

    • The experience bonus scales higher with the MP levels.
      At MP 10 you get a total of 160% bonus to experience.

      • I forgot to mention that the MP bonuses are different before Inferno.
        For Normal/Nightmare/Hell (even when using level 60 chars) the bonuses are 10% to MF/GF and 20% to XP per level for a total of 100% to MF/GF and 200% to XP.

      • Yes, you do get bonus experience from Monster Power at Level 60. In my other post (a few posts below this one) there is a link to a very detailed breakdown of that issue. It’s a little long to just copy and stick in the middle of this thread, but if you would like more of an explanation, take a look at that. It eventually goes on to get into a lot of the other Monster Power stuff as well a little further into the thread, but the first post is strictly about the level 60 +XP concerns.

        It’s also worth noting that the Patch Notes on have been updated with a minor change that should help at least make everything less confusing.

  4. Seems like it might be ideal to farm Act I on MP3 or so. Even if act 1 mobs are ilvl63, just like act 3 mobs, act 1 mobs are just inherently easier (no goat occultists, heralds of pestilence, etc)

    Then again the distribution of elite mobs in act 1 is probably lower than in act 3… I’m sure some crazy min/maxer with way too much free time will figure out the perfect balance between act and MP eventually :B

    • My thoughts exactly. Much easier mobs in act 1 with Mlvl of 63, yes please 🙂 though with the infernal machine there is incentive to go to all acts for the keys.Ofc with act 4 you just need to get the plan for the infernal machine then leave it alone again lol.

  5. I still haven’t made it past the instant disconnect yet personally, but will be trying again tonight. There were a few of us discussing those blue posts over in the forums, and several of the others have been able to get some playing time in and have made some observations that should be helpful.

    Even though Lylirra’s next to last post above implies that the person asking the question is having a Bug-related issue, that is the same thing that several others have said on the forums here. Given it’s a very small sample, but it seems as if it is not unique to that individual. A couple of people have mentioned that the scale of that jump in difficulty seems to vary quite a bit by Act, and feels like a possible overall smoothing out of Inferno difficulty. But again, it’s been a small sample and based on a relatively tiny amount of play time.

    The +MF/GF is 25% per MP level, and the +XP scales from 10% at MP1 to 160% at MP10 (and despite the confusion, does in fact apply to Level 60 characters as well). If anyone wants to see how we came up with those numbers, you can check out that thread here:

    It’d be great to have some of that conversation come over here as well though, as I’m sure that the News posts probably get more eyes and with more people discussing it we can get a better idea of what’s going on and iron out any flaws there may be in our thinking/figures so far.

    • I hope people are not confusing things with their reports. If someone is farming 1.0.4 in Act 1 Inferno and cannot play in the subsequent Acts, in 1.0.5, if this someone sets the Monster Power to 2 or 3 they should expect to get owned in Act 1 Inferno. They are not fighting level 61 enemies at the current 1.0.4 difficulty, they are fighting level 63 enemies at the current 1.0.4 difficulty — which is Act 3 difficult not Act 1 difficult, which they cannot handle.

      • Yeah, I think many are confused because monster power is quite different from players x command. Players x did not change monster level at all. They need to add a warning or even require you defeat azmodan with a character before allowing that character to use monster power. These warnings need to be on the option or people will rage about how it is too hard.

        Monster power is basically the flat difficulty that was advertised for inferno.

  6. There’s gotta be a huge difference here between what is being said and what some people are perceiving.

    If people are used to playing A1 and consider just “Inferno” to be A1 difficulty, I don’t think that’s what Blizzard is referring to when they say so. But I think people read that like “well that means since I’m playing A1 I can handle Monster Power 2 or 3”.

    Incidentally what monster power corresponds to Inferno A1? Power 0?

    • Looks like I’m just as confused. Reading it again, it instead looks like the flat damage doesn’t happen unless you start using Monster Power 1 or above. In which case MP0 Inferno A1 is ~25% less damage in what we currently see as A1, A2 is 25% less then our current A2, etc.

      Then Monster Power 1 is essentially all monsters at ~25% less damage than our current A3/A4 inferno and it ramps up from there.

      Is that what this means?

      • no, act 1 will become much harder as the monster levels are 63 instead of 61.

        same for act 2, 62 will become 63.

        The difference will be noticeable on acts 3 and 4 where monsters will have basically the same levels, but decreased dmg.

    • I just played my monk for half an hour in Act 1, Monster Lvl 1.

      She died multiple times, which confirms Flux’s third comment that there is no way MP1 is lower than 1.04.

      • Cool, but same as all other posts, state the darned point of reference. Do you mean that you used to survive a1 with your monk but die a lot in a2-4?

      • It’s working as intended. MP1 gives you LV63 monsters that are easier than LV63 monsters in 1.0.4. You’re not supposed to compare MP1 to current act 1 difficulty.

        1.0.4 Act 1: LV61 monsters
        1.0.4 Act 3: LV63 monsters (difficulty ~2-3MP)
        1.0.5 Act 1 MP1: LV63 monsters

      • To clarify: Since 1.04, Act 1 has been child’s play. I typically try out a bunch of lesser-used skills if I farm Act 1, without dying.

        My char can farm Acts 2&3 with a more typical tanky skill setup.

        Last night’s run was in tank mode with Serenity, Boh, etc. Part of the 1.05 nerfs were intended to wean players off “must have” defensive skills.

        I don’t believe they have the balance right yet.

    • This is how I understood it:

      MP2-3 is the same as 1.0.4 IN ACT 3/4. Act 1 and 2 get a definite difficulty boost once you up the MP, because all the mob levels increase to 63 (+2 for act 1 and +1 for act 2).

      So, if you can farm act 1, but struggle in act 2, it’s not a good idea to increase MP for better drops. You will get owned.

  7. I don’t think the lower elite density of Act 1 is an issue since the mobs are just hella easy. Basically all crappy melee with skeletal archers and fireball casters as ranged. If you can farm Act 1 Leoric’s Huning Ground to Butcher on MP 6-10 you’re in the golden zone.

    • How do you even get the PTR ? I click to download it from the diablo front end but there’s no ptr client available to download on for me.

      • The link seemed to be elusive for a little while over the weekend. This has been the easiest way to find it consistently:

        Go to and navigate to your Account page. Under “Game Accounts,” click on “Diablo III.” That page should have a large rectangular area that is a brighter white than the rest of the background and contains a picture of the D3 packaging that you purchased and a list of links on the right.

        Below the large white rectangular area, there should be another smaller one, about half as wide and on the left side, titled “Public Test Realm”. It should have a link that reads “Download the PTR game client.” Click.

        For a while, that bottom box wasn’t showing up. If it isn’t there for you, the “Download the PTR game client” link should be in the list of links on the right side of the larger white box.

        Hope that helps.

  8. More 1.0.5, and it’s relieving news for those of us who might not be able to handle MP1 and mlvl63 enemies. Hooray for still being able to enjoy steamrolling Act I!!

    Q: Does this mean that items from monsters from act 1 inferno (monster ilvl 61) will roll stats = ilvl 61 even if the item is ilvl63 or 62 or 58 or…

    A: On the PTR currently, an item’s level will determine its base DPS and armor stats, and the monster’s level will determine the level of the affixes that roll on the item. There is an exception to this, though:

    If an item’s level is higher than the monster’s level, the affixes will roll at the item’s level instead. We felt this was an important exception to make, because players farming Act I of Inferno without any Monster Power may still get ilevel 62 and 63 items from sub-63 monsters, and we want to make sure that those items are still good.

    • I’ve been waiting for a blue post to confirm this.
      It simply didn’t make sense that they’d penalize the drops of people who can’t play with any MP or past act 1. Especially after it was a big issue when the game shipped and they had to rework all the Inferno drop rates as a result.

  9. Have the stats been released yet on this legendary ring you get from beating the infernal machine super duper alternate boss?

    I still wish it was more like the torch from D2 where it didn’t take up an inventory slot and everyone had different super boosts. If it’s anything short of godly I probably won’t bother with the machine just like I didn’t bother looking at whinseyshire.

    On a side note I haven’t even looked at a youtube video of whimseyshire. I hope that doesn’t make me uncool…

    • This is an example:

      190 STR
      69 Intelligence
      57 Arcane Resist
      32 All resist
      4.5% crit chance
      35% bonus experience
      Chance to launch an explosive ball of Hellfire when you attack

      The ring has 4 random properties so there is a lot of variation in the quality. However people are reporting that the proc crits for 2.5-5 million demage which is not something to be overlooked 😉

  10. Essentially all of the current inferno game is getting nerfed in terms of monster damage. All A1 itemd have minimally lvl 61 affixes, A2 at 62 and A3 everything rolls lvl 63. So massive buffs all around.

    MP 1 gives all loot in all acts ilvl 63 affixes, base item types have similar distribution as they do now in A3 – ie 8% archon armors. Mp1 will be too difficult for anyone not already in act 3.

    On top of that, ramping up mp further gives more mf and xp, plus hellfire ring is basically a freebie best in slot upgrade you can work toward as you farm.

  11. Also, armors and weapons from 58 to 63 will allbe much closer in terms of quality if found in act 3 or mp 1+. Sounds like finding upgrades may become feasible in the first couple weeks of play of the new patch.

    The other implication is that rings and amulets are getting affix bumps, going from 62 to 63 max, rendering xurrent awesome rings terrible.

    Anyway, this is what I gather from reading ptr forums and the other comments here – please correct me if I am wrong!

  12. It’s not really clear to me now. So basically, it doesn’t matter if I set the MP to 1 or 10, every mob will become lvl63, having the same chance to drop the same items thru all acts?
    This’d be good since I’d prefer farming act1 instead of act3 (I like the mood, the mobs, the maps better there).
    Also the fact that higher MP level won’t increase the chance of the drops are quite surprising, but it might be a good thing as well.

    • After you put MP 1 on all monsters are level 63 so all affixes rolled are 63. However, the chance of level 63 item (not affixes,ITEM) will drop is increased in later acts as it was until now. So basically if you are strictly looking for level 63 items (which is important for weapons and legendary items) than you are still better off farming later acts! All other items dont depand as much on item level (eg. gloves) and will be very viable and qualy good no matter which act they come from.

      Furthermore every MP level grants you 25 % magic find! Consequently by using this mechanic you might be able to get level 63 item drop rate to improve in act 1!

      It is imortant to note that Act 1 on MP 3 might be about the same difficulty as Act 3 on MP 1 AND it would have the same chance of droping level 63 items due to MF bonus from higher MP level. If Blizzard balances it well you will get exactly the same rewards from all acts for the same difficulty (difficulty is not the same as MP becasue as i said before act 1 mp 3 might be equal to act 2 MP1)

        • Hm so same drop rates across all acts a? Maybe higher difficulty in later acts (mob types and behaviour) is compensated by higher density of monsters. Otherwise, there is no point in farming anything but act 1.

          Yes MF increases the quality of found items. Wouldnt that than increase the chance that the found item is level 63 rather than some lower level?

      • Magic Find does not improve the chance of items dropping. Magic Find improves the chance that dropped items will be will be better quality: blue instead of white, yellow instead of blue, set/legendary instead of yellow/rare.

        In other words Magic Find will not increase the number of level 63 item drops. Magic Find will increase the chance that a dropped level 63 item will be set/legendary.

    • Just tried the PTR and Monster Power is disabled in Public games. But i really hope it’s possible to invite friends to your own game. Putting in such a great option but turning off multiplayer would be very disappointing to me

  13. hmm last one surprises me as well, Lilyrra mentioned few days ago that higher act = more of ilvl 63 drops, and people thought that they should farm act3 only again.

    Now she says something different..

  14. I don’t get it.
    If Monster power 2-10 doesn’t give any additional bonuses from monster power 1, then why would anyone do that?
    If there are additional bonuses to the levels, then why didn’t the blue post say that here.

    • There’s MF/GF/XP boosts for increased MP. It’s been stated multiple times in various places, including the patch preview article and even the blue posts on this page.

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