Back in February, Blizzard announced that over 600 employees were being let go. Today’s Orange County Register has more details about those soon to be ex-employees, (April 28th is their last day) and lists numbers on the 200 or so who are being let go from Blizzard’s Irvine headquarters.

    A third of the 600 layoffs announced by video game maker Blizzard Entertainment Inc. will be at its headquarters in Irvine, according to a notice filed with the state.

    In-game service reps will be the hardest hit, with about 85 slated for layoff.

    An additional 52 people will be cut in account and technical services. The remainder includes a variety of artists, technicians, systems administrators and support staff.

    …Even as the company goes through layoffs, Blizzard continues to hire for other positions. Blizzard’s careers website currently lists 114 jobs openings in Irvine.

    When the layoffs were announced in February, Blizzard said about 10 percent of the cuts would be in areas directly related to game development. Blizzard, however, said the team that supports “World of Warcraft,” the company’s most popular game, would not be affected.

    There’s no word yet on how many of those people were working on Diablo III, but it’s (sadly) routine in the game industry to sack a good number of the people who worked on a title, just as soon as the rush to release is finished. You’d think this would be less of an issue for Diablo III, with all their plans for expansions and patches and a console version, though.

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