An interesting thread from last week featured detailed explanations from Blizzard about how item levels and modifiers are calculated in v1.05. Today Lylirra returned to the thread to add some more info that’s worth knowing.

    Among the many topics in this thread, I wanted to ask if there has been any additional word on the jewelry affix topic?
    Confirmed. In 1.0.5, rings and amulets can roll level 63 affixes.

    Quick question. Does this mean that on MP1 and up a treasure goblin spawned by the puzzle ring proc will be level 63?
    Treasure goblins that spawn from Puzzle Rings will still be level 61 (in all acts of Inferno). This is regardless of Monster Power.

    Legendaries can roll two types of stats. The first type are kind like hard coded ranges. E.g. storm crow always has an int roll between like 90-100. The second are random magical properties. Could you clarify that when a legendary rolls a random magical property, that it is NOT being rolled w.r.t to monster level, but from the 1.04 method.
    On the PTR right now, random Legendary affixes do not benefit from monster level (they still roll with the item level). As I mentioned previously, this is intended and how we believed Legendary items should continue to behave in 1.0.5, along with crafted items and vendor items. Due the feedback we’ve seen, though, we are currently considering changing how that works, so that the random Legendary affixes (the magical properties you mentioned, not the hard-coded ones) — can roll at the monster’s level.

    It’s not settled yet, of course, and it’s something we’d want to test it pretty heavily if we do decide to move forward with the change, but it’s definitely not something we’re opposed to doing.

    Actual xp values on mobs can still vary just like how a bowman has 3600 xp and a stygian crawler is 4500, mob density and clear speed, in terms of the actual loot itself, absolutely none, hope this clears it up for you, and yes i played the ptr extensively and can confirm this 100%. Play wherever you think is most fun for equal loot reward.
    Nailed it. There will be still be some differences between the Inferno acts (due to the way the monsters are designed), but it’s really up to your personal play style right now. If you feel more comfortable farming Act 1, do that. If you like the flow and pace of Act III better, then spend your time there. Since monsters in each act will share the same drop tables in Inferno at MP1 and higher, the idea is for you to play where you want without having to worry explicitly about which monsters drop what and how often. Some acts might be more efficient for you in the end, but that’s really for you to decide.

    Interesting how DiabloWikiMonster Power in v1.0.5 is sort of re-flattening the Inferno difficulty level and reward; taking us back to the pre-release theories of a flat difficulty that gives the potential for four acts of farming. Now everywhere is the most rewarding place, depending on your build and play style and personal preference.

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