More Details on Launch Day Times, Yet Questions Remain

We got the official announcement earlier today, but it left many questions unanswered. Since then the CMs have been filling in some of the blanks via Twitter and the forums.

Can I grab the digital starter edition at 00:01 on launch and play that until the mail man arrives with my CE ~10 hours later? –ukJSN
Sure, if you want to buy the game twice. –Bashiok

why not launch it at 12 est? I’m sure all est would be ok with the pdt getting to play “3 hours early” -_- 3 am is late –Adeklis
Problem is stores won’t sell them copies at 9pm. : –Bashiok

Oh blizzard, making all east coast midnight release sales irrelevant. Still can’t wait to play, late night it is! –JimmyTrowbridge
It’s going to be a fun 3 hours… :*( –Bashiok

not be rude, but isn’t that a bit obnoxious for EST? People can buy their game at 12 EST but can’t play till 4am? –Adrenovore
The reverse is EDT players could actually play and level for 3 hours ahead of PDT players. Which is quite a bit more unfair. –Bashiok

maybe it’s to early but is there any news when we’ll be able to decrypt the downloaded files (pre-order) and wait with ready instal –myzyptlik
The digital pre-order will unlock at your region’s midnight launch time. Unlock, install, download day one patch, play. –Bashiok

btw is there a way to preload diablo 3?i ordered the Collectors Edition through Gamestop, is there anyway of preloading the client? –Jenkinsx
Decrypting and installing the digital version vs installing from a disc takes around the same amount of time. –Bashiok

What if you’re a player from one of the North America regions who wants to play on EU Either for the 10 hour headstart, or because they’ve got friends in Europe who you want to play with. You can’t buy a physical copy of the game 10 hours early in the US (though East Coast players could buy a copy, install, and connect to the EU servers 3 hours before the US servers go live?). KayDee quoted Bashiok’s tweet that US digital download sales couldn’t start early on the EU servers, but what if you buy a digital copy from the UK D3 store? Wouldn’t that work on the EU servers as soon as they go live?

Click through for details about the staggered launch times for A/NZ players, and why they won’t be getting any release date events.

From down under comes details about the staggered times for the servers to unlock for Oz and NZ players courtesy of CM Arcagnion.

We can confirm the timings for server unlock on the 15th May are:

New Zealand Standard Time: 7:00 PM
Australian Eastern Standard Time: 5:00 PM
Australian Central Standard Time: 4:30 PM
Australian Western Standard Time: 3:00 PM

You can also pick up the game from your favourite retailer on the 15th beginning at 9 AM local time.

While the ANZers have to wait until the afternoon of the 15th, they’re still starting exactly when players in the US and other non-EU regions are, and they don’t even have to stay up all night to do it. On the down side, there aren’t any launch events are planned in the SEA region, due to the time difference.

An event when the game is not playable wouldn’t be so epic, so no ANZ middnight launch is planned. –Blizzard_ANZ
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    23 thoughts on “More Details on Launch Day Times, Yet Questions Remain

    1. Worlds first lvl 60 is bound to be in Europe now! No way Americans catch up a 9 hour head start. Beat Inferno is still open I guess since that will take a lot longer.

      • yeah but does it really matter? i mean – US and EU are in different RMAH are they not? whoever gets to 60 first = whoever gets the best items first theoretically, but this means nothing in the long run as the RMAH are separated 

    2. Man.. who cares.. Nobody will 2 days after the game is launched anyways.. Just enjoy it. And world first won’t mean shit in d3 anyway.

    3. You can still be the first 60 on the Americas (and if you do it faster than the 9 hour gap, you can still gain fame and honor).

    4. i dont get people who argue about exact time of availability, youve been waiting for like a few years, now youre so anxious when it comes to only a few days… and getting a fame for being first lvl 60… oh, is it fame or jealousy or admitting, that the guy really spent whole week playing D3 and doing nothing else in his real life? and how is for example the third player who gets lvl 60 after the second one or the first one less famous, they all finally gained lvl cap at record time… yeah whatever, lets not forget its just a game fellas 🙂

    5. At first there was a release date of a release date, now this X hours launch difference … We are pathetic 🙂

    6. My pre-order of the CE isn’t coming in until the next afternoon anyway so these concerns just make me laugh.  Those few hours will just be more time to prepare for the marathon.

    7. So yeah, sitting back in the morning and getting geard up for at 3pm start. Not too bad. At least me and my mates won’t be burnt out as we try to break into Nightmare difficulty.

    8. Q:btw is there a way to preload diablo 3?i ordered the Collectors Edition through Gamestop, is there anyway of preloading the client? –Jenkinsx

      A:Decrypting and installing the digital version vs installing from a disc takes around the same amount of time. –Bashiok
      I got fallow-up question. Can I download installer, and install the game at 00:01, and then when my courier comes with CE I would have to only add key to my and game would be already installed? I remeber with Sc2 we could install the game few hours before release date, and then just add game to account to play… Does anyone knows if this is possible to do with D3? 

      • You can take, for example, friend’s, who have prepurchased digital, downloaded install files and wait for 00:01 to unlock and install, but you’ll be able to play only when your CE arrives because key is in the box. Along with DVD disk 🙂

        Bashiok said “Alternatively, you can get the digital version now, play right at midnight, overwrite your license with your CE when you pick it up, and then contact our support department. In most situations they’ll be able to grant you a new standard key, which you can then give to a friend, or whatever.”
        He added his own emphasis on the “most” situations part. I think this is the way I’m going to try to do it as well. Get digital copy (or perhaps go to a midnight release and get a physical copy), then install the CE key whenever Amazon delivers my CE box on release day. I’ve got friends to whom I can sell the standard key since they won’t be able to play right away for whatever reason.

      • No.  Literally never ever.  There’s a supreme court session planned in two days to abolish the number fifteen forever.  It’s gonna go from May 14th straight into the 16th, and Diablo III will never be released.

        Geez.  Patience, young padawan.

    9. In the race to 60 technically it’s already lost to the testers so now we can all just enjoy the game  :mrgreen:

    10. Being EST there is no way I can stay up till 3am and start playing since I was planning on playing till 3am at the latest.   Oh well I planned on going fully dark (ie avoid all websites etc) till I completed the game anyway.   

      • That’s almost easier, if you were taking the day off to play. You can get a decent night’s sleep, get up early, and start playing once you’re awake (assuming you have digital DL, and aren’t waiting on the mailman). West coast players who start playing at 1 or 2am after the install and patch finishes will probably only get through like, act one, before exhaustion sets in. Not many people will stay up 10 or 12 hours straight, starting well after midnight.

    11. it sounds boring to race to level 60, will you even be enjoying the game that way 🙁
      i have a copy waiting for me the 15 and a computer that cant run it xD so i will have to wait a long long time:
      Have fun everyone.

    12. Couldn’t care less about this issue; however, “Problem is stores won’t sell them copies at 9pm” seems odd to me.  Talking to my local store, they are staying open until 12:45 to 1:00 AM, then locking their doors, and going home.  I’m sure they would love to start selling the game at 9 PM, as they will be there, sitting around, anyway.  It’s not like most customers will even know that they are open extended hours, so the store will likely be empty for several hours.

    13. Newbie question (I haven’t purchased a game since Diablo 2 a decade ago): I pre-ordered this game on Amazon. Will my game arrive on the afternoon of May 15th, which means that the servers will already have been up for more than 12 hours? Thanks.

      • Unknown. In theory the games won’t go out until they are officially released, so 15th would be the soonest possible. But I suppose Bliz could allow them to ship a day or 2 earlier, since it’s all online; no one can play early even if they have the game.

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