A Blue added some more replies to that “how do I transmog?” thread from last week. So here’s some more official info on Diablo 3 Transmogrification:

    Any changes to dye mechanics? Are they just simply bought from vendors or are changes being made to them?
    Nevalistis: DiabloWikiTransmogrified items can currently be dyed in the same manner regular items are (the dye is applied to the item).

    What is the reason behind this? If you don’t want the transmog look to carry to another player why not just have it removed once it is traded?
    Nevalistis: It’s a matter of whether or not you wish to utilize the item. If you think something would best benefit you by trading it, it should not be enchanted or transmogrified. If it’s instead something you see yourself wearing for a while, you should feel good about customizing it to fit your needs (visually or mechanically via Enchanting). Doing either is meant to be a player decision that carries weight.

    TR:DL Will transmog allow to double equip same appearance items as weapons if the legendaries that they were made of are Unique Equipped?
    Nevalistis: Yes! You can visually be wielding two Skycutters, so long as you have unlocked its appearance.

    Why not? Why is “similar animations” the limit? Why can’t you ‘mog an item’s appearance and it’s animation?
    Nevalistis: It would open up a lot of unintended options, such as swinging a bow like a sword. While we could ensure these oddities generally don’t occur, we’d prefer a system that’s always working.

    will this count items id’ed prior to 2.0 or only post 2.0?
    Nevalistis: We’re still working on some of the finer details, so I don’t have an answer to this just yet.

    I’m still assuming, perhaps incorrectly, that we’ll see ultra-rare transmog looks that can only be found in the game world, like those legendary crafting recipes no one has ever found. Of course I was also assuming that special unique angel wing/glowing cape transmog type looks would be sold via the RMAH, so maybe don’t take my predictions as 100% accurate.

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