We all followed eagerly along earlier this year, when the Jace Hall Show sneakily premiered the female Monk concept artwork. Most of us promptly forgot the show existed after that point, but it seems that Jace Hall didn’t forget about us, since there’s a mystery piece of Diablo 3 artwork on this week’s show.

    You can see the Diablo III poster sitting on a chair across the room from Jace, during the interview segment with Peter Alau. That segment is chopped up into multiple short bits throughout the show, and most of the time Jace’s chin or arm is in the way. However there’s finally a clear view halfway through the show.

    It’s clearly a signed Diablo III poster; you can tell that the upper corners are bent back as it folds around the chair, and you can see the signatures in silver ink. What’s harder to make out is the image, but after some comparison to various shots in our Diablo 3 Character Art Gallery, I confirmed that it’s this Monk painting. The image is flipped horizontally and centered, so the big dark demon head is much less prominent. But you can discern the Monk’s dark hand silhouette, his glowing blue staff, and of course the color scheme is identical.

    If you’re wondering, that poster has never been made publicly available was given away as a special prize at Blizzcon 2009, but never sold. Clearly it’s something Blizzard did internally, and they’re giving signed copies out to various business partners. Like Peter Alau, Vice President of Business Development at Digital Extremes. Does want? Does want!

    Click through for more comparison images. Thanks to a Fallen in Love comment from Mike Davoli for the tip.

    The Jace Hall Show: Season 3, Episode 6.



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