The PC Gamer rumors died an ugly death, but now we’ve got German PC Action rumors to kick around instead!  Last week they posted a teaser about an upcoming feature on a much-awaited game sequel, and after being prodded said they would not reveal it even if “hell froze over and cows gave beer.” That odd choice of wording and imagery lit a fire in the imagination of us Diablo fans, but it’s wasn’t a confirmation.

    Today’s addition isn’t either, but it’s more teasing, and what might turn out to be the first ever Diablo 3 screenshot? The item is here, and it’s in German, but the Google translation is quite readable:

    Last week we told you about a person known to us that gave us secret information about a hotly anticipated game of a very popular computer games developer, whose name we shall not name. Your ideas ranged from Diablo 3 to Space Taxi 2 to Half-Life 3. Now there is the first picture in the gallery. Well, it’s a great shot 11×11 pixels to 1,000%. If you knew the bomb is behind it…


    That’s the image. You can enlarge or reduce it until your eyes bleed, but it will remain a vague gray fog. Could be Diablo 3… could be anything at all.  One thing we are sure about is that when Diablo 3 debuts, it will be accompanied by a major gaming magazine cover story, since that’s how every AAA title does it these days.

    [B]Update:[/B] Check out this enlargement and photoshop effort by Kiroptus. Can letters be discerned?


    [B]Update II:[/B] PC Action has posted another teasing update. Translated, it says that the international media is talking about their news story, and speculating that it might be Diablo III, but they can’t say anything to confirm or deny that supposition. They’re clearly enjoying the attention though, and they’ve posted another 11×11 pixel screenshot, one that looks much more Diablo-like.


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