GamesRadar.com has put up their preview of Diablo III, and goes through things we know, and things they think. They don’t seem to think that Diablo III uses Havok, and the preview itself is mostly a re-hash of info we have reported on in the past, accompanied by GR’s expert opinions. It’s all a good read, if you already have read it all. The third page of the article also contains a small Q&A session, which has some interesting topics:

    [*]Co-op and Single Player
    [*]Banned Health Potions
    [*]Old Characters Brought In
    [*]3 Years of What?
    [*]Appreciate Community Feedback
    [*]Diablo III in 2011?[/LIST]

    The best little tidbit is the following:

    PCG: Any one big thing you wish you?d had the chance to talk about but didn?t?

    Jay Wilson: I wish people had asked a few more story questions, because we?re bringing back a lot of characters from the previous games. The Barbarian has his own story, and it?s actually meant to be the same Barbarian from D2, the same person. A lot of those characters, we?re trying to pull forward and give them a real place in the Diablo universe – a history and a feeling of depth that I don?t think the previous games have done enough justice to. It?s a great universe with the coolest lore, and we really want to make sure this game serves that.

    Something that sounds a bit like we might see a few more old classes playable…

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