Bashiok returned to the original thread and added several more replies, on top of the ones quoted in our first long post of them.  Since that thread’s already over 75 comments, I’ll add his additional remarks here.

    Bash not trying to sound negative but it seems like we are getting less content? please say it isn’t so…
    Nope, as I said level doesn’t equal content as we are actually pushing a longer game than Diablo II. We also have types of content that Diablo II did not have. That’ll remain mysterious for now.

    Even so, Blizzard shouldn’t take away an element that was a major part of the franchise just because you or your friends feel like it.
    The level cap in the original Diablo was 50. A level cap of 99 is not a major part of the franchise.

    Once the final boss of Hell difficulty is dead, there is not much left to do besides find items from that same boss.
    How do you know?

    But a big part of Diablo2 – The fact you can still improve your charakter by leveling even when the content was cleared was just awesome and good for your motivation.
    It was a bit of motivation. I wouldn’t say it was awesome. A level 80 something character is easily able to beat a level 90 character with some skillful play, so what does that say about the awesomeness of each level? Minimal, at best.

    Is there a formula behind 60?

    and if so what is its purpose?

    To make a fun game.[/blue]

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    Dealing with equals like 60 you can plug in the numbers any way you want, which is why I am curious.
    You’re right, we could have 120 levels and you only get a skill point every other level, which we think feels crappy.

    We don’t care if other games use 60. Diablo 1 used 50. D&D uses 20. WotLK is 80. Fallout 3 uses 30 (with an expansion). At what number are we not overlapping with another game, and at what point do we stop making decisions just so people don’t compare us with other titles, and at what point do we stop caring and start making decisions that make a better game?

    It’s possible that later on we find out that we need to go to 70 to fit all the content we’re producing. Or lower it to 50 to compact skill power. We’re choosing the level cap based on what fits the game, and that could change, but at no point are we going to look at another game and purposefully do something different for the sake of being different, or do something exactly the same for the sake of nostalgia.

    Bashiok, let me ask you something else, to try and ease what I consider a slap in the face: Will there be other ways for elite gamers to show the size of their e-peen?

    I don’t think being 99 showed you were an elite gamer. Just that you had a lot of time on your hands … or that you loved killing cows.

    Let’s calm down. We’re talking about an unreleased game with unfinished mechanics and best-guess designs. This should be a discussion of thoughts and ideas and not what’s right or wrong. There is no right or wrong.

    If you think the level cap is good, cool, if you see someone that doesn’t then be willing to discuss it and share your thoughts.
    If not, tell us why as plainly as possible and be willing to discuss it.

    I’m just going to lock the thread if this devolves into madness of rights and wrongs in a world of personal opinion.

    One of the points stressed/argued here and in our already mega-forum thread on this topic is the issue of “bonus” content. What will our DiabloWikiend game characters will have to do, other than just run the same bosses or areas over and over again, D2 style? Bashiok gives no specifics in this thread, but pretty clearly says there will be more… something.

    Many WoW fans have noted that in Blizzard’s *other* RPG, the end game largely begins once your character reaches the max level and is powerful enough to start doing the biggest dungeons and accumulating the best gear. It’s common for players to keep playing their main WoW chars for months or years after they reach the max level. (Plus every expansion adds to the highest attainable level, feeding those characters fresh content.) That a char reaches retirement age at the max level may be purely a Diablo-centric PoV, based on D1/D2X’s end game content being an endless grind of more of the same.

    I don’t think anyone will argue against extra game content suitable for the highest level chars. Whether that MOAR content would be better if your char were still in a position to level up while doing it is something we may well continue debating into the future, post-release.

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