More Boss Monsters Coming Online

Blizzard continues to update their Patch v1.0.5 blog post with fixes and changes, and there are some interesting ones today in the monsters section.

  • Rare Heralds of Pestilence will now spawn minions.
  • Flying Moloks can no longer go invisible and become untargetable.
  • The following monster types can now spawn as Rares and Champions, allowing certain achievements to be completed:
    • Mallet Lord
    • Skeletal Sentry
    • Skeletal Raider
    • Skeletal Marauder
    • Armaddon
    • Armored Destroyer
    • Subjugator
    • Dust Imp

Looks like there’s going to be a reason to farm Act Four now, at least for Achievement completionists. Not quite all the monster boss/champion spawning issues have been fixed yet, alas.

I don’t see fallen curs in the list, achievements still cannot be completed by a lot of people. Either remove the requirement to kill things no longer in the game, or bring them back to the game…
Vasadan: We are still working on fixing the Fallen Cur elites. Thanks for your continued patience.

Everyone now, in your best Mr. Burns voice. “Release the hounds!”

Speaking of DiabloWikiachievement hunters, how many of you guys fall into that category? Do you know how many of the achievements you’ve done? Do you play specifically (such as farming odd parts of each act to get all the Unique purple boss kills?) to find achievements? And has anyone even approached the Perfect Gemology achievement, or even the Expert, Master, or Flawless ones? We always joke about that on The Diablo Podcast, since most players with 300+ hours in Inferno have found maybe 1 or 2 of those jewel upgrade plans. Ever. (I haz a… none.)

And now is de time at Sprockets ven we vote!

What's your attitude towards Diablo 3 Achievements?

  • 3) I like the *ding* but don't make any special efforts. (38%, 1,016 Votes)
  • 2) I sometimes work for them, at least a little. (34%, 928 Votes)
  • 4) Do not want. Do not care. Achievements are stupid. (17%, 462 Votes)
  • 1) I must collect them all. Relentlessly. (9%, 251 Votes)
  • 5) No opinion / something else. (2%, 44 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,701

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30 thoughts on “More Boss Monsters Coming Online

  1. I don’t know what most of those monsters are. I really really really really really wish there was a thorough Beastiary up somewhere.

    • Same.

      Also, Fallen Curs are some of the most forgettable monsters in the game. Hardly show up anywhere, hardly different than the other fallen types.

  2. Achievements are useless. The best system of achievements I saw so far was in BL 2. Nicely inplemented in the character system with XP rewards – reward is something what is reasonable to hunt for… and no, banners and all the fashion stuff is not what I mean

  3. Yeah.. I have 3900 right now (86%) and most of what I don’t have is ridiculously pointless and time consuming, or really expensive like the gem ones. Even for the recipes I have, it costs 2 mil+ more to buy 3 of the next rank and merge them myself than to buy the higher level gem. If there was an achievement ladder or a way to show them off maybe people would care at least a little.

    • Great idea, seems like this should have been the obvious path of achievements. This falls into the same category as “sure would be nice to be able to name your characters instead of using bnet id for all of them”.

    • Funny you should suggest that. Here’s a quote from Bashiok back in Oct 2010 where he’s defending the level 60 cap but he talks about achievement rewards.

      “Leveling was the least important part of Diablo II. Well, aside from gold. I’m sorry but even though you may have had fun grinding to 99 for absolutely no reason, we don’t think it’s a fun mechanic to encourage. …But guess what, achievements reach that same goal, and can actually have some meaning. What if after leveling 10 characters to 60 you get a unique item? Or dye color? Or title? Or glow? Or anything.” – Bashiok

      Seems they were on the same page as you, at one point at least.

      The whole blue post is pretty interesting in retrospect.

      • Elly – you nailed it with that quote. Yes, that’s right, getting Level 60 with all classes? 10 Level 60s? Your reward is approximately NOTHING! Not even a banner sigil. You get 10 points.

        Epic fail, Bashiok.

  4. It would be nice if they would fix all the broken achievements, “explore cathedral” “use all types of shrines” and several others have been bugged and unable to complete since launch week for me.

    Used to enjoy getting achievements completed, but seeing a bunch of them broken and unable to be completed made me stop giving a crap.

    • Like you, I find it really annoying that “Thorough Investigation” aka explore cathedral is bugged and preventing me from getting 2 other achievements aswell.

      It’s kind of demotivating to go through a lot of trouble to get some of the achievements, but not be able to get the easiest 40 points in the game pretty much. Especially since there’s almost nothing you can do but post in the forum and be ignored by blues. Same goes for Tempest Rush rubberbanding, argh..

    • Yep, same.
      +the achievements that were lost in the beginning, my biggest paragon is a dh and I still do not have the get a dh to 60 and get 1 of each classes to 60 achievements. Until they find a ridiculously fast leveling exploit that makes it possible to get there in under 3 hours there’s no way in hell I’m rushing a new char ever again to get it.

  5. Speaking of jewel upgrade plans, I’ve only ever found 1. It had blue text, and appears to be just another random blue magic item at first glance. I imagine many people simply walk by these plans, blissfully unaware. It’s a good thing they’ll be yellow in 1.0.5. I don’t know about anyone else but I simply ignore all the blues so I assume people will be reporting finding more of these recipes after the patch hits.

  6. I like to have an end. For games like this there are two ends that I see. Beat the game on the hardest difficulty or gather all of the achievements. Since the first one, on softcore, didn’t take very long I am opting for the second.

    Granted, the second might take me way to long, who thought of 100million gold found? Real 1%ers would gather it from milking the AH.

    • And the real real 1%ers made most of the wealth at the start, where even good blue rings from vendors went for huge piles of money and act3 farmers all used some kind of exploit.

      I’ve got my first >50M sale and routinely got multiple 1-2M drops per hour when I rerolled a dh to abuse the cursed2 pathfinding with bad gear and full mf swap. I can only imagine how much the guys who didn’t waste a week with a barb( back when barb was useless for farming ) and could abuse force armor/ss spam before it got patched made.

    • Yeah, for me (and, I can only assume, other collectors/completionists) achievement hunting is the end game. Grailing is impossible in D3, with no realistic chance you would ever be able to find all the [strikethrough]unique[/strikethrough] and set items yourself and no ATMA. Getting all the achievements is the best we have (which is why the special one for the impossible-to-get-into closed beta is so galling. >:/ )

  7. Gotta love achivements 🙂

    I got 50+ blacksmith plans (only one legendary) and 10 jewel designs. Actually got the same jewel design several times, wich can be sold on AH or to friends.

    I think its not only about how many hours you play, but also how effective you are with the time spent.

    With that said, I do have problems with certain easy act1 and act2 achivements, where you have to find letters and books from corpsets. Seems like they wont drop : /

    Btw, for killing fast and finding stuff. I recommend wizard achon build with high mf 😉

  8. I don’t care about achievements because the reward is meehh. Well, I actually did one by purpose because I thought it was funny. The one Headric where need to put in the final blow when killing his wife. At least it made me laugh.
    The idea about achievements is great, but in my opinion they should have been more creative using it for end-game content. Rewards should be some cool items, crafting plans, nice EXP, unique gems, loads of gold or even skill runes or something. That would clearly make people do something else than just jerking around in act3.

    I made an observation regarding jewel plans yesterday. I have found 2 of these, both mid-level ones. Think I found them in hell difficulty or something. One of the plans was upgrading a ruby from prefect to radiant. Since I already had Star ruby as highest level I just ignored it. But yesterday I used that plan to upgrade my ruby from Star to flawless star. Is this a bug or am I a noob?

  9. You might want to double-check them if you haven’t already, there are quite a few goals that are broken or really, really, really rare. +for the unique monster spawn types there are groups on that notify you when they find them and let you join the game for a minor finder’s fee.

    On the high mf front:
    You may even emphasize it too much imho. The difference between 475 total and 440 total is negligible, and you could gain a nice chunk of extra xp from replacing the topaz in the helm with a ruby. I haven’t played in a couple of weeks but from what I remember a 44% new sun keeper and a 40% amu combined costs well below 5M( pocket change compared to your overall gear ), and it’d get your templar to 28%.

    Ofc my char’s combined worth isn’t half yours, so take that with a grain of salt. Come 1.05 I’ll dump my hoarded money to make my main girl at least a bit better equipped than my templar 🙂

  10. 4500 achievement score, jusy 6 left:
    Pick up 100m gold
    The long list of unique enemies
    Rare and Champ of each type
    Rare and champ of each type in Hardcore

    • You have a Hardcore Diablo Inferno kill? Any tips for Inferno hardcore (getting these is not the problem)?

      • Csullivan#1878
        Check out my barb. He’s my main and the one I got the inferno D achievement with. I wouldn’t push past HC act 1 inferno with a non-barb. Everything else is too fragile IMO.

        I play HC exclusively and you can also see the 4 softcore chars I recently made for various other achievements.

  11. i am an achievement go getters.

    psychologically i see an achievement and feel obligated to meet it.

    I have almost 4000 achievement points and yes i have purposely gone out to get some.

  12. I’m at 3010 now but a lot of the easy achievements I’ll do later (challenges mainly)

    Right now I’m farming act 1 inferno to finish the haunted + unique collection + rare enraged phantom in the woods

    Only 3 left to find which is a real pain

    Dataminer (Wrong Crypts)
    Lorzak the Powerful (South highlands)
    Bellybloat the Scarred (Cath lvl 4)

    I wish some of these would spawn just a bit more frequently

    200+ runs without seeing any of them is a bit of overkill on the OCD!

    Once I’m done act1, I’ll be going to farm act2, 3, etc.

    At least with monster power soon, if I’m not finished act 1 I’ll be able to grab better loot overall.

    • I’ve killed Dataminer and Lucius the Depraved (sp?) about 3 to 4 times with several different characters yet have never gotten credit for it in the achievement checklist. Frustrates me to no end.

      • Lucky you, I’ just got Lucious twice in a row in the graveyard but no dataminer in sight. Sometimes it almost feels like it’s bugged…

  13. I happen to like the Achievement system a lot. I think it adds a lot of depth to an ARPG series like Diablo. But the rewards SUCK! Epic, epic fail Blizz! Where are the dyes? The banner effects? Where is ANYTHING?


  14. A lot of achievements have been pretty broken for a variety of reasons. For example, none of my characters can get credit for killing several of the unique monsters in Acts 1 and 2 for whatever reason. I’ll kill a unique named enemy, find its name on the list and it remains unchecked…wth.

    Found out the only way to get credit would be to find and kill said enemy/monster with a new, fresh character since my existing ones are “flagged” as having killed it yet aren’t given credit for it. Stupid.

  15. I want to collect the various conversation, lore, and exploration achievements, since not having those achievements means there’s content I still haven’t seen in the game.

    Other achievements I think are fun but not necessarily something I’d go out of my way to get. For example, I was amused when I inadvertantly got the “wear items all dyed different colors” achievement from stuff I bought from the AH, but I probably wouldn’t have made a point to do it deliberately.

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