DiabloWikiBashiok added a couple of replies to yesterday’s big thread on crafting and L14 gems in Diablo 3. Here’s the new:

    You will not get anywhere near the amount of crafting reagents back from what it took to craft the item. If you craft something, then salvage it, you’ll be losing a significant portion of what it will take to make another one of the same type.

    It’s important to keep in mind that you can pay an artisan to remove the gems from an item. The last design I had heard of was that it was based on gem value, so as you socket higher level gems it becomes more expensive, but you’ll almost certainly want to unsocket gems to level them up, or swap to new gear. This may cause some unique problems for low level (non-twink) characters attempting to buy high level gems and then being unable to remove them from the socket when they get a better piece of armor (because they can’t afford it), but that may turn out to be an acceptable roadblock.

    But what if the recipe calls for a gem in it’s creation. In that instance, it’s not really a socketed item as an ingredient. Can we still re-coup the gem in this case? Or will we never run into this circumstance?
    The idea of gems even being required for recipes is still just a notion, so in-depth design on how they’re incorporated with crafting is unknown.

    The biggest take away from this discussion is probably the fact that the system is newly-implemented and subject to further change, especially in terms of costs and rewards. There were huge changes in item mods and skill effectiveness during the D2X beta, and then in patches shortly after release. Don’t get too attached to, or opposed to, anything we’re hearing now, since it’ll probably be modified before release anyway.

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