More Blizzcon Reports

Delving greedily and deeply into the depths of the Internet, I’ve found a few more hands on play reports from Blizzcon.

  • IGN Oz contributes Ten Things You Should Know About The Monk and it’s well worth the read.
  • RPGamer files a long and detailed D3 @ Blizzcon report, with info on all the classes.
  • CrispyGamer’s Blizzcon write up focuses largely on the graphics. They like them, and think the art controversy complaints are foolish.
  • GiantBomb talks about the Monk, but doesn’t say anything you haven’t heard already. They also have video of a seven-minute interview with DiabloWikiLeonard Boyarsky and DiabloWikiKevin Martens, with the guys standing right in front of the awesome Barbarian poster art I recently attempted to share with you guys. It’s definitely worth viewing; click through to see it.
  • AusGamers gives a thorough but superficial run down of the current state of Diablo 3.



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  1. “There’s likely to be some additions.”

    This is great news. I always wanted them to add acid damage, but I’ll be happy with black magic, holy, or w/e they come up with. Why are more damage types important? Well to outdo d2 of course! I don’t think having all the items to support resistances is necessarily a bad thing. They could make a resistance or two easy to aquire on items (like 30% psn res on a common item) or players can simply ignore one res, keep it low, and manually try to avoid getting hit in that department.

    A couple of issues:

    Hopefully, there will be more skills in the future so that there are at least a handful of skills to dish out each damage type. It would be a bit sad to see only one skill with black black magic/holy damage.

    Also, some in-game lore to describe each damage form would be nice. In d2, I don’t think anyone knows what “magic damage” really is or how it hurts, other than it is spooky and spectral because the necro has it and blessed hammer uses it. Fire, cold, and poison are easy to grasp, but I hope they get technical and really explain what is happening to a body when it is hit with holy damage. Same with arcane. Thisis another good reason why they should add acid damage—everyone knows exactly what it does.

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