I’ve added a bunch more cool costume and cosplay photos to our Blizzcon 2010 gallery. New photos include multiple shots of the Demon Hunter model tricked out in her professional costume and unexpectedly-creepy makeup, a good shot of costume contest finalist Elizabeth Comstock in her female Witch Doctor outfit, some random woman in a pretty good Amazon costume, the guy in the Diablo mask, last year’s costume contest winner Rainyu returning to Blizzcon in her winning Mistress of Pain ensemble, and several more ultra high quality shots of Christine Estrada in the female Monk costume that won this year’s costume contest.

    I didn’t set out to add more shots of this year’s winner, but when two different readers took it upon themselves to mail me a lot of links to various images, I bowed to the public will. Clearly our readers were impressed by her costume and smile, and they want more. If anyone reading this knows Christina, ask her to if she’s willing to answer a few questions about her outfit and motivations/aspirations in creating it. It would be fun to hear more from her than we did in her brief award acceptance speech.


    If you want still more, check out Flicker for Blizzcon costumes; there are thousands of good photos. You can even see some of this year’s cosplayers in a short video on Rpad.tv. Skip to 1:25 for some WD cosplayers; the rest of it’s all WoW and SC outfits set to creepy, muttering, “come live in my crawlspace forever” narration.

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