I posted a big bunch of these yesterday, but as more keep appearing, here’s some additional Blue words.

    • An “interview” with DiabloWikiKevin Martens has been posted on Blizzard.com, as part of their D3 Beta preview coverage. It’s got some good info about storytelling in the game and changes they’ve made in their final polish push.
    • AusGamers has posted a transcript of just their questions from the media roundtable interview with Jay Wilson from the media event last week. Jay defends the online-only DRM, talks about group joining, and much more.
    • The WorldStone Keep posted a new podcast that’s all about the new game info, with a special focus on the screenshots, artwork, and more. The host, Joe, was at the Blizzard media event, so he’s sure to have some interesting insights.
    • 1up.com has posted what they’re calling a community FAQ, in which they answer reader questions about Diablo III.
    • PCGamer.com has posted a three-man commentary on the new gameplay movie. It’s light on detailed info since they’re pitching it to their general gaming audience, but one of the dudes has an English accent just like Elly, so there’s that.
    • Gaming comic Penny Arcade didn’t include D3 in a strip, but they did write a bit about it in their news on Monday. In the post Tycho joked that Blizzard 1) won’t sell items via the AH, and 2) implemented full anonymity for all sellers in the AH. Conspiracy theories are fun, but really; as if Blizzard couldn’t just fake up characters to sell items if they were that hard up for cash? They’ll make far more skimming their nickels off the top of a million sales than they would making $10 a pop for hacked items anyway, since if word got out, they’d be ruined… right?
    • Finally, Blizzard has posted the press kit the media received during the event at Blizzard last week. If you want the full quality 500m gameplay movie, plus all the artwork and screens, the whole package is 668meg.

    As always, if you guys have found any news not listed here, throw it into the comments and I’ll update the post accordingly.

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