More Blizzarific Interviews and Features

I posted a big bunch of these yesterday, but as more keep appearing, here’s some additional Blue words.

  • An “interview” with DiabloWikiKevin Martens has been posted on, as part of their D3 Beta preview coverage. It’s got some good info about storytelling in the game and changes they’ve made in their final polish push.
  • AusGamers has posted a transcript of just their questions from the media roundtable interview with Jay Wilson from the media event last week. Jay defends the online-only DRM, talks about group joining, and much more.
  • The WorldStone Keep posted a new podcast that’s all about the new game info, with a special focus on the screenshots, artwork, and more. The host, Joe, was at the Blizzard media event, so he’s sure to have some interesting insights.
  • has posted what they’re calling a community FAQ, in which they answer reader questions about Diablo III.
  • has posted a three-man commentary on the new gameplay movie. It’s light on detailed info since they’re pitching it to their general gaming audience, but one of the dudes has an English accent just like Elly, so there’s that.
  • Gaming comic Penny Arcade didn’t include D3 in a strip, but they did write a bit about it in their news on Monday. In the post Tycho joked that Blizzard 1) won’t sell items via the AH, and 2) implemented full anonymity for all sellers in the AH. Conspiracy theories are fun, but really; as if Blizzard couldn’t just fake up characters to sell items if they were that hard up for cash? They’ll make far more skimming their nickels off the top of a million sales than they would making $10 a pop for hacked items anyway, since if word got out, they’d be ruined… right?
  • Finally, Blizzard has posted the press kit the media received during the event at Blizzard last week. If you want the full quality 500m gameplay movie, plus all the artwork and screens, the whole package is 668meg.

As always, if you guys have found any news not listed here, throw it into the comments and I’ll update the post accordingly.

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21 thoughts on “More Blizzarific Interviews and Features

  1. On G4TV’s X-Play today, Adam Sessler had an interview with Rob Pardo and he made a little comment I don’t think he ment to say? We know nothing about end game but you tell me what this sounds like?
     Quote…..We do have a full running Alpha right now. Everyone in the office can play through to Diablo. end quote.

    • Diablo was confirmed by Jay Wilson forever ago as being the final boss, but for the life of me and after hours of searching, I cannot find the quote.

        • I was referring to the Jay Wilson quote as being impossible to find. I could obviously find something that’s linked in this very news post.

          It’s irrelevant anyway. It’s just always bugged me that I couldn’t find that JW quote for the wiki.

          • Dude you just got called out and had no facts to back your point? Haha! Umm yea…. Im sure you were just reffering to it as impossible to find? I’ll save you the time off searching for the quote for the wiki because there is none. So the Big D Lord of Terror is the climax of the game! I guess it made sense to have him as the last boss cuz you know its called Diablo… but you never know with Blizzard? Baal was the last boss of D2 really.

          • I don’t know if you’re actually able to read, but my point was I couldn’t find that prior link.
            Why is this so difficult to understand?

  2. Great Scott, it’s Bobby’s eyes!

    Haven’t seen them in a couple weeks.  They were beginning to fade from my memory.  I’m so glad they’re lodged firmly back in my mind’s eye.

  3. Kevin Martens: When it comes down to balancing the actual numbers, there is an expected amount of damage output that players should be able to sustain based on their level and gear. There is no absolute benchmark though, as skillful players will be able to do more damage with speed, precision, and advanced attack combos, while less experienced players will generally do less damage with more straight-forward attacks. The expected damage is a starting point to balance from. Balance must be maintained for both players types, and everyone in between, which can be tricky. Ultimately, it’s going to take the game’s harder difficulty modes — Hell and Inferno — to challenge the limits of the best Diablo III players.

    INFERNO difficulty eh? omg. cant wait!

    • Am I the only one to have been upset by the horrible name of the new difficulty? And there is going to still be nightmare, right?

  4. Yeah – I saw that too!  Was wondering if I had missed something or if that was new news.  Next up: Ludicrous Difficulty!!

  5. What happened to the glowing red eyes?

    I’m probably going to be lynched for asking this, and I truly don’t mean to sound ungrateful, but was I the only one terribly bored by the new gameplay movie? : /

    Maybe I’m just sick of watching UI-less gameplay.

  6. And to make it bold:

    “Ultimately, it’s going to take the game’s harder difficulty modes — Hell and Inferno — to challenge the limits of the best Diablo III players”

    • It would be rare, as “inferno” means actually “hell” in other languajes. Its like naming two difficulty levels “nightmare” and “pesadilla”, or “normal” and… umh… “normal”, and so on.

  7. I think it was a mistake. Nightmare is seen in the press screen shots.

    Bashiok refers to 3 difficulties and not four.

  8. @AusGamers interview question / Jay’s answer on lag & (HC) death.
    The assertions that HC gamers (a) play for bragging and (b) do not play SP are completely bogus.  I (used to) know plenty of people on the HC forum who play SP precisely because HC tends to be either unplayable due to lag, or pointless due to lack of both trust & population once you get out of normal.  I believe the SP forum also had a decent number of people who did this.  I know I’ve got a couple of SP guardians.
    On top of this, players have always tended to invent artificial challenges for themselves, such as pure untwinked play, which cannot be proven but are still accomplished… if is required to enjoy HC presumably it would be required to enjoy these challenges as well.  Case in point, last I checked VHHC torchlight was doing just fine for such a small budget game.
    HC players might play in part for the bragging, but there’s also the sense of accomplishment, and (most importantly, imo) the rush that comes with it.  People would play SPHC in D3 if they were given the option.

  9. Despite all the news-worthy subjects, one major one has failed to be mentioned/reported on thus far. This subject, that has “fallen through the cracks,” is the new reveal that Diablo 3, as seen in the newest official Diablo 3 FAQ, will NOT feature an offline Single Player mode.

    Two news reports I have been following since the announcement:

    So disturbed by this news (I was a HUGE offline Single Player fan, as seems many others of our community were since the SP forum is usually pretty user-heavy) I went through the hoops necessary to post, and did so–a first for me.

    I posted in this thread

    Currently, there are over 180 posts, with over 9,000 views, and yet, despite Bash and another blue monitoring and commenting on other popular threads, this “elephant in the room” thread remains untouched.

    Bash has only made one remark on this issue, in the WOW forum of all places, where he addressed that Diablo 3 will not be one of those games that people will play during a plane/train/car ride. And that customers should focus on offline games for those time, and play Diablo 3 when they are home (quote seen at the top of the thread linked to above).

    However, as I and many others have complained about, many people do not have strong or consistent internet connection, or have no internet at all because of where they live. For instance, the OP of the forum thread spends “90%” of his life in Africa, where no internet is available.

    I’m not sure if we need more voices over there to make the thread 18 pages, opposed to 8, or what, but I, personally, believe this is the worst Diablo 3 news yet.

    Thanks for reading

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