More Blizzard Q&A for Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.8

Patch 1.0.8 is not yet live on the PTR, though it’s apparently coming very soon. Earlier today the patch was showing for download via the PTR client, and a forum thread for known issues went up as well, but both were removed shortly. Insert your own DiabloWikisoon joke here.

To tide us over, Wyatt Cheng and the CMs answered additional questions about v1.08.

Is the hellfire ring bonus multiplicative as well? I think it’s additive but I’m not certain.
Wyatt: Hellfire Ring is additive.

As an example. Suppose you have 35% from Hellfire Ring and 31% from a Ruby in your helm. That’s a total XP bonus of 66%.

Suppose you’re in a 3-player game, granting you 20% more XP (multiplicative). 1.66 (ring/ruby) * 1.20 (20% multiplayer) = 1.992

Assuming I did my math right, total bonus XP in a 3-player game with your ring + ruby: 99.2%

How come there is no “Item Hunting” tag, which means the intention to skip around all over the place to hunt elites, and farm specific areas. Not many people do “full act clears” anymore. And “questing” is akin to “full act clears” isn’t it? Plus keywarden is part of Item Hunting. So the tags would be better if they were: Questing, Item Hunting, Uber Bosses, and PvP.
Wyatt: The main concern with “Item Hunting” as a matchmaking tag is whether it actually makes it easier for multiple strangers to get around the Act quickly. As it is, everybody has a slightly different play style, route, etc. Skipping around to different locations can be worked out solo, or with a good friend, but with a stranger requires a higher level of co-ordination. Our experience is that players in Public Games often end up travelling linearly through the game because the overhead of coordinating a route erodes the efficiency gained by bouncing around that it ends up not being worth it. We really want our tags to be “Player chose tag X, therefore the expected shared activity will be Y”, and for that shared activity to be unambiguously clear to all players who enter that game.

This isn’t a “no” to an “Item Hunting” tag, I’m just stating our concerns. I’d say, think about it, try out Public Games on PTR, and leave us your feedback.

looking forward to trying a lot of these things out in the PTR!
Wyatt: PTR should be very soon.

Very soon eh? Might as well skip the Ask the devs part 2 and just go straight to PTR later this week or next week.
Wyatt: The Ask the devs questions right now are focused on itemization, and we know people still have itemization questions. Since 1.0.8 is focused on multiplayer, it seems like both could happen in parallel.

Thx for a response Wyatt, it’s been awhile since Ask the Devs 2: Itemization Part 1 has come out, I just hope that Part 2 is coming soon, like hopefully this week. I thought it was going to come out last week, but then there was the GDC and you and some of the other developers were up North at the time I’m not sure if that is cause for the delay but it would be nice to see more of those responses, and hopefully on some of the tougher questions 😉
Wyatt: Yes – GDC was a big factor for the delay on the next round of Ask the Devs questions, sorry about that!

Any word on MOB density? Coming in this patch/ptr or moved on to the next? Great changes ahead anyway. Hope to get our hands on these much needed multiplayer improvements!
Wyatt: Yes! Mob density is 1.0.8. The blog was focused primarily on multiplayer improvements but 1.0.8 also includes increased monster density for Acts 1, 2 and 4 as well as other features such as “Craft Multiple”

No mention of Density changes, is this still in 1.0.8? Or is it pushed back or added later on to the PTR?
Wyatt: Increased density in Acts 1, 2 and 4 are in 1.0.8

Excellent additions to party play! It’s going to be awesome actually wanting to play with my friends rather than feeling obligated to simply because they’re my friends. Another great step.
Wyatt: Thanks! Our goal is to constantly improve the game with every patch. Personally, I play a mix of co-op and solo and definitely hear where you’re coming from. I’m looking forward to the patch going live too!

Good looking update… you all are listening… thank you for that.

Buuuuuuuuuuut… I won’t be back until Itemization and pack density are fixed… this is gunna be awhile… should I check back this fall!?
Vaeflare: We don’t have a timeline yet for when our itemization changes will be implemented. Some of the changes are pretty substantial, so we want to make sure that we not only do them the right way, but that we incorporate most of them at the same time, because we know it can be super confusing and frustrating to players to have to constantly readjust to how the item game works.

The monster density changes for Acts 1, 2, and 4 will be coming in patch 1.0.8, however, and you’ll soon be able to test them for yourself on our upcoming patch 1.0.8 PTR. 🙂

I’ve recently played all of the acts while leveling up some new hardcore characters, and even with weak and mortal chars going carefully and cautiously… Act 1 and Act 2 felt vacant. Even with my HC Monk at Paragon 2 and woefully-equipped (25k dps, kthx) I wanted more monster density, and it felt like it took me multiple games/hours longer than it should have to level up in those low paragons, just since so many areas were sparsely-populated.

For multiple reasons I still prefer the idea of bonus dungeons, but I’m curious to see how the devs have pumped up the monster populations. Can you guys imagine farming (profitably) somewhere other than Act 3? Or does the very concept strike you as odd, after nearly a year of one act to rule them all?

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    18 thoughts on “More Blizzard Q&A for Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.8

        • I have always loved act 1! I like everything about it except those spider cavers, I just hate going down there..

          • I hate it because alongside with the A2 sewer maps, they are the only places that make my computer lag so hard.

    1. Love me some Act 1. It is so diverse. Cemeteries, cathedrals, fields, caves and caverns. You really don’t get bored of the scenery that quickly. Can’t wait! 🙂

    2. Is it just me or could they simply fix the match up problems with a G.D. game lobby?!?!

    3. Yeah, Act 1 is going to be awesome if density is done properly because not only do the mobs have less annoying attacks, but they’re also generally easier to kill. I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but it seems like Act 1 is about one MP level behind the others. So, for example, if you have no problems on Act 3 MP 6, you can do Act 1 MP 7. No hard numbers or anything; just my own anecdotes as supporting evidence.

      Looking forward to breaking out of Act 3 runs. I was still running other acts for keys and things though just as a change of pace here and there.

      • IMO, farming all around everywhere, I think A2 and A4 are considerably worse than A1/A3 in terms of mob abilities.

        A2 has bee bastards, leaping bastards, knockback bastards, tons of mobs that can’t be nuked from range because they only appear when you get close, lots of resurrecting bastards, damage reduction bastards, etc.

        A4 has stunning bastards, powerful ranged attack bastards, run speed faster than you bastards, charging bastards.

        A3 is relatively benign, especially the first half. The second half is annoying with shield-casting goat mages and phase beasts, but is largely okay. A1 for the most part is super-benign – Scavengers are the only annoying basic mob type, though elite Wretched Mothers can get really annoying if they have zone control affixes, because they tend to run away and kite you, which gets tedious if there are arcane sentries and plagued puddles everywhere.

    4. No matter how much they fix this game, its kind of to late, me and my friends have moved on, I hope whoever has been able to stomach this game for this long enjoys it though, im sure actually being able to play the game is really starting to make it more fun.

    5. I can’t wait to test Act 1 density. Act two isn’t so bad, I’m curious to see if they bump the density in VoA, since it’s the only area that seems to be decent right now in A2. I still will most likely not touch A4 cause I hate that act with a passion, too many cut scenes and mini bosses that don’t drop anything.

    6. Sounds good, can’t wait. In the meantime it’s time for Dungeons of Dredmor! Which I highly encourage all of you pick up. 😛

    7. The new monster desntiy fixes honestly could bring me back for a short while only because the itemization and character customization is still a set back. But slaying monsters, lots of them, is part of the fun, and not having to run act 3 endlessly which is what Diablo3 was deduced to, it/the new acts could really help keep the variety up despite the other set backs. Seriously, Act3 pretty much is Diablo 3 right now.

    8. These substantial itemization changes should have came first and foremost, everything else should have been way way back there in terms of importance. It still boggles my mind that they see connecting to the dorm room next to you as a priority over that.

      Instead they are doing other things first and people are leaving the game, I am playing POE now, I HAVE to get my itemization fix man, i just gotta!. I just cant stand another sack of garbage junk in my backpack.

      So yeah I guess check back in in the fall….lol

    9. Too bad there isn’t a way for us name the game instance we’re in to match what we’re doing, and then let people look through those games and choose on their own which they want to join…

    10. I farmed over 200h on A1 with my WW Barb (not double tornado, just whirlwind)and had lots of fun there. I stopped after they moved the watchtower.

    11. I wonder if they will buff the density for all the areas of act 1? Will for example the intro area where the wretched mothers are be buffed to farming level? Old Tristrm? I mean, even compared to the current act 1 density, these areas are awfully low on monsters. I would love to slay like 200 zombies in old tristram. There is a place in an act 1 dungeon, where the quest to kill some ghosts family is, where wretched mothers are surrounded with like 20 zombies. Killing them feels so good. That’s what I imagine the whole act will feel like.

    12. I couldn’t care less about the changes to multiplayer, but the changes to monster density are going to be great. Hopefully they are talking changes to density that models VoTA, as its just about right. I have always liked Act 1, and the harder monsters in Act 4, so I will be there if everything is done right. I am so tired of Act 3. The game keeps getting better, but I really want more things to find and a use for white items similar to runewords.

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