I posted a huge rundown of Blue posts and player achievements thus far in Diablo III yesterday, and in the comments to that most of you guys seemed unconcerned by the super fast pace at which some players are clearing the game. (The race might be over soon, with Team Method is now into Act 4 DiabloWikiInferno, while Team nolife are still in Act 3.)

    I can’t paraphrase 70 comments from that news item, so I’ll just quote Faramis who made a popular post that represented the feelings of a lot of others.

    Some ultra hardcore no-lifers are clearing inferno? And imho they are not even clearing it, they are just exploiting the game mechanics for the glorious rush to first Inferno clear. And to be honest, I could care less who beats Inferno first. At this moment, I am in Act II on Nightmare difficulty and my party gets its ass whooped. And across many public games, people are struggling too even on Nightmare. All in all, I am having fun with the game and think the wait was totally worth it.

    CM Zarhym spoke in much the same terms in a forum post last night, offering Blizzard’s official, “even though we said no one could do this we’re going to act like it’s no big deal now” response to the Inferno land rush.

    Seriously, people should be banned from this forum if they complain about how easy inferno is before they’ve even beaten nightmare mode.
    We definitely don’t want a bunch of threads on this same topic littering up the forum. That said, people are welcome to share their opinions about the game’s difficulty.

    Frankly, I’m hoping those who do decide to share such opinions read the responses of so many of their peers. To sit on the sidelines and judge the game based on such a limited perspective is counter-productive. Most of us know the only acceptable solution is to ignore the sideline screamers, jump into the game, and slay some demons… you know, have fun. 🙂

    Don’t get me wrong, I congratulate those who’ve made it so far already in Inferno. It’s a truly remarkable feat. But the amount of preparation needed, the sheer min-maxing necessary, and the support from other players not in the group (in the form of item farmers, etc.) means I’m not able to relate much to these players at all. In fact, I doubt there are many players out there who can relate to these type of players or their tactics.

    And if the majority of us can’t relate to that play experience, why do we care how easy or hard the game is for the people who do?

    Bashiok: Wake me up when they have characters with perfect items and gems.

    I’ve had very little time to play since launch day, to the point that I’m still avoiding Act 3 and Act 4 spoilers, and yet I don’t feel my experience is diminished by the Inferno-racing of a bunch of ungroomed 20 year olds with nothing to do but game all day. I’d be right there with them, as fat, filthy, and furious as a dwarf, if I were that age and had the free time to play all day.

    Even though I’m not, it’s fun to watch people do what Blizzard spent months telling us could not be done. You can almost see Bashiok squirming behind his keyboard as he replies to comments on this. Moreover, it gives me a preview of what I can look forward to in my own DiabloWikiend game play, some months (or years) from now.

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