More Blizzard Posts on Diablo 3’s (Lack of?) Difficulty

I posted a huge rundown of Blue posts and player achievements thus far in Diablo III yesterday, and in the comments to that most of you guys seemed unconcerned by the super fast pace at which some players are clearing the game. (The race might be over soon, with Team Method is now into Act 4 DiabloWikiInferno, while Team nolife are still in Act 3.)

I can’t paraphrase 70 comments from that news item, so I’ll just quote Faramis who made a popular post that represented the feelings of a lot of others.

Some ultra hardcore no-lifers are clearing inferno? And imho they are not even clearing it, they are just exploiting the game mechanics for the glorious rush to first Inferno clear. And to be honest, I could care less who beats Inferno first. At this moment, I am in Act II on Nightmare difficulty and my party gets its ass whooped. And across many public games, people are struggling too even on Nightmare. All in all, I am having fun with the game and think the wait was totally worth it.

CM Zarhym spoke in much the same terms in a forum post last night, offering Blizzard’s official, “even though we said no one could do this we’re going to act like it’s no big deal now” response to the Inferno land rush.

Seriously, people should be banned from this forum if they complain about how easy inferno is before they’ve even beaten nightmare mode.
We definitely don’t want a bunch of threads on this same topic littering up the forum. That said, people are welcome to share their opinions about the game’s difficulty.

Frankly, I’m hoping those who do decide to share such opinions read the responses of so many of their peers. To sit on the sidelines and judge the game based on such a limited perspective is counter-productive. Most of us know the only acceptable solution is to ignore the sideline screamers, jump into the game, and slay some demons… you know, have fun. 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, I congratulate those who’ve made it so far already in Inferno. It’s a truly remarkable feat. But the amount of preparation needed, the sheer min-maxing necessary, and the support from other players not in the group (in the form of item farmers, etc.) means I’m not able to relate much to these players at all. In fact, I doubt there are many players out there who can relate to these type of players or their tactics.

And if the majority of us can’t relate to that play experience, why do we care how easy or hard the game is for the people who do?

Bashiok: Wake me up when they have characters with perfect items and gems.

I’ve had very little time to play since launch day, to the point that I’m still avoiding Act 3 and Act 4 spoilers, and yet I don’t feel my experience is diminished by the Inferno-racing of a bunch of ungroomed 20 year olds with nothing to do but game all day. I’d be right there with them, as fat, filthy, and furious as a dwarf, if I were that age and had the free time to play all day.

Even though I’m not, it’s fun to watch people do what Blizzard spent months telling us could not be done. You can almost see Bashiok squirming behind his keyboard as he replies to comments on this. Moreover, it gives me a preview of what I can look forward to in my own DiabloWikiend game play, some months (or years) from now.

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29 thoughts on “More Blizzard Posts on Diablo 3’s (Lack of?) Difficulty

  1. Why are people complaining about the difficulty when there are so many other things to complain about.  Like, servers down, crashing, freezing, etc.  Fix the game, then worry about quelling the gamePLAY complaints.

    • Give it a few weeks – then we can start the REAL complaining about the motormouth NPCs, general lack of immersion, ham-fisted attempts at random levels, etc.

    • Speed running and having a support team to feed your party hardly constitutes a play-through.  Its like doping in baseball, yeah you did it but no one cares.  When someone like me plays through and clears all monsters and collects my own weapons then that will be considered a play through.  I mean I give them credit for their effort, but not my respect for their abilities.

    • Not normally, but I do now.  Game played fine Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.  Now Blizzard is telling me and thousands of other people that are computers are to blame.  I guess all of our computers developed problems at the same time.  That’s a reasonable explanation.

  2. Servers have been fairly stable since Wednesday night.

    As far as people complaining about Inferno being too easy. When someone from other than Method or NoLife can clear it in a week or less then I will be concerned.   

    EDIT: Btw, Diablo 3 has EXCEEDED my expectations and will be one of the many dedicated to this game for years to come.

    EDIT 2: And I would be more upset if Blizzard designed Diablo 3 so that these supergamers found it extremely difficuly.

  3. I haven’t had a lot of time to play either, so I’m just barely into act 2 lol.  However, I’m having a blast with the game.  I’ve noticed even A2 is definitely harder, and while I’ve only died once, there have certainly been plenty of close calls.  I don’t really consider people clearing inferno this quickly to be a problem because they aren’t really clearing anything.  Rushing past every mob to get to an end boss doesn’t really count imo.  It certainly doesn’t seem like it’d be an effective way to farm anything. Blizz did mention it might be beaten by using some cheesy mechanics, and I think this currently counts.  I will be impressed when someone does it on hardcore  😈

  4. This doesn’t bother me. It strikes me that the people this does bother… I don’t even know, are a little jealous? I honestly have no idea, it’s not harming my game. Quite the contrary: I can pick up some sweet gear in the AH, and twink my way through a bit faster after normal. I really like watching TAS. Tool assisted speed runs would be… well, that’d be botting in D3, but they’re really neat for old games, to see a whole game flash through in a few minutes. But at the same time…. I don’t want to play mario3 that way, it’s not fun for me. Nor will I play D3 this way, at least not now. I’m having fun crawling through, twinking my way through nightmare, and it doesn’t bother me some guys are toolin’ around in inferno: that’s what gamers do. Some people really like to speed run: Let ’em!

  5. Yay, I am quoted. But anyway, Zarhym response on this matter is good and well though, especially about waking him up when someone has perfect gear. I think they knew since the beginning, that there will be some guys that will find some loop-hole no matter what, that will allow them to reach and beat Inferno very quickly. But for us mortals, who have life, work or school, it will take a lot longer (weeks are my estimate) to even have a shot at Inferno. I even vaguely remember Jay Wilson saying in one interview something like that that no matter what they do, there will alwas be few people who will find a way to break the game. And again, I think it does not matter that much, if someone beats the game in irregular way. This person choose this way and will probably have fun with the game, so Blizzards job is done either way. After all, this is still a game and in the end what matters, is if each one of the player finds satisfaction in his playthrough and has fun with the game.

  6. If your not in hell at least, u can’t comment on the games difficulty, Flux included.

    • So true.
      A lot of people right now are complaining about the difficulty of the later stages of NM. They have another thing coming. I struggled through act 1 Hell yesterday and I’m a few quests  into act 2 and this shit is nearly impossible
      Normal/Nightmare are where you learn your class and the basic mechanics, Hell is where the real game starts.

    • I found the difficulty in Nightmare spikey. Most of the time it was fairly simple, but occasionally you’d get a champion pack that would give you trouble due to unlucky affixes.

      In Hell, most champion packs have a combination of affixes that makes them incredibly tough. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and find a relatively easy group, but most of them have a good chance of killing a party with average gear. There’s a much greater chance of getting some sort of CC (Vortex, Jailer, Waller, Frost, etc.) combined with one or more zone-damage abilities (Arcane, Mortar, Fire Chains, Desecrator, Plagued, Frost, etc.). I’ve also run into a few champion packs that seem to have a slow-on-hit debuff not mentioned in their affixes. Even the bosses seem to have had their damage scaled up nicely, though if you can avoid their mechanics they are relatively less of a problem than a tricky champion pack.

      In short, the people pushing through Inferno are doing so by avoiding what I assume to be the hardest part of the game: elites.

      • very true. agree 100% beating diablo in inferno means little to me if all you did was run away from elite packs. if they get the 50 kill elite inferno achievement (i think there is one) then i’ll be impressed. until then diablo stays the same as in the other difficulties. the 4 randomly generated mods on elites do not. good luck with that.

  7. Hell/Inferno Elites with their 3 or 4 affixes are Median mod style difficult. You’ll just get absolutely wrecked if your gear isn’t up to snuff. There are some combinations where you might not even be able to kill it. The act bosses look like wimps in comparison though.

    • I know they’re act bosses and they don’t drop the best loot, but they should add maybe 1 in Hell, 2 in in Inferno, affixes to the Act Bosses to make them seem more interesting and random to fight. I mean I’m pretty sure Rares and Champions are more likely to kill me because of their unpredictability, but Act bosses are very predictable and death is pretty much avoidable if you’re careful. A small twist is always welcome.

      Desecrator/Jailer Azmodan? O_o 

  8. I’m in Act II of Nightmare and I’m loving the game. Normal was pretty much a breeze though. It was nice to get fully acclimated to the systems however. Nightmare Act 1 wasn’t very hard either, I mostly coasted through. Act II is a whole other story though. Me and my friends are constantly hitting parts that we die multiple times to. Then we adjust, restrategize, and clear it. We then do well for the next area or two, then things get real again and we need to rethink. So far, it’s been a great experience and I love that optimization is always on your mind while playing. As for Inferno clearing, the “Stun and run” technique to totally bogus. Let me know when someone REALLY clears the game. I’ve barely had server problems either. I had some issues late on Tuesday, but yesterday I was logged on for at least 12 hours with no interruption. 

  9. I wonder if Blizz CMs have the same response pre-typed whenever one of these professional super guilds downs heroic content in a week or so? We’ve heard this song and dance back in the Ensidia/Premonition/Blood Legion/etc days. Professionals downing it in teams doesn’t mean anything to the rest of us. But watching their play, strategy, and timing is pretty enlightening. I wonder if any Wizard will be able to get through Hell/Inferno w/o Teleport, Diamond Skin, or both.

  10. They can’t make money if Inferno is too difficult because you can’t sell items you can’t get.

  11. im gonna comment on that in one sentence, this introduction not counted: \My wizard died an estimated 600 times on his way to 60, which he just reached.\ Nuff said…

  12. How the hell are you able to stay on the forums / fansites and not bump into spoilers? Wow. I made a big effort not to go near any forum starting from one or two weeks before release and until I’ve finished. I’m surprised no asshole has hit you with spoilers yet.

  13. I agree with the other posts above – the teams rushing through are not really playing the game.  They can have their hollow, meaningless victory – Yay.
    The thing that I am curious about is Jay’s statement that noone in Blizzard conquered Inferno during testing.  What does that mean, exactly.  Test teams usually have cheat codes that enable them to warp around, become temporarily invincible, etc.  So does he mean noone beat Inferno without those testing aids, or they truely never got past Act 2/3 Inferno at all?  Because if noone got past it at all, the chances for bugs there are very, very high.

  14. I’m now in act1 hell with my lvl53 barb. I ran through nightmare solo and it was pretty rough. I had to look for weapon upgrades in the auction house to make it past some bosses. Only after I got myself a rare lvl51 2h sword with the damage I needed I made it past a certain boss in act4 I was stuck at. And now in hell, I had to leave my game a couple of times already because an elite pack with the wrong set of abilities was blocking my path. I die A LOT. Even with 22k health. Arcane + fire linked are deadly. And when their third ability is one to pull you in, freez, prison or whatever other means to keep you in place. You will die. The difficulty is totally what they said it would be. My balls are tickled. I’m happy.

  15. The difficulty is crazy hard, even on normal.
    Though it might just me being a noob. I hope not though! Anyway, I’m thinking Inferno will only ever be relatively safe with a coordinated team. No chance in Inferno to clear 4 affixed bosses with just one class. You need to be constantly respecing and there goes the nephalem valor.
    Which leads me to believe that Inferno will only be grindable by teams.
    Which is a let down, to be honest…
    But maybe I’m wrong.
    Also, a simple Jailer + arcane enchanted will kill you without a problem. I can only imagine how a dessecrator + jailor + arcane enchanted + vortex.
    My monk would need that immunity spell, that staff swirling one to get out of the way and lots of debuff stuff… Man, I don’t think I’m ready for Act 2 Nightmare even 🙁

    • I’m not a noob and played lots of D2 but yes this game is way harder than D2 even on Normal (I’m at final act 4 boss and getting wiped right now). I think it’s hard because of the way leveling is made and the ramp up on gear (blacksmith is max level for normal so I can’t craft anything higher at the moment).
      At least it was satisfactory to beat the bosses and other sub-bosses. Story is ok so far and pretty much what was imagined by people before launch.
      I can’t even imagine Inferno either.

  16. So what exactly are these loopholes that allow people to stream through Inferno? I’ve been trying to avoid spoilers so I have no idea how they are able to get there, with presumably crappy items.

    • Read the post from yesterday, as it describes the techniques people are using. And it’s spoiler free.

      Basically running past almost all the normal monsters, using stun and CC and such to avoid them, and only fighting the bosses. Where they die a fair amount, but if all 4 people are careful and don’t cluster up and die at once, they can res each other and keep wearing the bosses down. Someone in comments called it, “chain resing” whcih seemed a pretty good description.

      • Hmm, I’m still then puzzled how they managed to get to lvl 60 so quickly if they didn’t kill anything. I was expecting that all rushers would get to inferno bosses underleveled and with crappy items and just wouldn’t be able to kill them.

  17. Make the inferno bosses harder than the elite packs, & add more elite packs. Make it nearly impossible to run through inferno without the proper gear and strategic play and problem solved. 

  18. It’s a shame when these groups of terrible WoW players who have no idea how to play Diablo, who run through levels killing nothing dieing repeatedly at boss encounters and face-rolling the mid fight resurrection easy-mode mechanics of SC, are lauded.

    Diablo is fucking amazing, this farce is my greatest disappointment.  🙄

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