More Blizzard China Info Leak Intrigue

In a follow up to the last rumors about those leaked Blizzard product date plans, there are new rumors that Bliz US is carrying out an investigation of how things are leaking from Blizzard China. The head of Blizzard’s Chinese operations has just left the company, though the official word is that his departure was long planned, and is not related to these recent supposed security breaches.  A quote from our sister WoW site:

…the Blizzard release timeline which was just one of the sensative leaked documents that were doing the rounds. Other documents that were leaked included information about the company?s operations, product promotion plan, global user numbers and marketing plan. Today the story emerged that the leak had come from the Blizzard China?s offices, and according to local sources, a full investigation is now underway by Blizzard in the US,  although this has yet to be confirmed by Blizzard.

Blizzard China?s company head Ye Weilun has now left Blizzard China it emerged earlier today and has been replaced by former Nokia China business director Dai Jinhe. Blizzard has stated that Ye?s departure has nothing to do with the current document leaks and he had planned to leave the position months ago.

An item on Chinese site MobinoDE details Blizzard’s long history of difficulties in China, with WoW expansions taking years to be approved (their Chinese hosts didn’t bribe the correct government agencies) and now (allegedly) hemorrhaging secret information.

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  1. Ah, it warms the heart that the more mainstream games become, the more artificially divided and hateful the community becomes. If someone likes a different platform, they’re wrong and to be hated. If someone likes a different game, they’re wrong and it sucks. If someone likes the same game you do, but for different reasons, they don’t understand, and are wrong. If someone likes the same game for the same reasons, you either beat them and they suck, or they beat you and cheated.

    Where does the negative stereotype of Xbox Live kiddies yelling come from? The world may never know.

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