More Beta Patch 13 Datamined Images

We’ve been digging into the new beta patch all afternoon, and while the decoding is tricky and we don’t have all the data files and text info yet, more new images are available. Here are the first few of the new images, and we’ll be adding more later today. That big one from the previous update is called “skill pane” in the game files, so it’s definitely the new skills interface; just what and how it all works is not yet known, though.

Changed this post to show thumbs, as there are so many new images (lots of old images are appearing other websites but they’re from patch 6 in November). You can see all of these in our Datamined Beta Images gallery.

Below you see the loading screen background, for the DiabloWikiSiegebreaker encounter. Then a free trial image, presumably for D3 when the time comes. Last is the backgrounds for each act in the quest selection interface.

Public games selection menu background. Class background images.

These are new buff and debuff icons; the ones that show above your belt interface to indicate the states you are under or have hit monsters with. Zoom in and look closely; some very interesting stuff in these. Including Diablo’s face?

Click through for LOTS more new images from the patch. You can see all of these in our Datamined Beta Images gallery.

New inventory and quest icons galore.

Hero selection screen icons and insignias. Also two pictures of character creation screen tools. achievements profile, showing the four act bosses, color coded to the difficulty upon which you’ve defeated them. character profile tools and visuals. Also, the new skill pane, with the animation and icon elements beside the background.

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14 thoughts on “More Beta Patch 13 Datamined Images

  1. This is a big patch indeed! one step closer to release, especailly with the rune system, lets hope they dont change it again. that is the siegebreaker indeed! I feel that D3 has more bosses minibosses compared to the others. Anyone else?

    • Well, the minibosses in D2 were really underwhelming, like Horazon and Izual. You probably didn’t notice them as much because they weren’t very special in terms of gameplay.

      At least in D1, they usually had some sort of introduction other than “HIYA firewall from a mile away” or “watch me punch you in the face while you punch me in the face for ten minutes. Ohai, you killed me, sup? My name is Izual let me tell you all about that”.

  2. I hope the new minibosses in D3 will have their own introductions, must like king leorics along the way to finding him, will these mini bosses strike terror along the way as we battle hordes of demons to actually fight them? I sure hope so! And youre right, D2 minibosses werent really that noticeable.

  3. I’m surprised they took away the color coding from the difficuty banner things but left it on the boss faces. That’s weird that they did that since they no longer match…

    It’s fairly easy to tell what some of the buff/debuff ones are. On the second row, starting at the 3rd from the left: Burning, Frozen, Poisoned, Stunned, Silenced, Slowed, (no idea on the butterflies), Chilled, Blinded, Feared, Rooted, Area damage over time (already being used)… Plus you can see the already existing shrine and class passive buffs.

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