If you follow the Diablo 3 news (you can even subscribe to them by entering your mail in the right hand column!) you’ll know that DiabloWikiBashiok reassured us the other day about Diablo 3’s planned economy system, and that there won’t be a need for “money sinks” any more, like in Diablo 2. The economy will be balanced as a whole instead. All very well, but if you want to know a bit more about it, there are a two new blue posts on the topic:

    A free trade system isn’t as impactful as all that on the worth of gold. It’s about controlling the amount of gold that’s out there and providing compelling places to spend it. Diablo II’s main failings here were that tons of gold was thrown out without having enough places to spend it. It was awesome because everyone loves picking up money, but without any place to spend it it’s worthless. As I said there was gambling, but gambling really wasn’t that compelling the way it was set up, and aside from that … there wasn’t much.

    Now if you want gold because there’s something to spend it on that interests you, then it’s worth something, and all of a sudden selling an item for gold becomes very compelling.


    Well you’re kind of asking me what there will be to spend gold on, and right now I can’t tell you.

    Anyone even remotely interested in the DiabloWikiBarbarian is likely following anything to do with DiabloWikiFury. It will not stay teal forever!

    Fury is DiabloWikiBarbarian specific. It’s the only class that uses DiabloWikiFury as a resource pool. At the announcement at DiabloWikiWWI it was a sort of teal color in attempts to show it wasn’t mana. We were working on other colors, but just weren’t really happy with the other ones worked out for it at the time of the announcement, so teal it was. At DiabloWikiBlizzCon though it had its swirly lava-esque look. That’s gone now too though, Fury has changed a bit more and we’ll be talking about that before too long.

    Yeah, I don’t think any thematic reasoning should or will keep it from being a fun mechanic. It’s kind of nitpicky, but that’s ok, there’s not much else to do.

    On a bit more humorous note, Mr Bashiok can now die in peace and he finishes of this “BluesBlitz” with gently mocking a player of a certain slow capacity regarding the DiabloWikiChat Gem.

    Are you the kind that like to eat a sandwich and discover if it is rotten while your munching at it ?

    I was waiting for Diablo III to be compared to a rotten sandwich. Now I can die peacefully.

    Have you noticed that there is a some kind of a blue gem above the line:“And the heaven will tremble”
    When you put pointer on the gem it apearse to be a link….but when you click on it, it just goes from blue to violet. Nothing else is happening???

    It has exceeded my expectations.

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