More 1.0.4 class changes today and tomorrow

Sad that you don’t play Barbarian and want to know what the future holds for your dear DiabloWikiWitch Doctor? Well, rest easy since Blizzard has given us a timeline for the rest of the previews:

All five heroes are getting buffed in 1.0.4, and we’ll be posting previews for each class over the next couple of days to give you some insight into what’s changing.

Wednesday (8/15):

Thursday (8/16):
DiabloWikiDemon Hunter
DiabloWikiWitch Doctor

As each preview is published, we’ll update this post with a link, so be sure to stay tuned to see what improvements we have in store for your favorite character!

I for one am quite happy they are not stretching out it out to one class a day and can’t wait to see what they have in store for us.


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  1. Sweet, let’s see how many of the buffs won’t end up being removed due to people finding a way to break them.

  2. Hmm, all this activity sounds like the patch might be coming on Tuesday (8/21). Class changes today and tomorrow, magic find changes likely on Friday, and perhaps patch notes on Monday?

    • Seems that way. They could easily string the character previews out one every 2 days. Publishing all five in 2 days suggests fast tracking the info in time for Tuesday.

      • It’s gamescom time, biggest game-related expo of the year. Blizzard churning out info productivity like they weren’t Blizzard these days, is merely a much needed publicity move.
        Once the press has written its articles, Soon™ will be the credo again with the patch being in no particular rush and a series of unforseeable delays following with definite certainty.

        You know ’em…

        • WoW is going to have 20x the revenue of D3 this quarter. Who can blame them?

          Gamers in general should just move on, Bliz obviously has.

      • I remember reading somewhere that they were aiming for the last week of August.

        • Nope, fourth week:
          “as well as some interviews we’ll be holding shortly before the patch goes live – which, by the way, is currently targeted for the fourth week of August.”

          • I think SWalker is probably right. Initially, when I read the “fourth week in August,” I thought they meant the last week in August, because sometimes people / companies refer to the first FULL Sun-Sat week of the month as the “first week.” However if that’s what Blizzard really meant, they probably would have just said “the last week in August,” and chances are that they are likely referring to Aug 19-25. Then, of course, there’s the chance that they could mean the literal fourth week, Aug 22-28. *shrug*

            It’s just like all measurements: there’s nothing that’s used universally, lol.

  3. The decision to buff Legendaries and the class skills in one patch should really give some new life to the game.

    I’ve been stockpiling Legendary crafting plans for weeks, which was a bit of a gamble but should be a HUGE pay day. Plans are selling as soon as they go up for 200-700% or even 1000% of the price before the 1.0.4 preview. And we don’t even know the changes yet.

    I intend to keep most of ’em though!

  4. so THAT’s how drugs work!

  5. Sooo…. wheres the wiz? Curious 8)

  6. Wizards demand their preview. And we know a spell called ‘Disintegrate’. Just want to make that clear.

    • Also wondering where is the wiz patch info… first V1.0.4 promis-breaches? 😉

      Edit: There it is! 😀 10 min later… could be faster next time (like 30sec or so…) 😀

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