DiabloWiki.net has just gotten its DiabloWikiMonster page updated with a description of all the monsters that will be appearing in DiabloWikiDiablo III, and also made an update to the newly announced DiabloWikiDune Thresher. The total number of monsters is now up to 27, and we are anticipating even more news at BlizzCon. If you haven’t kept tabs on all the monsters shown for Diablo III, head over to the DiabloWikimonster page and check them out!

    If you want to get your knowledge about other Diablo III nuggets, the DiabloWikibasics page will keep you updated on things like what DiabloWikiclasses are confirmed or rumoured, what information is available on Diablo III DiabloWikisystem specs, or even which age DiabloWikirating the game will have. It’s written to give an overview of D3 facts, and has links for further information.

    And as always, don’t forget that you can help out your fellow Diablo fans by adding to the wiki yourself!

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