Monster Power’s “Bonus Item” Drop

A fan asked for details about the bonus item that can drop when you’re playing with a Monster Power setting of 1 or higher. Lylirra provides a useful answer:

When a monster dies, the first thing we do is decide whether it’s going to drop loot at all.

Most monsters — like say your everyday shambling zombies — have a roughly 30% chance to drop loot. The exact percentage, however, varies from monster to monster (for example, the Tormented Stingers in Act III have a much lower chance because they spawn in large packs and are easy to kill).

When you kill a monster in Inferno on MP1 or higher, if you pass the initial roll to obtain loot, you will also get a second roll to get an additional piece of loot. The “bonus item” chance for each MP level is detailed here. A few monsters are exempt from the bonus loot, but we tried to put it on the vast majority of normal monsters, and will probably add it to more if we like how the system plays out.

Also, just to be clear, the bonus drop applies to Normal monsters only. We wanted Monster Power to provide players with extra loot rolls, and (since Champions and Rares are already guaranteed to drop multiple items) Normal monsters seemed like the best place for us to add that mechanic in.

Referring to the chart, if you’re rolling on MP4 and bagging normal monsters, every one of them has a 26% chance to drop a bonus item, and you’re getting a 100% MF & GF bonus (above the normal 375% MF cap) on all their drops. That seems fun, even for monsters with 457% of their normal hit points. (Bear in mind that MP0 is much easier than the base difficulty you currently see in v1.04.)

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27 thoughts on “Monster Power’s “Bonus Item” Drop

  1. Aww, was sort of looking forward to elites being even bigger piñatas. I suppose more incentive to kill regular monster is ok. I see no harm in that.

  2. If I understand this correctly, this would mean that you get almost double the amount of drops or MP4? As you normally have about a 30% chance for one drop, you now also have 26% chance of an extra drop? Or is it just if you get loot on the first roll that you get another roll for 26%, so it means that you get 26% more drops (actually a bit lower as elites do not give anything extra, and they actually stand for a quite large amount of the total drops…)

    • Its roll one to see if mob drops anything at all this is 30% of normal whites if its drops an item you get a bonus roll to see if it drops a second item. So 26% chance of an extra drop means that ~8% of normal mobs will drop two items, as it needs to pass both rolls.

  3. This stuff is starting to get really redundant, blizzard and people care more about %’s than whether the items are actually worth getting, people shouldn’t care if they have 300000% mf if the item system is trash and its not even worth farming to get.
    But I guess thats why i quit, I disliked the items so much I didn’t even really care about finding them or not, and why farm when you don’t even enjoy the shit your getting (or eventually will get)

  4. I have to say, I’m really liking the recent changes to D3 in the patches. Paragon, Monster Power, and more effective CC (less immunity) are all good changes.

    • It’s better than when the game was released at least. Kinda going in the right direction!
      Now if they’d just fix all the boring and useless monk skills…

      • I’m not sure how the itemization is better than release? Still is plagued with all the same problems. The difference is now when the drop is orange or green then it won’t be terrible. But the fact that we still need items to be worth anything past normal, cannot use items to make niche builds, and require the same stats to stack on every item is still an issue that is being avoided every step of the way.

    • I have to agree with you

      None of the legendaries even boosted have a really unique character to them. Amount of useful affixed is less than 5-6, rest is trash.

      Yes new items will drop with lvl63 affixed but it’s still going to be the same sizzle only higher. Nothing particular to help shape specific builds using specific skills combined to items

    • This x 100.

      The loot is boring. The areas are boring. The itemization is boot.

      The game hasn’t even been out a year and it’s already stale. Oh well, with all the random crap changes every patch, maybe the game will be good in a few years?

      • Hit it right on the nail, I think the biggest problem with diablo 3 is that its only entertained people as long as every other singleplayer/rpg game, a few months at most but then people move on, when diablo 3 should have been massively addictive for atleast 6+ months, and had patchs making the game fresh for even longer than that, diablo 3 was good, but thats pretty much it, it wasn’t the sequel to starcraft thats for sure.

  5. Be thankful and play.

    None of you have ANY experience in game design.

    It is like watching football with the comments of 80 year old grandma’s…

    • Actually I have been a pretty hardcore diablo player since 1 came out, and after a decade of learning about what makes a game good or not, I know what I know, and diablo 3 isn’t as good as most people including me would have wanted it to be.
      People who watch football for over a decade know what their talking about, they might not be the coach, but they aren’t uninformed, and I am sure as hell not going to let someone tell other people that they should just be thankful that a game isn’t good and play it whether you like it or not.
      Diablo 3 was a let-down, they tried to reinvent the wheel to try and make d3 better in a lot of ways and ended up just backpeddling on what people like best, sure what people like might be flawed and unbalanced and not “real” character progression or w/e, but it sure as hell kept people playing d2 for 10 years, and last time I checked if you can get people to play d2 for 10 years and then fail to keep even the most (im one of them) hardcore d2 players from playing d3 for more then a few months, you’ve made mistakes.

  6. So you only get the bonus drop if (1) you roll the original drop and (2) you role the second drop. That means that at most, at MP 10, you have a 30% chance at two items. At MP5, you have a 30% chance at one item and a 10.8% at two items. At MP1 you have a 30% chance at one item and a .3% chance at two items.

    Blizzard really hasn’t figured out the problem with its drop system.

    • Yea, don’t worry they’ll just add a system where the monsters have 4 chances to drop items, and nephalem valor is going to give you 150% mf and gf in total, and the items that drop have a better chance of being ilvl 63.

      Because thats the only thing thats wrong with items -.-

  7. goddamn I never gave as many recommendations for comments in a single article in my life, you guys are all right!

    – itemization and loot is still shit
    – they are working to fix that, only very slowly
    – boss runs are missed
    – D3 is not entertaining for end level gamers anymore

    general direction where this is going is GOOD.

  8. Those vendors are going to get a workout converting all this extra trash into small piles of increasingly worthless gold.

    Maybe they should allow common vendors to be leveled up now by selling your junk drops to them. The game seems to be going more and more in that direction with all this “magic find for everyone” “more CRAP for everyone” philosophy.

    Each level 50 common vendor gets a special ability.

    Squirt the peddler transports you to the old cow level once every 24 hours
    Radek the Fence unlocks D2 style gambling anytime you like
    Tashun the Miner transports you to a randomized uber boss fight once a day
    Vidar the Collector opens a portal to a TIMED dungeon with tons of resplendant treasure chests (like old arcade Gauntlet) once every week
    I dunno have one of them unlock an AI chat option like CLeverbot
    Have one give you a key to an arena populated with waves of randomly generated and randomly geared character builds

    I’d say it’s time to start having some FUN with the game than trying to fix it. Sometimes you just can’t “fix” a bad horror movie after it’s been released. Just have fun with the damn thing. Start a whole new server allowing the mod community in if you have to.

    I’d love to read about them doing SOMETHING crazy rather than just spooning crap from one end of the plate to the other and occasionally removing small nuggets of undigested jalapeno. “Hmm maybe it was a bad idea to eat that. They’ll be thankful this is finally off the table.”


  9. Diablo 3 is best game ever made. I will play Diablo 3 for years. The game is PERFECT. Best game ever. Hater fools.

    • lol, if its so good why does everyone complain about whats wrong with it? Last time I checked perfect games don’t get complaints from launch onward, with shitloads of people quiting in droves. Christ borderlands 2 is a better game than diablo 3, DIABLO 2 is a better game than diablo 3, iv played diablo 2 since 2-3 months of d3 came out because I needed a diablo fix.

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