We’ve seen a bunch of details about how Monster Power interacts with beasties, but how does it work with item drops from barrels and chests and such? Lylirra continued her forum reign of terror with some details about that, earlier today.

    I was just thinking about drops that arrive from barrels, chests, etc. and how the change to affixes will come into play.

    For drops from monsters:

    DMG and Armor will be based on the ilvl, period.
    Affixes will be based on the monster level instead, unless the ilvl of the item happens to be higher than the monster level (in the case of MP0 A1+2 perhaps).

    In MP1+, we can expect Affixes to be that of the level 63 mobs we’re fighting, regardless of item level. But what about items that fly out of regular chests and barrels? Is it safe to assume that the MP1+ factor of mlvl 63’s effect those objects as well? And if so, what happens in MP0?
    Lylirra: So, two points:

  • Environment objects like chests, barrels, and loose tiles (we call them “gizmos) will all benefit from the iLevel/mLevel change. In patch 1.0.5, items you get from gizmos will now have their affix level determined by the gizmo’s level and not the item’s level.
  • In terms of Monster Power, gizmos will behave like monsters. At MP1+ in Inferno, gizmos in each act will be bumped up to level 63. (At MP0, nothing changes. They’ll just keep their normal level, like monsters do.)
  • What about crafting?
    Lylirra: Legendary items, vendor items, and crafted items from the Blacksmith will not be affected by the change. These items will have the same stats in 1.0.5 as they do currently in 1.0.4.

    Finally, I’ve seen people asking about upgrading crafting materials, so here are a couple of screenshots I took on the PTR the other night, showing how that works in the v1.0.5 Blacksmith interface. Easy peasy.

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