Monster Power Should Reward More XP?

A fan objects to the current experience curve of the Monster Power system, summoning forth Lylirra to speak Socratically.

It takes so long to reach DiabloWikiParagon 100 that I would really love to get all 5 classes to this point, but unfortunately, I don’t see this happening with the current system. It’s really unfortunate people are running MP0 to get the most efficient amount of XP basically totally ignoring the wonder feature of MP we have been given in 1.0.5

XP *should* scale the same as MF or GF and maybe when double that. I don’t see a change like this hurting anyone or effecting the game in a bad way.
Lylirra: As Grimiku pointed out in the an earlier post, one of the things we want to avoid with the reward structure for DiabloWikiMonster Power is creating a situation where players feel forced to run on the higher levels, even if they happen to feel more comfortable at somewhere between MP1 – MP3. Ideally, the added challenge should be the primary motivation for how you select your MP level, with the bonuses simply being a really cool perk that you get in return.

On the flip side, though, we know that lot players currently feel “forced” to run on the lower MP levels because it’s more efficient to do so (especially if you’re looking to farm XP). That’s not a great situation either. So, while we don’t want to change up the entire reward system for MP, we do agree that the XP bonuses could be more enticing at the top end, and we’re looking to make some improvements.

I don’t have a lot of details for you right now beyond that, but we’ve definitely heard your feedback and are trying to incorporate it in a meaningful way.

I think the MP system is pretty good on the whole, but I can see the OP’s point that the experience should probably scale up a bit more on higher MP levels. I’m fine with Act 3 farming runs on MP0 being potentially the best way to get gear, since fast MF runs are a staple of all three Diablo titles.

However it does seem cheesy that playing the fastest way, on the lowest difficulty, is also the best source of experience. There should be a trade off and an either/or sort of scenario — you can go for the best gear or the best exp, but not both at once, and especially not on a lower difficulty setting. Both at once should be the province of the most powerful characters who can play on a high MP level while still maintaining a fast killing speed and some Magic Find on top of that.

You guys agree, and/or have any suggestions for fixes other than “moar MP = moar XP?” Here’s the Inferno MP table for reference.


A few more short replies from the thread.

The most concern thing is about open public games for any level of MP. Right now, I really feel like I’m forced to play mp0 because that’s the only way to do public runs… additionally, it’s always act3’s last few quests. FIX THAT PLZ.
Lylirra: Totally understood. We’re exploring the best ways that we could make that option available (without negatively impacting your experience by making queues longer, for example).

It seems like you were so worried about people feeling forced to run high MPs that you went way too far the other way and now we’re all forced to run lower MPs.
Lylirra: It may not be that extreme, but we certainly think that our original goal (and current goal, to be fair) of “don’t create a reward system that forces players into the higher MP levels” may have been a little too successful.

While the goal is still a good one to keep, we’re looking at ways to balance the reward structure better for the top end, specifically in terms of XP, so that players who want to play at the higher MP levels — because that’s the challenge level they enjoy — don’t feel super penalized for doing so.

It would take like 5 minutes to make the other 3 acts worth playing.
Lylirra: No, that’s not really how that works. =/

Even so, we’ve definitely heard your concerns and feedback about mob density in certain Acts, and are examining ways for how that might be improved. We don’t really have any more information to share at this time, though (but the discussion is absolutely on our radar).

That last fan comment is something I’ve been giving thought to lately, since once you’re really doing farming runs it becomes very evident how vastly superior Act 3 is. I can clear Act 1 or Act 2 on MP1 just as quickly as Act 3 on MP0, and the item drops have the same potential, but since the monster density and boss frequency is so much lower in Act 1 and 2 (and Act 4) I always feel like I’m wasting my time anywhere but Act 3, knowing I’m killing monsters/gaining loot at about 1/4th the pace I could be.

I’m sure there’s a more elegant fix, but if nothing else they could just like, double the number of monsters in Acts 1 and 2. Maybe only on MP1 or higher, so new, under-geared characters into Inferno wouldn’t get overwhelmed?

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19 thoughts on “Monster Power Should Reward More XP?

    • can’t edit so ..
      if they just made MP stand for MultiPlayer instead of Monster Power then it would be fine

      public games with 1 player default to MP 0
      public games with 2 players default to MP 1
      public games with 3 player default to MP 2
      public games with 4 player default to MP 3

      same bonuses apply as now: monster health increases, monster damage increases, xp increases, gf mf increases …

  1. Shouldn’t the ideal goal be to have all MP levels provide the same reward, so that you get the same amount of items/XP per hour regardless of whether you prefer killing smaller numbers of hard mobs or larger numbers of easy mobs?

    Yes, I am aware of the potential balance conumdrums and I recognize that the MP system is primarily there to offer players varying degrees of difficulty rather than a linear reward structure. Still, surely it’s clear that in a game that revolves more around maximizing your rewards than challenging yourself with PvE content, the former gameplay aspect of the system is going to matter the most to most players, and should therefore be prioritized over the latter when it comes to balancing the system in question?

    • Making rewards equivalent is what I believe their goal was. Obviously that falls short. The “bonus item” needs to apply to everything a pack or boss drops. So on MP10 if a boss would normally drop 7 items, it should drop 14. And for XP all they have to do is scale it with the %hp modifier. They did this successfully up til MP5 and then it falls behind. 160% at MP10 should be 340% bonus XP.

    • I do believe this is what they were trying to achieve. I also believe that it is impossible to do it. There is always going to be an optimal path for xp and for MF. My suggestion is to make low MP better for one and higher MP better for the other. Obviously making it equal throughout would be ideal, i just don’t see that ever realistically happening.

      I for one would like more of a choice when it came to MP. I have way more fun on the higher MP levels, but i never play them because MF and xp are way better at mp0. If for example xp farming was better at low mp but mf was better at high mp, at least then I could log on and say to myself, “ok I want to farm paragon more efficiently” so i set it to mp0, or “ok i want to mf more efficiently” so i set it to mp8.

      This route has its own set of problems but I think it would be leaps and bounds better than the current situation.

  2. i still think the lack of randomization for Monsters (including Monster density) and dungeons is the biggest problem.

    I hate walking 1-2 minutes without finding a single championpack – or even a pack larger than 5 mobs which is worth shooting at for that matter …

    I also wouldnt mind if Monsters of other Acts made guest appearances in later difficulties. sure bring cultists and
    Abomination into Act 3 – i don’t really care that they were not actually involved in the “rich storyline” of the Siege of the wall. i just want to have fun and not feel like gauging my eyes out from playing the exact same scenario every _EVERY_ damn time.

  3. The xp bonus of the higher MP is indeed bad, should at least double the bonuses you get right now probably even more.

  4. ramp up the experience curve for later paragon levels by a lot and link monster experience to monster health in some way. Maybe 1:1 (experience % : health %) is a little drastic but it just feels wrong now. If i am having to do 33x the damage to kill a fallen on mp10 compared to mp1 giving me 2.6x the experience just doesn’t seem fair.

  5. Monster System was great idea for Enchance end game but they fail this its undrewarding and useless . YOu should get more items droped more xp …

    its only for challenge but who will play challenge for months?? some ppl try it 2-3 times and when done they back to mp1-3 farming

    they kill diablo 3 with this decision and not only about this

    now bot got more chance for better drops than you he farm 24/7 so you are foced buy items from RMAH and gold
    Common ppl dont got any advantego compared to botters there alwasy was some chance in RPG/mmos becasuse you can farm harder instance and places with better rewards what was mostly impossible for botters

  6. That why Path of exile will own diablo3. Path of exile will have end gaming & Ladders & PVP and of curse diffcultys =)

  7. XP bonus should scale the same (or nearly the same) as monster health trough MP levels. It makes perfect sense, then no one would be forced to play any particular level, since xp reward per time spent would be same on all levels. MF/GF bonuses should also scale similary, i dont see why should that make players feel forced to play higher MP levels, since rewards per time would be nearly the same.

    And even if reward per time wasnt the same, but slightly in favor of higher MP leves, thats way more natural then to be abnormaly in favor of lover MP levels. Why? Since it will give nice motivation towards slowly but surely moving up trough MP levels, and we would have additional sense of progress while we do so.

    Is anyone else seeing this as perfectly logical solution?

    Current situation is that players are forced (in a ridiculousl degree) to avoid higher MP levels. I mean: 3439% monster health vs 160% xp. Just come on 😀

  8. The real problem is the retarded hp at mp6-10, the xp gain on mp2-5 is smooth in line with the mob hp/dmg imo. Beyond mp5 its retardedly unbalanced. The ppl who can do mp10 have no issues surviving it, but even with really stupid high dps they have issues killing even white mobs in adequate time relative to their dps, and that is no challenge at all! Its boring, it should be the other way round, its rly stupid when they nerfed mp10 dmg on oct 23 and left the 34xx% hp the same!

    My solution is to ramp up exp per mlvl by 10-20%, and lower each hp increase by 50%, and bump up monster dmg in between as it is now and as it was before oct 23!

    So for example mp 10 … 185% exp bonus, 1719% hp, and 310% monster dmg!!!!

  9. It would have been nice if increasing monster density actually increased the difficulty in a significant way. Currently, picking up two elite packs at once can be a little more challenging depending on the affixes, but no amount of trash really poses a threat (aside from lunatics or other “spikey” mobs).

    Unfortunately, the only way I see this working is if they go through all AoE type skills and put a cap on the total number of targets that can be hit (hopefully necessitating emphasis on proper targeting) and through increases in the number of champions/elite members in a pack. Swarming behavior and AI could be improved as well as spawn speed. Mobs climbing up the wall for single file slaughter… silly.

    In general, I’m not all that thrilled that the only ideas for increasing difficulty revolve around increased health and damage. Considering how unimaginative that system is, I can see why the rewards are also lackluster.

  10. If I was able to force the developers to work on something it would be adding crazy new legendary items or working on a totally new game mode aimed at having fun with your character like endless halberd wielding cow waves or storming a randomly generated dungeon where you need to work as a team to destroy certain targets in a set amount of time for a nice reward. Forget PvP just going to be a bunch of tweens running around one shotting each other for lulz. Forget paragon too it’s a boring system that adds no real flavor or distinctiveness to your character. Infernal machine? I think everyone has realized how dumb that is now. I want some build diversity. I want some FUN shit to do with people. I want to see some items that not only compete with current BiS items but also have an added series of meaningful skill bonuses that would prompt people to buy different types of gear and eventually use different skill sets. Fat chance of any of that happening I know.

  11. No need to modify XP rates.
    Just increase number of monster spawned. And maybe, to make things more interesting, size of elite packs.

    More XP, more difficulty, more fun, more reasons to use (currently underused) skills that are effective for multiple targets.

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