Monster Power Nerf De-Hotfixed?

Some players feel they’ve detected an abrupt change in the damage monsters are dealing out, as though the recent Monster Power fix was (accidentally?) rolled back, or that it actually increased monster damage. Blizzard CMs insist that they’ve tested it carefully and that nothing has changed. This being the Internet, official denials only stir the pot, but here’s the debate thus far.

Yesterday, I was annoyed by reflect damage, but I never worried about it. Sometimes I would stop bears for a second and cast toads because it didnt hurt as bad, but that’s about it. I certainly never ran from them, lol.

Today, I am doing everything I can to avoid reflect damage because after casting a couple bears and I am DEAD, lights out. Yesterday I could easily spam most of a mana pool worth of bears before I said ok thats enough for a second.

Also, as I mentioned, my pets are dying today, and they werent yesterday. YEs, this simply cannot be ignored. My pets are dying all the time now, when yesterday they were practically invincible.

Before the MP damage reduction hotfix on the 23rd, I was doin MUCH BETTER than I am now. I know its wierd, and I know it sounds like BS, but its true. EVery word of what I have said is true. I have no clue why. I am hoping I am not alone in this. Everything hurts way more than it should. period.
Lylirra: I just wanted to thank everyone for describing their experiences and reporting to us a possible issue with monster damage when Monster Power is activated. We really appreciate it when you let us know of potential problems affecting the game. /highfive

We’ve investigated the matter thoroughly, however, and have verified that scaling bonuses to monster damage at each level of MP have not changed, and that they are currently using the correct values. Those values are detailed in full in this post. For reference, we’ve not only checked the actual data but have run several tests both in an internal test environment and in the live game, and everything checks out as it should.

We’ll continue to monitor this thread and your reports over the weekend and will follow-up if needed. As a reminder, though, if you believe you may have encountered a bug while playing, please be sure to post in the Bug Report forum so that our QA team can investigate.

thanks for the confirmation =)
Lylirra: Apologies for it taking so long, but thank you again for all the reports. We just wanted to double-check all the values to make sure everything was working correctly — or, on the flip side, know for a fact that it wasn’t — before we weighed in.

So everyone is just making this up now? I never come and [email protected]#$% on forums but there has been a change. I just started playing from 1.02 but blizzard just when I was starting to like this game again you go do your typical crap. When the next patch comes out I will just remember that last time and move on. Killed the game because of greed.
Lylirra: According to all of our tests, the damage values haven’t changed. But, like I said, we’re going to continue monitoring the issue and your posts over the weekend just in case there’s something else affecting your experience.

Ok let me explain:

  • Patch 1.0.5 live MP 1-10 available (Blizz messed up the damage reduction here so)
  • Bam “hotfix” ( Fighting these became easy Like super easy)
  • Patch 1.0.5a — This was supposed to fix some bugs. But infact it messed up the last hotfix and it went back to how 1.0.5 was when it was released.

  • Lylirra: This is exactly what we tested, and our analysis thus far has provided no evidence that the hotfix was “messed up” or reverted as a result of 1.0.5a. The damage values we implemented via hotfix are currently the damage values being used by monsters right now when MP is enabled.

    We’re not calling anyone delusional or wrong for reporting a different experience; we’re simply saying that the scaling bonus to monster damage at each level MP is (according to all the data we have) where it’s supposed to be, and that it hasn’t changed since Tuesday.

    That said, even though there’s no evidence of a bug at this time, we’re continuing to monitor reports and feedback over the weekend and will investigate further if necessary.

    Anyone else want to throw their anecdote into the ring? I haven’t noticed any change between the patches, but 1) I’m mostly playing a DH and thus very seldom get hit, and 2) I’m self found so I’m not on MP3+ to really notice a difference in the scaling monster damage anyway.

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    39 thoughts on “Monster Power Nerf De-Hotfixed?

    1. Did they lower Legendary drop chance, too? I’m rolling through monster level and am not finding anything since the hotfix – max mf.

      • Yea getting 20 legendaries after patch day and 2 and now finding barely 1-2 legendaries after hours of farming is certainly shady. I am tired of Rng is Rng argument, Blizzard is messing with drops…

      • What you are experiencing is the item drop dependency from the auction house. After every major patch, you find lots of good stuff for a short while until the market is saturated. Then diminishing returns kick in to maintain a “stable economy”. The solution to this BS: Bring back the ladder to Diablo 3.

        • Not sure I completely buy the lack of drops is tied to anything other than RNG (odd I found 2 set items day after patch then none since though), but I do agree they need to bring back ladders. I have seen a huge decrease in ring components from the ubers (organs?). Found 2 parts in last 18 uber runs at mp7. RNG sure is a bitch I guess. First few days after patch I got a part every other run.

          Have noticed no difference in damage playing on mp7 this last week.

          • Throwing in my own subjective experiences, I’ve never had a lucky streak immediately after ANY patch. But since 1.05 I’ve been finding a steady 1-2 legendaries every day. The most I found in one day was 4 legendaries and that was 2 days ago…
            I’m really loving the new drop rates, and I’ve already found more legendaries post patch (16) than I did since realease day (14).
            I think people just come up with these conspiracy theories to try and explain away their bad luck.

    2. The day they put the hotfix in to make MP a bit easier I did notice on my wizard that I seemed to die more. I wasn’t doing anything different in my runs and I was using the same MP level as the day before the fix. So why I dying so much more all the sudden? I don’t accept that it was just a bad night of gaming as it just happened over and over. I kinda feel like something somewhere isn’t calculating like they think it is.

    3. No difference here too, rng really messes with people’s heads. Found 13 legs yesterday so I could start whining about ridiculously high drop rates since 1.05a too. Let’s just pray to the rng gods and get used to the new, higher mp levels we’re playing on. Amen!

        • Yes, I for one run the better parts of act 3 on mp0.
          A full round is around 30 minutes and 20-25M xp, with 1-2 legendaries on average. For example the last one was 2 windforces, a fragment of destiny and that friggin ivory tower in 30 minutes.

          If you have max mf and kill reasonably fast 10+ legendaries in 3-4 hours is not even that rare.

    4. Given the choice between:

      (a)Blizzard is lying to us about manipulating the game behind the scenes as part of a diabolical plan to peeve us all off for no readily apparent reason, something for which I’m not aware of any evidence,


      (b)Humans have a tendency to see patterns that aren’t there in randomness, leading to superstitions, seeing religious figures on their grilled cheese sandwiches, etc., something for which there is abundant scientific evidence,

      I’m going to go with (b).

      • You forgot (c): D3 devs took a look at the code and saw the correct numbers were inputted, therefore the conclusion is that everything is fine. Unfortunately they don’t actually playtest any of the crap they put out and cannot see that armor, resistances, or *something* is broken as even trash mobs suddenly have massive burst damage.

        I posted in this thread on the official forums with a clear example of the change. In 1.0.5 I spent some time farming the Act 4 keywarden for his drop and had issues with his flame attack which did massive damage over a few seconds at 8k-ish a tick. In 1.0.5 on the same MP3 difficulty it is now doing 11k-ish a tick. No change in gear or skills.

    5. I have yet to see any evidence they are not messing with the drop rates at any given time, besides them saying they are not. And yes, I do believe there was more to JFK being assassinated than one guy with a rifle.

      • I have yet to see any evidence they are not killing kittens and sodomizing grizzly bears at any given time, besides them saying they are not.

      • What you’re doing is called arguing from ignorance. When it comes to extraordinary claims such as yours, the default position is to not accept the claim until there’s sufficient evidence in support of it. Ergo, the burden of proof is on the party making the claim, meaning it’s up to YOU to prove your claim and not up to Blizzard to disprove it. Good luck!

        • Yeah, it’s like this rock here that magically keeps tigers away. I don’t see any tigers around. (Sadly it has a double meaning since I’m in Detroit…)

    6. I still have to see evidence that they ARE messing with drop rates… innocent until proven guilty, etc…

      Also, as a barb I have a much easier time after the hotfix and patch 1.05a than before on MP.

    7. Did a bunch of solo key runs today on MP3 just like I have been doing since before the hot fix and after the hot fix and nothing seems any harder at all. Fought two packs in a row with Reflects Damage right after reading this news item in fact and I am sure they weren’t any different than they’ve been since the latest hotfix.

      Randomness in magic finding isn’t always a consistent thing. You are always going to have hot and cold streaks. Just because you find all kinds of great stuff one day and then the next day you find nothing doesn’t mean it’s not random. You have to average it out over the long haul, not just look at a narrow sample. In fact, if anything that actually proves it’s random, not the other way around.

    8. What Blizzard needs is five people, one for each class, who’s job it is to play the game all day. Not TEST the game, but PLAY it as we do, grinding paragon levels, doing keyruns and mfing. This would give Blizzard a much more valuable feedback than all the flaming forum posts and tests that they run combined.

      • How do you know they’re not already doing exactly that? The community staff constantly post about their experiences playing the game.

    9. “We really appreciate it when you let us know of potential problems affecting the game. /highfive”

      stupid biatch, I’m really starting to hate that cow, we’ve been yelling at you since release THE biggest (potential) problems that are affecting the game to this day and you just laugh in our faces

    10. No change for me either. I even switched to mp6 after buying a cheap tal armor for my wiz. Drops still the same, like 1 legendary every 1:30-2 h.

    11. Well, I want to believe I’m just on an unlucky streak for 6-7 days (same goes to my pals), but we don’t really find legendaries as much as last weekend.

    12. I suppose everyone can do easy test to confirm it.

      Just look at dmg table before and after hotfix.

      For example MP7 before – MP7: 189.96% (down from 250%) is similar to MP10 after hotfix MP10: 250.09% (down from 371%) or at least it should be. So in my case i should “easly” do MP10 now – becouse i did MP7 earlier, unfortunately it’s not a case here – i die pretty quickly on mp10 even from white mobs.

    13. Reflect damage is 20% regardless of MP level, and its dependant on a players damage not a monsters dmg. So OP chose retarded way of presenting his case. So he probably got more dps and less life leech since the hotfix, and thus thinks monsters are doing more dmg than before, what a tool haha.

      Having said that, I have not felt any dificulty nerf in mp5/6, and I agree with what l. said I tried mp7/8 which is same as mp5/6 in ptr, and I found them to be much tougher ….

    14. found like 2 sets between a few days playing only MP1.. now over a week not a single legendary or anything even playing MP3 cause my barb is too weak and still find crap.. its like they lower or whatever 🙁 the drops just sucks no matter how high mf u got.

    15. I mean, what motivation would they have for doing this?

      If they wanted the monster damage to be higher, presumably they would have just left it higher in the first place instead of hotfixing it down again.

    16. Things I noticed playing a barbarian.
      1. In never felt reflect dmg before, I did now but not on all mobs.
      2. I was satisfied with legendaries drop in 1.04, and since 1.05 the drop significantly increased. But since the patch last week the lefendaries for me are virtually non existent.
      3. Funny thing happened doing the uberbosses also. I went there with a friend having 3 infernal machines on MP3. We both got 4 key parts doing 3 runs. Yesterday we were doing MP4 with 6 infernal machines, only 1 key part dropped. It might be RNG but it certainly doesn’t feel like it.

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