Monster Power Damage Reduced

The hotfix is scheduled to drop tomorrow morning, so get your masochistic tendencies in before they tone the damage down. Personally, as a DiabloWikiDemon Hunter that associates one hit to death, it’ll make the process of farming beyond Monster Power 7 a tad bit easier. To all those that are part of the 1% elite Barbarians able to take on MP 10, this end-game will not be so exclusive.

As the title suggests, we’re going to be reducing the amount of damage monsters do in Inferno whenever DiabloWikiMonster Power is enabled. Before I detail what’s changing, though, let me first explain why we’re making some adjustments.

When we originally designed and implemented the bonus values for monster damage in Inferno, we were unaware that a bug was causing monster abilities (i.e. Rare and Champion affixes) to not scale correctly with each Monster Power level. While this bug was caught during testing and did not make it into the game, the result of it being fixed meant that monster damage — specifically damage done by monster abilities — was ultimately higher at MP1 through MP10 than we intended it to be when 1.0.5 released.

So, to bring monster damage back in line with our original goals for the system, we’re implementing a hotfix that will reduce the scaling bonus to monster damage in Inferno difficulty by approximately 25% for all Monster Power levels.

Here are the new damage values that will be hotfixed in for each MP setting:

  • MP1: 109.60% (down from 114%)
  • MP2: 120.12% (down from 130%)
  • MP3: 131.65% (down from 148%)
  • MP4: 144.29% (down from 169%)
  • MP5: 158.14% (down from 193%)
  • MP6: 173.32% (down from 220%)
  • MP7: 189.96% (down from 250%)
  • MP8: 208.20% (down from 285%)
  • MP9: 228.18% (down from 325%)
  • MP10: 250.09% (down from 371%)

Please note that these changes will only apply to monster damage in Inferno difficulty. Monsters in Normal, Nightmare, and Hell will be unaffected and continue to use their current values.

This hotfix is currently scheduled to be released tomorrow morning during normal Tuesday maintenance in the Americas, which means the new bonus damage values in Inferno will take affect once the game servers come back online.

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25 thoughts on “Monster Power Damage Reduced

  1. Hmmm, easy than before. Perhaps too easy? It was kind of fun killing Ubers on MP7. Perhaps it is time to up our game a bit.

  2. Yeah, so this means I can move up from MP 4 to MP 6. Question is, at 60,000 DPS unbuffed, do I want to?

    • Probably not. With my paltry 45K DPS I run MP3 solo because Elites in MP4 take to long to kill. Luckily, I don’t play solo often and run MP4 / MP5 with friends. I play tank, they kill. Works pretty well and now with the incoming damage nerf I should be able to tank higher than MP5. Solo though, I will stick with MP3 until I find upgrades.

  3. Hope they find a way to hotfix the staff of herding plan issue – it can’t be dropped or salvaged. I think you have to create a new char, move the plan to his inventory and delete it. Since my lowest level mule is clvl 55, not an option 🙂

    More on topic: I “quitted” DH when a lacuni firebomb one-shotted me on may. That’s why I avoid playing DH and admire HC DH – sometimes you just die, like Sonic without rings or small Mario.

    I never dared to test MP1+ on inferno with my rogues, since I was/am busy with alternates and achievements. On the other hand, it was very necessary on hell diff (actually, act4 nm and beyond) and normal diff for levellers.

    I’m levelling mrs. Barb, the last alternate. After you reach Lvl 44 and get your cool red. lvl. req. weapons, nm MP10 is a joke up to act 4, except for act 3 keywarden (I zerged him 3x, but he died too). Judging by the auction house, a lot more people are levelling new chars/alternates. Maybe not insanely, as I am…

    • why does everyone ignore the most simple way of destroying bound items?

      drop it on the ground and exit the game… *face palm*

    • not really the answer you are looking for… but you can create a new character, put the plan in that characters inventory, then delete the character.

  4. “While this bug was caught during testing and did not make it into the game,”

    then why not make it known in the patch notes when 1.05 was released ?

  5. Okay, so where’s the tinfoil hat brigade to rage that this is clearly a nerf and that the bug fix cover story is BS and this is obviously just a plot to boost the RMAH transaction rate?

    It can’t be that that only happens when there’s a change that makes the game harder….?

    • God knows… maybe its not that reason, maybe its just that the number of people who care about D3 is droping more and more… Lot of interesting things came out recently – Borderlands 2, new X-COM, WoW MoP. These are harsh competitors. It fits even with this new measure – the diff nerf to rise the RMAH turnovers(?) Well, God knows…

    • This is a nerf, not a bug. Its cool, 250% at mp10 is still strong.

      So what flux, you believe all this ‘bug’ crap? You really think vault TOC was a bug? Or hellfire ring?

      They really mean to tell me that NOT A SINGLE PERSON at Blizz hq tried hellfire ring JUST ONCE to see if, for example, the animation was correct, amongst other things? And they never noticed the 1-5 mln crit numbers? Please, who you taking for a complete idiot?

      You know what a bug is, or rather, how it really escapes testing? Its something that happens to some players once in a while, like for example invisible molochs and act 2 keywarden immortality … then players report it to blizz and they do nothing about it until 5 patches later. THAT is a bug.

      And quit it with the tinfoil hat comments, just cuz some people arent so easily led and not ready to believe everything doesnt make them idiots.

      • He didn’t say they were.Put your axe away for a second and read what he said not what you wish he had said so you could jump down his throat.

    • Hmm no, we’re so far down the road of ‘do these people actually have the slightest idea of what they’re doing?’ that cleverly disguised machinations to fuel AH revenue don’t come into mind anymore when something that’s supposed to have received meticulous testing and fine-tuning for months turns out to be 25% off. Completely out of tinfoil, sorry. 😉

  6. Not really sure what to think of the change. It just feels like they keep adding systems designed to provide a challenge but then go ahead and nerf and/or make them easier in other ways. Just because the mob dmg is lower doesn’t mean I want to up the MP level when the bonus health they receive is so significant. Likely sticking to MP3-4, might do MP5-6 if I’m only doing a keyrun. How about hotfix Tempest Rush rubberbanding..

  7. They already explained why they’re reducing the damage (other than it was a bug). Simply put, it’s much more fun to work on increasing your dps than your EHP. That’s why monster health scales much more than monster damage as you increase MP level.

    I totally agree with that philosophy.

  8. Knew it was coming, kinda hoping it wouldnt.. This game is getting just easier and easier, I was farming mp5-6 on my monk hoping to be able to farm mp10 one day, now I probably could do mp8-9 with some difficulty(though I wont for now). Monster health does not produce any difficulty at a certain point, so this is pretty much a 33% difficulty decrease in the entire end game

  9. The walls will be DPS walls now. However, efficiency will still reside in the lower MPs. You’re just gonna be able to do your best farming feeling safer. So, in fact, your efficiency in farming might go up if you drop more defense for DPS and maybe in THAT sense, you can move up an MP or two.

  10. The idea of nerfing monster powers just boggles my minds. Its there for challenge, why nerf challenge?!?

  11. i dont know why they did this, it is really more fun to play when its challenging.
    does anyone know is this live in EU or it will be tomorrow?

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