We have seven short videos demonstrating various skills with high level runes placed in them. They are predominantly Monk and Witch Doctor but there will be more videos coming tomorrow.

    You’ll get a better view if you hit the expand button, bottom right of the video player. I’ve put just the first one on the front page to keep load times down. If you want to see them all just click the ‘Read More’ button.
    The is the DiabloWikiMonk using DiabloWikiDeadly Reach with an Indigo rune making it into DiabloWikiPiercing Trident which causes the second and third strike of the skill to have an increased area of effect. Also increases skill damage to 212% of weapon damage.


    You either love it or hate it but this is the DiabloWikiWitch Doctor using DiabloWikiPlague of Toads with an Obsidian rune making it into DiabloWikiToad of Hugeness which summons a giant toad that swallows enemies whole for up to 5 seconds, digesting for 90% of your weapon damage per second as Physical.


    This is the DiabloWikiMonk using DiabloWikiLashing Tail Kick with an Alabaster rune making it into DiabloWikiScorpion Sting which instead of knocking enemies back, will stun enemies for 3 seconds.


    This is the DiabloWikiMonk using DiabloWikiLashing Tail Kick with a Crimson rune making it into DiabloWikiVulture Claw Kick which strikes all nearby enemies for 312% weapon damage as Fire damage and knock them back.


    The DiabloWikiWizard using DiabloWikiSpectral Blade with a Crimson rune making it into DiabloWikiDeep Cuts which increases bleed by +45% over 3 seconds.


    The DiabloWikiWizard uses DiabloWikiSpectral Blade with a Golden rune making it into DiabloWikiSiphoning Blade which grants Arcane Power on hitting.


    Finally, here is the DiabloWikiWizard again using DiabloWikiSpectral Blade but with an Indigo rune making it intoDiabloWikiThrown Blade which extends the blades’ reach to everything within 20 yards


    These are recorded using the beta emulator server so this may not be how the skill and its rune effect end up in the final retail version of the game. This is also why the monsters aren’t attacking. Big thanks go to Risingred for recording all of these.

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