Monk, Witch Doctor and Wizard Rune Videos

We have three new videos today. We are showcasing runed skills of three classes, DiabloWikiMonk, DiabloWikiWitch Doctor and DiabloWikiWizard. The basic skill is demoed in a fight and then the runed version. As well as the skills you get to see the new skill interface, which I have to say, having used whilst maxing out 3 further characters since my Journal video other day, is still a little cumbersome to use.

After the break for the Monk and Wizard videos.

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  1. They have a toggle for advanced tooltips now. You don’t have to hold ctrl or whatever anymore.

  2. I was having some doubts, but after watching Wizard video, it is certain, Wizard is amazing class and he will definatly be my main class. So many ways to kill demons, Eloctrocute and Arcane Nova are both amazing.

  3. So, how do you make the sound of bile passing out one’s mouth as one is being sick. Does it go something like “bleeeeeeearrrrgh”.

  4. Wizard will also be my main class. It has so much style.
    But also WD and Monk looks very interesting. The only class that is boring for me, is the babarian. But I think I will at least give him a try. 🙂

  5. I can’t get it. What is the purpose of the cooldown. It looks like the best way to break the pace of the fight.

  6. don’t like the LAG in the monk video…they should seriously resolve this problem…even for the mid-low range of bandwidth connections

  7. The monk looks more promising than i eventually thought, might actually use it. Is it you that’s lagging in the monk video or are the skills that slow to hit? That would be a big let down. Wizard seems a bit OP to me, guess i’ll not start with that. Doubting between the DH and the monk.

  8. I like that blindness debuff is now little golden glowy balls.  Normally they are dark orbs that you never can see due to backgrounds.

  9. Damn.  I was never one of those people griping about the color palette; however, the Wiz vid at 1:10 is a bit much.

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