Monk Spotlight Video Revealed

Following up on the past spotlight videos for the Demon Hunter and Barbarian IGN posted the Monk Spotlight video today. As with the Demon Hunter vid this shows some parts from the 2D “storybook” style class intro cinematic, concept art, plus a bunch of gameplay videos, all set to some informative narration. The footage contains nothing new and is taken from from from Acts 1 and 2, except a scene from Act 3 right at the end.

What is interesting is if you look at the 2min 22 sec mark we have the new UI BUT in the inventory there is not only some gems but 2 unattuned runes as well. Old video footage or will we still see runes in some form in the game?

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102 thoughts on “Monk Spotlight Video Revealed

    • I would love to see animations for the monk using a staff weapon, at least.  Anyone ever play a friar back in DaoC?  A madly twirling staff in his hands would look awesome with some of these combat animations.

  1. It’s an old footage, look at the left corner of the UI, it has got “DPS” instead of “Damage”

  2. Yep, I understand that close combat skills involving kicks or magical elements should remain the same regardles off weapon being wielded. but IMO the Monk should have 1 Animation for fists, 1 for single handed weapons and 1 for staffs.

    Fingers crossed they manage to jazz up the Monk in later levels, this character is kinda dull forthe first 13 lvls available in the beta, although he has improved since patch 16, maybe this character is a late bloomer?

    • There is at least one skill that changes for weapons used. Dashing Strike changes it’s animation with the actual attack depending on what weapons you have equipped. Notice that if you use a fist weapon in one hand and a normal 1h weapon in the other, you will always show the fist weapon in the left hand no matter which hand you actually place it in on the inventory window. That is because Dashing Strike has you punch with the fist weapon in the left hand.

  3. not even a pro spotlight vid can make the Monk look even remotely interesting. crappiest choice to ever disgrace a Diablo game. used to think the Paladin was the crappiest but there’s always something stooping lower

    • Well since you think that stating your opinions make them fact, I will counter by saying that the monk is the most interesting melee class they have ever put into a Diablo game. There, now my opinion has been stated, and has thus become fact and your opinion has become stupidity and lies. Oh wait… you didn’t need me for that.

      • where do I say my opinion is fact? I’m stating my PERSONAL opinion……retard. you need me to add “opinion” tags next time? you may think you’re someone important around here, but know what I do with YOUR opinion? I wipe a monkey’s ass with it, along with your 14 alternate accounts you needed to “recommend” your stupid, utterly misinformed post.

        how’s that for facts?

    • Monk is the only class returning from the original franchise (hellfire, son). If you want to play noob toons like the barb then have fun. At least the monk will have challenge.

    • Personally i think u must be a moron because the pally always rules not my fave but it still rules and u shouldnt be disgraceing the pally

  4. The monk looks crap. A far cry from their ambition during the Blizzcon panel “Making it cool”. Also the stupid animation with weapons popping in and out is inexcusable.

    • So the entire class is crap because they didn’t feel like delaying the game more to make more animations for the monk skills? Nice logic… By the way, the same thing happens with almost every Wizard and WD skill as well. The only reason it doesn’t happen with the barb and DH skills is because they mostly use the regular attack animations already.

        • Vinnie, nevermind him. he’s suffering from critical sperm build up, doesn’t know what to do with it and he’s taking his frustrations out on everyone else. Hellfire here’s a hint, [FACT] go get laid [\FACT].

  5. This is an extremly fun class to play. I dont know how did they manage to make such a bad video for him. Was this made by incompetent Blizzard PR scum? He looks so slow and powerless. People who made the video had no idea how to play the class… any monk fan with some common sense would make a far better video and these people whose JOB is to make promotional stuff make this. Video is ok because its difficult to make anything D3 related that completly sucks but they could have done a much better job. I really like the drawings at the beginning though!

    • I agree, I noticed the same effect with the other official Blizzard videos that show ingame footage. Not only doesn’t the footage show off the skills and feel of the character very well, but they somehow manage to have all vids run with terrible fps as well. Heck, most youtube videos of the beta look a lot smoother and more impressive.

      Anyway, I really like the monk’s playstyle and animations so I can’t wait to give him a try come release.

    • Don’t fret. Making him look awesome is up to us. I don’t mind if there’ll only be few Monks at launch.

      Once people encounter excellent Monk players, they’ll be longing to keep up.

  6. So I am the only one that thought the video was cool and the monk is a good choice ?

    Tbh , this video made me think of choosing Monk as main , although I have to wait to see the Witch Doctor , I am sure the Witch Doctor’s video is gonna kick ass and get me confused again about which character to main , so far Demon Hunter seems the only class I won’t consider as main eventhough when it was announced I was very sure that I would pick it up , but I didn’t like the skills of the class after watching so many videos. Oh well , I just have to get to that create a character screen and make my choice then and I am sure I won’t regret my choice no matter which I pick because this game is gonna be amazing.

  7. I can’t still figure out why they choised a monk before a shiny pally class with big armors, shild and sword. I have tryed to play monk in patch 15 and 16 but never manage to go for a full playthrow because the class is just so unintressted and boring to play. 
    What do you nerd’s think? 

    • That you’re an idiot. I’d say the paladin is much less interesting. In fact, I’d say every D2 class is much less interesting. If you want to play a sword and shield class then equip a shield on your mindless barb and have at it.
      P.S. Learn to spell.

      • I wish i was born in an English speaking country so i could express my self perfectly, but im sorry im not.
        I do like the barb class and i will prob do a shield build. But i still miss an shield oriented class with defensive ability like a paladin, warrior, templar or what ever the class should and be called. But for you’r knowledge, i don’t want a rip-off paladin ala d2 or wow. And i don’t like the way the monk has been given that roll.

        But that’s just my opinion and u dont have to agree, but call me an idiot and just being rude because u dont is just childish.

        • I’m sorry, but how are we supposed to know that you weren’t born in English speaking country, I highly doubt  that anyone here is psychic. I also don’t live in English speaking country, but I do my best to write as a coherent and sensible reply as possible. This is English speaking site and anyone visiting and, especially, posting, has to meet certain standard of English language knowledge. One of the things I like the most about this site is relative civilness of the visitors. This isn’t IGN or YouTube or such similiar site where the rule of thumb seems to be, write as incoherent and hate-filled reply as possible and be popular and “kewl”. One of the things I like the most about this site is that it is possible to have civil conversation   with people here, with actually proper grammar. If this sites degenerates because of idiots (not accusing you of being one) I will probably stop coming here. 

          PS. if you are having problems with spelling of English words, simply google the word, and Google should give you the correct spelling and several online dictionaries that will give you proper spelling and all possible meanings of that word. 

          • That was why wrote it. I can assume that non speaking people aint a rarity on this site so sometimes it would not be that hard to guess. But i might be wrong? I can see lot of foreigners replies on Swedish forums with bad written grammar and lot of errors in there spelling, but when i read that i understand that they are not from around and just let it pass as long as i understand the context.  

            And yes, my first post maybe wasn’t the greatest i have posted. 
            Anyway, this nerd is now out for the day 😉  

          • Rädda Joppe, död eller levande!

            It wasn’t at all that bad Mr. Joppe. As long as you post something meaningful I don’t think most people care. As it happens, there are lots of spelling and grammatic errors in articles posted by the site-runners as well, but that doesn’t keep me from enjoying them.

            And for those of you scrutinizing this post, I’m not a native speaker myself, so no point in going there…

          • @JoppE Sadly, in the current state of the internet, there are a lot of native English speakers who write without care for grammar or spelling, so merely the fact that a post looks like it was written by a 3rd grader isn’t enough to conclude that the poster isn’t native speaker.

            I guess my point is and was that we, you, I and posters in general, should actually make an effort to write coherent and readable posts, and not garbled garbage that one might find on certain other sites. It helps the debate, and keeps hate levels low, at least in my experience, if posters actually have a grasp of English grammar, there is less mindless insulting and less blind hate, and more nice debate, which is good for development of healthy community.

      • Up until this point I had your back… but man just relax. I like the monk too, but it’s just a game. Don’t take it so personally.

      • P.S. Learn how to argue a point without resorting to ad hominem and condescending remarks. 

      • I was achilly agreeing with you most the way but you are truly being a total dick for no reason and for your info D2 is a great game jackass

  8. The trailer aint giving the monk waht he deserves.
    The video should’ve explain how his combo attacks works and that he has a huge ammount of defensive and mobility skills available, isntead of showing the same 2-3 attacks over and over
    I agree that the monk aint perfect, but he is extremly fun to play. The only things that seem off about him ingame are the spirit costs/efficiency factor (wave of light too expensive, etc).

  9. Looks like they showed off the Wave of Light that shoots in all directions and also a runed version of the Retribution mantra in there… It’s an ok video, but I agree with IgorAl that it could have been better.
    Side note: All those that recommend Solomon’s post should get punched in the face by a 10th degree black belt… I look forward to the day when the arenas are patched in and you all die repeatedly to the awesomeness of the monk. 😆

    • When I read his posts I just read the exact opposite of what he spells out. It actually makes sense then!

    • I liked them just so you could rage a little more. It’s kinda funny =)
      But don’t worry, I liked your post as well. <3

  10. I wouldn’t call new footage of areas we can’t explore in the beta, including footage of never-before-seen rune effects ‘nothing new’.  =/

    And @Solomon – this is far from a pro spotlight vid, unfortunately =/. 

    • I thought it was great to see some of the new environments showcased in this video. Perhaps people who are displeased are focusing too much on the monk himself – whose skills we’ve already seen – and should instead look a bit more at the surroundings and monsters in the video.

    • He’s just not very interesting to watch like a Wizard or Barbarian. It’s different when you’re the one behind the mouse.

      • Interesting to see a vid like that.  Who does the voice overs/narrations to the clips?  I think the clip with the runes in it…were ancient…prolly back in 09 or early 10…and semi functional.  We won’t see runes ever agian…short of playing d2…which I admit I am atm.  More then likely some new system will be introduced in the first patch.  More then likely…a 2 year wait……uhg…I hope!

    • Perhaps a different S word? 🙂
      P.S. my captcha is “tickled pink…” oh man that’s great on two levels!

  11. I’m not sure, but if I’m not mistaken the monk used to have a limited array of weapons at his disposition, like claws and staves, before Blizz decided to go free for all. Also changes in the game design related to skills, combos and the old skill tree may have hurted this character more than the others due to his specific nature.
    I think the concept of the monk class is (or at least was) awesome, but Blizz managed to reduce the fun of the class itself with their 15 year old teen aproach of, now this, oh no that one, ok let’s go back to the old one iteration system. I’d prefer the monk of a couple years ago with all the restrictions it had, that looked like a D2 assassin on steroids than the one we’ll get, but that’s what it is.
    Anyway I’m still between the WD and the monk for my first char.

    • “the monk used to have a limited array of weapons at his disposition, like claws and staves, before Blizz decided to go free for all.”
      True, the range of weapons usable by the monk increased, but it’s still far from a free for all. You can use the official item database to look at the item restrictions:

  12. I also find this video worse than two previous ones.
    It shows too much low level stuff, low monster density, nothing new and special. Maybe because a lot was already revealed about higher level monk in that old blizzcon monk videos. 

  13. Having not been privy to the beta and not seeing as much as you pro’s I enjoyed the vid a lot as reinforced my decision that its going to be my focus at least until the expansion characters are reveled. That doesn’t mean I’ll be playing it a lot sadly since there’s always going to be one class that is better for magic finding. I’m just hoping like hell it’ll be the monk.

  14. You can really tell this video was rushed, think monk will be the last class i get to 60 as none of the skills wow me. The barb video was much better.

  15. 2:26, first time we see wortham burning. Also notice the change to his plate chest piece, unless it’s a bug: the necklace beads no longer show on the character, just on the icon.

  16. Monks were the last class I’ve been testing during beta. Originally, I didn’t find myself compelled to play them at all but, much to my suprise, they turned pretty well. Their playstyle is somewhat swift and fluid, much like playing a barbarian feels powerful when you see your enemies’ corpses fly across the screen.

    What I don’t like about them is the voice acting; that accent is completely over the top in my opinion. As is that Wave of Light signature spell effect in particular – generally, I find there’s too much fireworks going on with a monk on the screen. They’re meant to be martial arts fighters with some holy magic facets. Those finishing moves that you actually accumulate spirit for just can’t visually stand out much when every single simple strike causes big, colourful and flashy light effects – it’s just too much disco in the end.

  17. wow, its getting hostile around here.  this vid does nothing to make me want to play the monk, playing him in the beta did though. after playing beta i have found all 5 classes to be fun, and each in a different (even if only slightly) way

  18. I think the missing animation discussion is far more interesting than the video itself. Honestly, whenever I show the game to a person who is not a diablo nerd he is is quite irritated by this particular “design choice”.
    It’s just so counter intuitive and looks so forced.. as if after designing those cool looking skills they remembered that game actually allows players to pick weapons. 

  19. Well, this is something Blizz can put in their ToDo list for the first expansion – add weapon animations for Monk.

  20. As someone who has never played D1 or D2, but is eagerly anticipating D3, I have been leaning towards the Monk as my first character. This video has not altered my perception in any way. 

    I plan on leveling one to 60 on Normal, to get the hang of the class. The Monk’s defensive capabilities, combined with his mobility and healing abilities, along with his fantastic synergy skills for groups makes me thing he will be one of the most desired classes to team up with, even if people don’t want to roll one of their own. That combo will be vital in Hardcore, which I plan on tackling once I feel comfortable with the Class at upper levels and have beat the game on Normal so I have a better idea of what to expect.

    Thus, I am still very excited to try out the Monk.  

    • As far as I know, you cant be level 60 and just beat it on normal. You reach 60 when you have played through normal, nightmare and hell.

  21. Again, the comments the monk made while fighting are dumb.. “You are defeated!”
    Wow. Thanks for making me feel just that much more too old to be playing this game.
    The decision of allowing the monk to hold weapons but never “use” them was absolutely flawed from the very start. Ugh..

  22. Just another sample of Blizzard stressing to push this title, it’s not done by miles. So much more work to do. Besides from that Fact, it’s going to be fun to play D3 and the monk.

  23. Seems like a lot of you guys are going out of your way to find things to complain about in this video. I thought it was pretty well done, though it did nothing to change my opinion of the Monk, who has long been my 4th or 5th class of choice. There is a chance my opinion will change with the full game, with more toys and some difficulty, though. I find him boring and repetitious in the beta, since there’s a lack of impactful spirit spenders early on, and none of his defensive skills are relevant. 

    That said, I’ll repeat what I said about the previous character reveal videos. This isn’t made for “us.” It’s a light teaser for casuals and newcomers. It’s not meant to show amazing new things never before revealed, etc. So complaining that it doesn’t is kind of pointless, though admittedly the Barb vid did show something new, with that huge worm boss at the end.

    I’ll also repeat my comment from the DH vid; the fast-action, strategic chars are harder to make look good in a gameplay movie. Barb or Wiz are easy; just show massive destruction from their OP skills. DH and Monk aren’t brute force destroyers (unless they’re way overleveled for the content). They can kill as fast or faster when played well, but it requires multiple skills used in a row, intelligently, quickly, etc. And for some reason (it would look confusing and rushed to noobs?) Bliz never shows off that sort of combat in their gameplay movies.

    • Wow, Flux.  For the first time in at least 8 months, I agree with something you said.  Generally, you’re complaining and taking a “THE SKY IS FALLING! THE SKY IS FALLING!” approach to this game, but you really hit the nail on the head here.  I’m impressed.

      This video, as Flux stated, isn’t really for anyone experienced with this series.  The video got the job done.  It introduced the class in a way that would make newcomers understand it. 

    • “They can kill as fast or faster when played well, but it requires multiple skills used in a row, intelligently, quickly, etc.”
      A lot of my friends who played D2 online said the reason why they never bother doing the assassin was cause of the lag stuffing up the moves all the time. The quote above has actually been the first thing Ive read about the monk that will probably lead to me playing the barb first instead. Pity the game is online only. 🙁

  24. Did you know that the Monk was in the Hellfire expansion for the original Diablo? 

    Please use English.  

    • One more time: Hellfire was licensed out, and NOT a Bliz game, or considered part of the franchise or lore.

      • The D3 guys have written HF out, but the Bliz North guys who made D2 considered Hellfire canon and part of the series. I had both Dave and Max defend it to me in personal conversation. They didn’t make Hellfire themselves (they were too eager to started on D2) but they were in consultation with the Sierra guys and provided content and tech support.

        Whether they’d still be defending it is unknown, and I thought HF was clearly a notch below D1 in quality, but the current excision of it from the series is pretty debatable.  

  25. Here comes my mainchar, at least he has a lot of skills that stack well together and don’t have those never ending cooldowns…

  26. In the beginning Monk was my clear favourite to play first. I loved the mobility and low cost of Dashing Strike when runed, Seven Sided Strikes, Mantras, Breath of Heaven and even the defensive moves like Inner Sanctuary or Serenity. The problem for me lies with underwhelming spammable moves. Before I go any further, I don’t expect this game to be a carbon copy of D2 and I’m happy with direction they are taking with D3. However, it was fun to spam frozen orb/whirlwind in D2 and all classes bar the Monk still have these kind of moves: Whirlwind + Seismic Slam (barb), Arcane Orb + Hydra (wiz), Strafe + Elemental Arrow + Chakram (dh) Firebomb + Firebats (wd). I feel like Monk has Wave of Light or Seven Sided Strike. Wave of Light you can use once then run out of resources and Seven Sided Strike has a 30 sec CD (unless runed).

  27. I think that anyone that says the Monk does not fit into the Diabloverse should take a quick look, and listen, to the Witch Doctor. Then tell me that the Monk’s over the top.
    The video disappoints me as I have been playing Monk excitedly for the past 6 patches or so. One part that really sticks out at me is the narration was pretty poor in comparison to the other videos. I may be nitpicking but the only thing that I can’t stop thinking about the video was the really awkward speech as the narrator waits for the camera to pan over to the spirit orb, as he describes how spirit works.

    As has been mentioned before, these videos are really just teasers for people that have not graced the Beta or are new to the Diabloverse. Still though, hitting level 6 with my monk as of patch 16 was a revelation and they made a great rune switch that really reinvigorated my desire to play monk.

    Just my thoughts.

  28. The Monk was going to be my first class before I got into the Beta, back in september.  But since then, I’ve been won over by the Wizard.  The Monk just seems “off” to me.  Don’t get me wrong, i like the class and I’m sure I’ll have a 60, but from the odd animations with weapons, to the (imo) underwhelming skills, I’m just not feeling it.

    I look at the Wizard, and you can get Meteor! and Blizzard! and Summon a Hydra! and cast a Disintigrate Beam and so on.  Awesome skill after awesome skill.

    But with the Monk, when I go over all the skills, I find myself only being drawn with that sense of “oh thats going to be awesome” to just a few of them.

    Edit* Oh and I was not nearly as immpressed with this vid as I was with the other two.

  29. The monk is lame. Blizzard is lame. This game is lame. The game will die within two years. See SCII population and compare it to the SC and SC/Broodwar population. Blizzard is Activision Blizzard, not Blizzard. Blizzard is not Blizzard North. People who don’t see the importance of the original developers cannot compare the concept to their own interests. If a new Harry Potter book was ever written, would you accept it openly if the author was not Rowling? Artistic and conceptual stages of a game are equally as important as they are in other forms of art – such as literature, music, and so forth. What if a publishing company began releasing plays with the author name, “William Shakespeare.” Will you have certain expectations from Shakespeare’s former plays and draw comparison? Do you really think this hypothetical publishing company would even compare to his works? Blizzard is lame; Blizzard is not the old Blizzard, and there exists substance to people’s opinion in this matter. The monk as a class is so worn out and unoriginal that it makes me want to vomit on my monitor. The spells look disenchanting and rather boring. A mace doesn’t swing; it punches. Go ahead, cry about how Blizzard has been too busy the last 5-7 years to place appropriate animations. Cry about how I am a troll and you are some Diablo universe expert. Correct my grammar. Spank me.

    Before playing the beta, I would have put the monk 4th and wizard 1st, being a near-exclusive sorc player in D1 and D2.  Since playing the beta, the monk is my absolute favorite and wizard my least.  I’ve never noticed the (lack of) weapon animation in-game, only in complaints on these forums.  I wouldn’t mind if both never appeared.

  31. He is the soldier of the gods? – I thought Diablo 3 was all about the Prime Evils and Archangels, are they the gods or dafuq?

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