Over the BlizzCon weekend, we have had more than 1000 edits in the Diablo 3 Wiki and there’s lots of new, interesting information added that you might want to see.

    One of the more important aspects is derived from Flux’s Full Monk Skill Tree Stats and Discussion article from two days ago. With that information and other sources, all DiabloWikiMonk skills are now added to the wiki with any and all information currently available. We’re working on the other classes at the moment, but for now you can check out:

    The Martial Monk

    • Monk Skills
    • Force Without Thought
    • Seven Sided Strike
    • Inner Sanctuary
    • Way of the Hundred Fists
    • Crippling Wave
    • Exploding Palm
    • Impenetrable Defense
    • Radiant Visage

    A huge thanks goes out to new wiki contributor Eoweniel, for fixing up most of the Monk skills, DxAxxxTyriel for our current work on the DiabloWikiBarbarian skills (and more), TheWanderer & Asteria for plenty of minor useful updates, Sjassy for the Other classes edits and MysticDragon, LordOfStrategy, Marison, Agito and Jam9k for even more useful new contributions.

    We currently have an enormous influx of new info about Diablo III, so take this opportunity and pitch in a bit in DiabloWiki yourself!

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