Monk Short Story: Unyielding

Much like the DiabloWikiDemon Hunter and the DiabloWikiBarbarian short stories that accompany their Heroes Rise reveal, “Unyielding” follows the path of a DiabloWikimonk before news of the falling star reaches his ears. The previous two stories have been fairly intriguing and sets the stage rather well before the journey truly begins.

The remaining stories we’ll be seeing are for the Wizard and the Witch Doctor. Even though the stories are not available, leeaid pointed out that you can still access the page the renders a 404 error, but reveals the name of the story.

Wizard: “Firefly”
Witch Doctor: “Doubtwalker”

These story titles don’t reveal much, but it is interesting to speculate. I can’t help but think that Firefly is in reference to Joss Whedon’s short-lived series.

Monk Reveal

A small excerpt from the story is below:

“When the ill wind blows, the tree that bends will break.”

Monk Story ImageZhota could not silence Akyev’s parting words. They had dogged his every step for the past weeks. By day, the memory of his master’s voice was only a whisper, but when night came, it reached a fever pitch.

Tonight was the same… Tonight he knew he would be tested again.

The winds had picked up, howling through the Gorgorra like the last icy breath of a dying god. The cold gnawed through his green, white, and blue sashes, biting bone deep. In years past he had endured slashing mountain gales outside the Floating Sky Monastery without so much as flinching, but this wind was different. There was an urgency to it that filled him with disquiet, as if the forest gods were roiling in fear.

Zhota paced at the edge of the campsite, tapping his bo staff on the lichen-covered ground. Mossy pine and birch trees towered around the clearing where he had settled for the night, along with a supremely ancient oak. Its great gnarled boughs arched over the breadth of the camp almost protectively.

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14 thoughts on “Monk Short Story: Unyielding

  1. Huh. It would appear that this story breaks the mold of describing a canon class representative for the D3 main story.

    • I loved it. I thought it did a great job of introducing the Monk’s background, especially the emphasis on the theological themes.

    • I am now thinking these are all npcs we may meet in the game rather than the characters themselves.


      I also thought this was an interesting distinction.

      The Demon Hunter story appeared to indicate that the protaganist would be the playable character in D3.  The Monk, however, states that “[a]nother member of his order, a peerless monk whom he had always held in high regard, had been sent out to learn more concerning the heavenly fire.”

      The barbarian could go either way, but it seems that the one in the story probably did not head to Tristram.  That said, I can’t imagine there are a lot of barbarians running around that part of the world, so it could very well be that he eventually does make his way that far south.

      Anyway, I have been liking these stories, some more than others. 

  2. Is it only me or from all of those female monk arts this one (on reveal page) looks the best?

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