While the male Demon Hunter wasn’t ready when they’d hoped, the Monk’s (and all the other) runestone effects are coming along nicely, according to @Diablo.

    At Blizzcon i saw some cool skill runes effects, but nothing about the skill runes for the monk class. How is the monk progressing?—Lytus

    Really well. All skills and runes are at least at first pass implementation for all classes.—Diablo

    They must have made a lot of progress on the DiabloWikiDemon Hunter skills since Blizzcon, for @Diablo to say that “all skills and runes” are coming along that well for all classes. Hopefully that doesn’t mean that the 12 DH skills in the game are great, but that they’re still working to come up with a dozen more skills for the class.

    I’m curious about what Lytus asked, though. What do the Monk skills gain from runes? That’s a topic that’s been kicked around in the Runestone Think Tank thread, amongst other places, and opinions vary. It’s pretty easy to imagine runestone effects on most attack spells, and the DH’s arrow skills and traps, etc. But what will they grant to the various DiabloWikiMonk skills, especially to his DiabloWikicombos? He’s not going to turn into a giant, monster-eating toad. So just +damage, +elemental damage, +range, +speed, etc? Or have the devs thought up more creative and interesting improvements to the bearded one’s multi-stage melee attacks?

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