Bashiok (and others?) have returned from their Xmas vacations, and they’ve brought us a present; a new and intriguing Diablo 3 development update, via Twitter.

    The monk resource system early implementation complete. A resource certainly fitting of a holy warrior.

    The Monk’s non-mana resource has been a topic of hot debate since the character was revealed at Blizzcon, but so far Blizzard hasn’t let slip any hints. The DiabloWikiMonk used mana, D2-style, in the show build, and since most of his skills were very low cost, he could use them indefinitely. (I never ran out of mana at any point in my hour+ of Monk play time, while constantly using skills.) We knew that mana wasn’t the final system, of course, but we’ve still gotten no hints about more details. As recently as October Jay Wilson gave me a “too early to say” reply when I asked him about it in a phone interview. They must have had some ideas at that point, but didn’t want to give us any hints.Add your speculation in comments, and feel free to bombard the @Diablo twitter feed with questions; perhaps Bashiok will spill some more if properly incentivized?

    Update: There’s a bit more info and context given to this update on Diablo’s Facebook page. Also, note that the name of the Wizard’s system has been revealed: Instability! (Credit to Kunzaito for noticing.)

    As you may be aware every class in Diablo III will have their own resource system. The Barbarian will use DiabloWikiFury; Witch Doctor, DiabloWikiMana; and Wizard, DiabloWikiInstability. We also completed an early implementation of the Monk’s resource system just before the holiday break, and that’s continuing to undergo programming and visual refinement. It’s a resource certainly fitting of a holy warrior.

    Update #2: Click through to read what Jay Wilson said about Instability and the Monk’s unnamed system back in October, when we interviewed him.

    Diii.net: Everyone seems pretty happy with the function and form of the Barbarian?s Fury resource, but nothing has been revealed about the non-mana resources that the Wizard and Monk will use. Can you give us some insight into what kind of play style their resources are meant to encourage?

    Jay Wilson: Well for the Wizard we want to enforce the fact that she?s a glass cannon. I don?t think it?s fun to ever run out of mana. I?m not really interested in an extended resource for her. For the WD we?re okay with mana, since he?s got some pretty good skills to recover mana that also double as attacks. And he?s not defenseless when he?s out of mana. He?s got pets and ways to attack with them that aren?t mana intensive. For him that makes mana fairly interesting.

    For the wizard, when she?s out of mana she just dies. And that?s not fun.  So if anything, we want to encourage how she plays. So she?s the kind of character that blasts first and asks questions later.  Very vulnerable. So we want to implement a system that makes her more blasty, but even more vulnerable. We want to make that a choice for the player. ?Do I want to make myself more vulnerable in exchange for being more blasty.? And that?s a cool gameplay pull there.

    For the Monk um? I?m not ready to talk about him yet since he?s just too early. We still haven?t decided exactly what we want to do with him. We?re still playing around with his resource system.

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