Monk Poll Results

With a new poll underway, you might be curious to see how the last one turned out. (Since the script doesn’t save the old poll results anywhere non-admins can see them.)

Are you excited about the Monk?

  • Interested, but not sold yet.  1103 votes—44.03%
  • Love the Monk! I\‘ll play him first.  775 votes—30.94%
  • Okay, but he\‘s not my cup of tea.  450 votes—17.96%
  • Rasputin\‘s beard = DO NOT WANT!  177 votes—7.07%

Total Votes: 2505

A strong majority of fans, more than 75%, love, or at least like, the new character, and only 7% strongly dislike the DiabloWikiMonk. I don’t know if Blizzard can hope for too much more than that?

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  1. I’m glad you were able to survive it Flux, as it was pretty nice seeing the video and what not.

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