On the new podcast N3rdwards engaged in some wishful thinking and made bold predictions that we might see substantial Diablo 3 content released from this year’s E3, since there’s some PC content in the recently/formerly filthy console spectacle. His predictions weren’t entirely wrong, as Blizzard has revealed a fair amount of news… just none of it related directly to Diablo 3.

    Leoric batters the Crusader.

    Leoric batters the Crusader.

    The most relevant news is that the Monk and King Leoric (plus Tyrael and the Amazon) will join the Crusader (along with the Butcher and Diablo and Azmodan) as a playable character in Heroes of the Storm. Quote:

    Heroes of the Storm‘s Eternal Conflict expansion, focused entirely on the Diablo universe, is coming soon (kicking off on 30 June, apparently, with a PTR appearance next week)… The next hero in (after The Butcher, at least) will be King Leoric. His big thing is that he, uh… can’t die. I mean, he can die, but on death he simply turns into a wraith. While in wraith form he can’t inflict any damage, but all the damage he would inflict with his attacks will lower his death timer; when that hits zero, he respawns on top of the wraith, rather than appearing back in the base.

    …Apparently, the big design choice here was his undying nature. Malthael was considered as a hero who could embody this trait, but in the end, they went with Leoric. Does that mean Malthael will pop up at some point? Eh, probably, but it’s not like Blizzard are hurting for lore characters to choose from.

    The Monk is another revealed hero, but he’s much earlier in development. He’s a support character, and he looks like he’s going to be a very… unusual character. He’s mobile and agile; he can leap forward to attack enemies, then leap back to heal allies. More to the point, though, he can choose his own trait at the very beginning of a match, deciding whether to focus on healing or damage or what. It sounds like this will impact the talents he’ll have available to him, too, making him one of the more variable characters in the game.

    Here’s some screens from the trailer, which also show off Tyrael and the D2 Amazon as playable characters, though they are not not yet any details about their skills or play styles. You’ve got to like at the Amazon holding a Buriza, though.

    Monk, King Leoric, Amazon, Tyrael coming to Heroes of the Storm. Gallery of screens from the preview video:

    Click through for the trailer and some news about free mini-missions coming to Starcraft 2, as part of that game’s second expansion.

    Here’s the trailer for HotS’ Diablo stuff:

    Also, Blizzard is going to release a free mini-campaign for Starcraft 2, giving fans some playable missions that segue from the last expansion into the upcoming second expansion. Quote from PCInvasion’s coverage.

    A new trailer for something called Whispers of Oblivion, which – it turns out – is a free, three-mission mini-campaign bridging the gap between Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void.

    Whispers of Oblivion follows Zeratul as he unearths the Xel’naga prophecy, and might also look towards the Protoss’ retaking of Aiur. As mentioned, it’ll be free (although the exact words were “free to all players”, which might mean free to everybody, or might mean free to everybody who’s got one of the Starcraft 2 games) but if you want it soonest, you’ll have to pre-order Legacy of the Void, because that provides early access.

    There’s a shiny machinama style trailer for it as well:

    Check PCInvasion.com for lots more non-Diablo E3 news, with cool game trailers galore.

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