Monk and Witch Doctor Datamined Diablo 3 Skill Changes

Monk and Witch Doctor Datamined Diablo 3 Skill Changes

Following up on the Crusader/Barbarian/Demon Hunter post from earlier, we’ve added detailed articles covering all the datamined skills changes for the Monk and Witch Doctor. (Wizard analysis and much more coming very soon.)

Neither of these characters is getting the massive nerfs and changes that the Demon Hunter and Barb are set to endure, but the Monk has a lot of tweaks and small adjustments on the drawing board, along with overhauls for some of his least-popular skills and the promise of a very fun new version of Dashing Strike.

Sadly, the Witch Doctor is much less so, and once you see this article with only the actual changes listed (instead of everything that got only a change to tooltip wording) it’s hard to disagree with Mad Mantis’ disappointed take. I’m hoping the devs just haven’t turned their full attention to the WD yet, since there’s very little to hint at new builds or play styles coming for that class, and even the new skill, Carrion Swarm, is just a cross between Grasp of the Dead and Locust Swarm.

See the full articles for each character in the appropriate class forums:

  • Monk datamined skill changes.
  • Witch Doctor datamined skill changes.
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    17 thoughts on “Monk and Witch Doctor Datamined Diablo 3 Skill Changes

    1. Near Death Experience sounds like it wouldn’t work but in softcore I never used it anyways. Fist of Thunder I always went with Chain lighting but never thunderclap because I would always hit the wrong enemy, hopefully that might still be the rune effect as the blink kind of messed me up because I had to reevaluate where I teleported to.

      I hope deadly reach is still 25 yards as it is a skill I like using, that side kick is awesome. Inner sanctuary is a skill I wanted to use but was total crap, now it looks like Intervene will be useful if I have enough health globe bonus and the mobs don’t completly negate it in 2 seconds. Need more time to read it all but thanks for posting this!

      • On second thought reading near death exp again doesn’t sound too bad. new monk passives could be better. Looking forward to some more damanging skills and build variety without using unique items though.

    2. Monk needs nerfing as much as the barb does. Here is the smell test if a class needs nerfing or not. Taking into account some variance in “player skill” and what MP you “should” be working in: How many times do these chars die? I don’t think I’ve seen a monk die yet. Yet DH’s and WD’s pop off like rice krispies in milk. And to show its not me [because yes I do suck], I never die playing my barb and he has so-so equipment, but I die frequently using my DH and she has got decent gear.

      • My WD dies way less than my Barb, or any other character I have.

        I think in terms of danger survivability, WD > Barb > DH > Monk > Wiz

        They are all at equivalent gear levels, more or less, and can handle more or less the same MP (WD/Barb can go up to MP6, DH/Monk up to MP5, Wiz up to MP4).

        A lot has been said about Barbs, and yeah, it’s hard to die. But occasionally there can be the equivalent of biting off more than I can chew, at least at my gear level, and then there’s not much as a saving grace. With the WD, though, Spirit Walk + Spirit Vessel + usually one other defensive skill generally ensure there’s no way to die.

        Similarly, I find it easier to survive via kiting/Gloom/SS/Vault than I do with the Monk. The Monk’s got a bunch of get out of death cards, including NDE, Serenity, and Blinding Flash, but he still has to be near enemies to do efficient damage, and can get instagibbed or chain CCed (if not carrying pacifism) to death.

        The Wizard, with the current builds, just has a terrible time surviving if stuff goes sideways, but that’s largely because the two current builds function under the presumption that stuff won’t go sideways, ever.

    3. Well… I would make a post in the forum but every time I log in it logs me back out. Man this site is very buggy… (unable to log in on this page and have to put in my email address every time I go to post; able to edit comments and then being unable to edit comments; being able to vote and then being unable to vote, etc).

      Anyway, I think it looks like they’re putting in the frame work to support a zoo build. That’s why they’ve reworded Zombie Handler and changed Sacrifice. In order for them to allow us to have more Dogs, they’d need to limit Sacrifice somewhat. I’m thinking they’re catering for a zoo build without stepping on the 0 Dogs build.

      I do like the Carrion Swarm skill. It doesn’t do damage but puts a nice damage increase buff over everything. I can see it working well for Cloud of Bats / Bears build: Stand in the middle of it and unload!

      Overall, with the WD, I think they just haven’t gotten around to doing a lot with him yet.

    4. Still trying to figure out why FoT is getting buffed and WotHF is losing a spirit per hit and only 1 buffed rune. WotHF should have the short dash tied to the base ability (fist of fury) like the teleport of FoT.

      I just don’t understand the logic in making the most used spirit generator that much better and barely touching the rest unless they’ve altered the proc coefficients or altered how crits work with WoTHF etc. and or the inherent speed of Crippling/Deadly Reach.

    5. Is it not obvious to everyone yet that Blizzard, especially Josh and Travis, have no idea what they are doing. They are more or less just throwing shit at a wall and hoping something will stick.

      It really is telling that the developers have no idea what is good and bad and overpowered about each class, skill, rune.

      This isn’t even touching on the horrible changes/”buffs” to legendary items which do nothing to make them desirable or “build changing.”

      It is also telling that players eat it all up thinking bigger numbers is somehow better, but will quickly realize that bigger numbers mean nothing.

      • I had hoped they learned for Warcraft 3 that bigger numbers only make the game less enjoyable. I guess they have not learned their lesson.

    6. Sad thing, I don’t even care that much about Diablo 3 news anymore. I used to come here daily, to get my news fix, but now I was not here for two weeks.

      The lack of updates, Blizzard communication being vague has totally made me not to care about the game anymore.

      Guess I will pick it up again when the pre-exp patch comes. Until then, I don’t have much of a will to go on with the game.

    7. All this talk about an expansion made me install Diablo 3 again to see if anything changed. 35 levels later I know it is still a steaming bunch of crap. After level 15 I have not found a single decent item and am still forced to play the AH more than the game itself. Only now, surprise surprise, every decent item costs a few million gold, which I cannot afford. I have a feeling the expansion will only introduce more grinding, more AH lurking and even more crap loot.

    8. This is like WoW patches; the first PTR build will have a few class changes, specifically the big ones (goodbye perma god mode, Barbs!) but not everything for every class will have been done. Looks like the Doctor hasn’t been worked on a lot yet. As PTR builds come and go, you’ll see more work on him.

      As for the Monk, yeah, every spirit generator needs the dash (except Deadly Reach, but that would just need a big range buff). Number crunching and sims cannot overestimate the value of mobility in this game. Same for CC and CC immunity. It was why Archon/WotB were so bad. I really like the Dashing Strike change. That looks like a lot of fun. It seems like they’re trying the weird/wacky stuff instead of the crappy number tweaks we got at ship. It’s why they maybe should’ve limited it to three runes a skill; too many “more damage, less resource” crap that could be handled on gear. Even passives don’t deserve to be that boring.

    9. A bunch of classes, including Monk, still have skills that seemingly no one uses because they suck for one reason or another. At end game, does anyone use Exploding Palm or Mystic Ally, for example? Why don’t they just replace these with entirely new skills, or change their function to be entirely different? Buffing numbers on an ability that is clunky or “not fun” isn’t really going to help its case that much (ie. exploding palm).

    10. QUOTE

      A bunch of classes, including Monk, still have skills that seemingly no one uses because they suck for one reason or another.  At end game, does anyone use Exploding Palm or Mystic Ally, for example?  Why don't they just replace these with entirely new skills, or change their function to be entirely different?  Buffing numbers on an ability that is clunky or "not fun" isn't really going to help its case that much (ie. exploding palm).

      Exploding Palm is god tier, but I see your point.

    11. I’m not really worried about the witchdoctor because its just datamined information, meaning to me that they just haven’t got to the witchdoctor changes yet.

      When they are ready to announce stuff, im sure the witchdoctor will get his.

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