Following up on the Crusader/Barbarian/Demon Hunter post from earlier, we’ve added detailed articles covering all the datamined skills changes for the Monk and Witch Doctor. (Wizard analysis and much more coming very soon.)

    Neither of these characters is getting the massive nerfs and changes that the Demon Hunter and Barb are set to endure, but the Monk has a lot of tweaks and small adjustments on the drawing board, along with overhauls for some of his least-popular skills and the promise of a very fun new version of Dashing Strike.

    Sadly, the Witch Doctor is much less so, and once you see this article with only the actual changes listed (instead of everything that got only a change to tooltip wording) it’s hard to disagree with Mad Mantis’ disappointed take. I’m hoping the devs just haven’t turned their full attention to the WD yet, since there’s very little to hint at new builds or play styles coming for that class, and even the new skill, Carrion Swarm, is just a cross between Grasp of the Dead and Locust Swarm.

    See the full articles for each character in the appropriate class forums:

  • Monk datamined skill changes.
  • Witch Doctor datamined skill changes.
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