Monday’s Diablo 3 Beta Keys Sent

Just a quick heads-up to say that Blizzard has sent out this week’s batch of beta keys this evening. You may want to check your Battle.Net account, there’s a slim possibility you received one.

Site visitor Krobua received his and alerted us to the send out, but don’t hunt him down in a jealous rage, he’s just being nice 🙂 Also remember, if you are a site member just PM me and I’ll change your forum title to reflect your tester status.

Update: In related news, Blizzard has posted some information about how the Facebook, and other, beta key winners are being notified. Sometimes they tab right to your account; other times they email you. Read the post for the details.

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  1. Checked all 3 accounts. 3 fails.  🙁

  2. OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH   *checks*

    Nope. Q_Q

  3. 3 fails and you’re out unfortunately.

  4. This damn update takes forever.  Don’t get to try it out until after work, sorry folks.

  5. I swear they aren’t giving any beta keys outside america. Or maybe just not nz/aus

  6. sad panda. No beta key 🙁

  7. i have a feeling even if they gave a million away i still wouldnt get one

  8. I am in . The game is awesome !

  9. Checks account….

    Nothing new….

    Back to Skyrim.

  10. Ha, yeah, back to Skyrim for me too.  Fine game btw 🙂

  11. checked my 5 accounts , no key . back to dota2 😉

  12. Were any keys sent outside US until now ?

    Europe ? 🙂

  13. Nothin for me. Back to work then…

  14. Dam check it and noooo owell back to Dungeon Hunter: Alliance

  15. I am REALLY sad.

    SC2’s beta was full of keys, D3 is being a small elite club that no one is getting access =/

    • SC2’s beta was extended about 5 months (thanks to not working right), affording them more time for invites.  On top of that, as soon as Blizzard gave a release date just about everyone was in the beta due to the pre order bonus.  Same thing might happen with D3. (as far as the pre order bonus not the not working)

  16. Blizzard isn’t aware that a country named Turkey exists I guess…

  17. Heheh. 1.4 mill likes and only 200 keys at a time. What is that, about 1.4 out of 10,000 chance. I won’t hold my breath on getting one.

  18. Woot! Got mine today!

  19. Checks acc.. No key 🙁 
    Back to Battlefield 3! 😈

  20. Checked mine and nothing. Phone rings… hey man I got a key today!!!! I am glad that he is my best friend = game is awesome!!!!

  21. I got mine! But I will be the first to admit that maybe someone else should have got it. I am a fan but not a die hard fan like some of you.
    I wil do my best to play for all that didn’t get one!

    • Ouch.  Please, I implore the rest of you non-die-hards that don’t really care about the beta… log into your account, go into beta settings, and just un-check the box that says “Opt In” beside the Diablo series.

      • Let me explain. I love Diablo and played I and II to death. So maybe I should categorize myself as a big fan. Just meant that I an not on here 24/7 like a lot of people are who really wanted to get in.
        Loaded it up for a few minutes before work. Feels great to be playing again. I did have higher hopes for the graphics but they feel like they fit the game to me. So not too big of a let down there. Hearing Cains voice again was awesome.

  22. I did not get one, but I don’t care because Skyrim is amazing!

  23. added flux to the list of things that give me false hope.

    and before people rage on “only americans get beta keys” I’m american. and was in the sc2 beta, and did not get a key yet.

  24. Sigh i didnt get one either, if theres an extra floating around PLEASE PM IT TO ME… Ive got downtime at work and nothing to play, help a fellow man in need.   😀

  25. It’s connected to your account? When I entered the contest on Facebook, I wasn’t asked for my account name. Any help? Thanks.

    • Just as a clarification, they email you for the Facebook keys (they send you a key that you put in on your account page instead of just flagging it) and directly flag your account for the opt-in invites… So you should be checking both every day…

  26. checks…oke back to Skyrim 🙂

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