Mobs Not Stealth Buffed – Possible Bugs

Players have been reporting that they have been struggling against some mobs since the v1.03b update which has led to the belief that they had been stealth buffed or the ‘increase all resistances is bugged’ . The community has been busy testing out the theory and QA has responded to confirm that issues players are currently seeing are likely bugs and that nothing was buffed or nerfed.

There have been no recent hotfixes nor changes to the resistances, monster damage, nor elemental damage.

In patch 1.0.3 vanilla, we changed how much damage certain monsters do. There are still a few monster variants that are doing too much damage, but those are bugged and are hopefully going to be fixed in 1.0.4.

When questioned that this could just be a PR line the response was.

Thanks guys. As a Quality Assurance Analyst I have absolutely nothing to hide from you. I don’t work for the Community team nor do I report to PR.

It’s reassuring that these anomalies will be sorted out in 1.04. Let’s just hope we don’t have to wait too long until the patch arrives.

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    21 thoughts on “Mobs Not Stealth Buffed – Possible Bugs

    1. Some of these damage bugs are crippling and game-breaking, and I really wish they’d have addressed them as they came up. Like in, y’know, the original 1.0.3 patch.

      • And I kept arguing that D3 should P2P like WoW. Can’t expect same level of support. Welcome to D2 era fixes yet again

        • With what we can only assume is a steady trickle of revenue (RMAH), let’s hope it doesn’t come down to one poor guy in the basement at Blizzard North laboring on patch 1.10 by himself for months on end. :p

          • I suspect it’s also much more costly to run and maintain D3 in comparison to D2. But yeah, hopefully the support level is at least a bit better than D2’s, if obviously not on WoW’s level where broken stuff gets patched nearly instantly.

    2. There are still a few monster variants that are doing too much damage, but those are bugged and are hopefully going to be fixed in 1.0.4.

      Hopefully? Hopefully? Are you serious Blizzard?

      • They cant rule out that possibility that something else might bug out and create doom monster v2.0

    3. Wasn’t extensive testing done by a few players show that its certain mods from packs that bypasses either the RA or armor? Rather then improper damage figures for a few monster variants?

      I sounds like they’re talking about a different issue and don’t even know what’s being talked about here.

      • What you’re seeing is the effects from a large collection of small, individual bugs.

        Like the mortar (lack of) deadzone, getting trapped in walls, AoE not tracking mitigation at all, attack speed, double-damage attacks, etc.

    4. Well speaking that we have not even seen the dev blog for 1.0.4 I am not expecting this anytime soon. It would seem that this sort of thing should be adjusted in 1.0.3c or hotfixed if possible.

    5. “Thanks guys. As a Quality Assurance Analyst I have absolutely nothing to hide from you. I don’t work for the Community team nor do I report to PR.”

      How is telling us plainly that the Community team/PR hide things from us reassuring?

    6. I play a lot. I noticed yesterday too that the game has gotten a little harder. Act 3 specifically, goats and reviled. 2 days prior I was tanking the act on my wizard. Now I can’t, and enemies are one shotting me again, which hasn’t happened in a few weeks.

    7. Kind of wonder if the two golems near khule are bugged like this,…
      On inferno they simply,. kill you.

    8. Honestly I’m not seeing any difference in ground effect damage from when 1.0.3 first came out, and am not having any tougher of a time farming areas that I was doing easily pre-1.0.3b. There’s a ton of other stuff that is definitely either bugged or way higher than other comparable stuff (Golgor double attacks, huge Winged Molok damage, Fire Construct projectiles), but I’m not noticing any recent things that 1.0.3b would’ve changed.

      You guys might want to check in on the Reddit thread that brought this up initially, they’re thinking that his testing method was inaccurate and that mitigation may actually still be working as intended. This reply popped up yesterday and has since been added to the main post –


      I really appreciate the amount of time you put into this, but I think you may have made an error in your testing that lead to an incorrect conclusion. In short: I don’t think the damage is actually bugged, I think you died after one pulse of DOT damage when naked and were comparing it to multiple pulses of DOT damage when fully geared.

      Basically, you can get a really low pulse of DOT damage as you exit the damage field. That’s going to be the single-tick of it, and is what you would need to find to get a proper value for Molten, Plague, and Desecrator. As far as I have found, the normal damage display puts three of these together (As long as the target is actually in the DOT long enough to have three happen, otherwise it displays the total value it reached).

      So what you have found is the base value, naked, for the three DOT fields, and all three were one-shotting you. I know when I tested to verify this (Against the Hell Warden, since he’s guaranteed molten) my health was only around 4k, which is below the lowest damage number you would expect from a DOT for naked at 90% mitigation. Let me do the math for them:

      Molten: Naked: 5986 (Expected: 21000) (*3: 17958) Gear: 2100

      Plague Naked: 5702 (Expected: 17000) (*3: 17106) Gear: 1700

      Desecrator Naked: 12643 (Expected: 42000) (*3: 37929) Gear: 4200

      You’ll note that it’s about 3 times less damage than the expected result for each of them. Since you only survived 1 pulse of each (When the normal result had 3 added together, damping the random), there’s likely to be some variance involved accounting for the difference. The expected was calculated at 90% mitigation.

      So again, thanks for all the work, but I think this flaw invalidates your results.”

      It’s still possible damage numbers were accidentally stealth buffed or something, but even those figures look similar to what I recall experiencing both pre and post 1.0.3b. It may be time to take off the tin foil hats on this one, guys. If nothing else, we need to do more extensive testing of these specific things (resistance interacting with ground effects) to determine whether there’s actually a problem or not.

    9. I know nothing of dots, thicks or whatever, i know prior to 1.0.3 my barb was able to stand longer above molten,desecrator or plagued, now i simply burn, maybe im paranoid..

    10. So they fix insignificant problems in AH immediately but didnt even bother to tell us of this bug for days? Goes to show where Blizz puts their priority at..

    11. On a related note, I have the feeling that the number of packs has been reduced in the Halls of Agony levels. Where I used to be able to easily get 5NV stacks going into the jail thing, I now struggle to get 4 from HoA 1 and 2. Anyone has experienced the same or is it just RNG vs me?

    12. One thing that really riles me up is monsters which the normal version is slow, like those 2 arm Tremors that shield themselves and knock you back. When they spawn as yellow rare monsters, they have like 150% movement speed and the minute you fall into the detection radius, in less than a sec they are already circling you and you can’t even outdo them, you have to wish you can withstand the dmg and kill them quickly (glad I don’t play HC).

      Happened a few times they spawned directly on the WP in Act 3 across the first small bridge out in the open or in the crater areas before Azmodan.

      I’m all for some challenge but this level of cheesy moves is not what I’m looking for.

      and yes I seem to have noticed that some monsters are slightly stronger.

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