Players have been reporting that they have been struggling against some mobs since the v1.03b update which has led to the belief that they had been stealth buffed or the ‘increase all resistances is bugged’ . The community has been busy testing out the theory¬†and QA has responded to confirm that issues players are currently seeing are likely bugs and that nothing was buffed or nerfed.

    There have been no recent hotfixes nor changes to the resistances, monster damage, nor elemental damage.

    In patch 1.0.3 vanilla, we changed how much damage certain monsters do. There are still a few monster variants that are doing too much damage, but those are bugged and are hopefully going to be fixed in 1.0.4.

    When questioned that this could just be a PR line the response was.

    Thanks guys. As a Quality Assurance Analyst I have absolutely nothing to hide from you. I don’t work for the Community team nor do I report to PR.

    It’s reassuring that these anomalies will be sorted out in 1.04. Let’s just hope we don’t have to wait too long until the patch arrives.

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