In this week’s MMO Weekly Jeff discusses Blizzard’s continuing steps to make World of Warcraft more accessible to the casual player on release of Cataclysm. Blizzard have already given us smaller raid groups of 10 players as trying to muster up 25 was a task in itself. Back in the day a raid would take an entire evening to set up and complete and the majority of gamers just don’t have or want to give up that much time. Now with Cataclysm quest rewards and follow-ons will be automatically given to players in the field, meaning players don’t have to return to town to recieve the next part of the quest chain.  Blizzard have listened to players and consequently WoW has and apparently will continue to evolve into a more casual game. We can be hopeful that the Diablo 3 team will create D3 with these things already in place. Removing the endless returns to town to pick up the next part of a quest chain would be a smart move for starters.  That’s just laborious.

    Jeff talks about the other changes that have already been made to appeal to more casual gamers and what’s coming in Cataclysm to build on what they’ve already done. I won’t list them all here but you can read what he has to say in MMO Weekly: Easy Peasy WoW.

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