We’ve had a few blogs written by members this week that are easily missed as they are rather tucked away in the back rooms of the forums. Not today though.  Here’s a couple to chew over and comment on.

    ValidDiablo writes his “Diablo 3 pre-beta hypothesis” which attempts to lay out a selection of PvP builds with descriptions of how they could best play and why the particular skills were chosen. He’s also thrown in some eye candy.

    I’m planing on making a bit of scene in the world of diablo through diablo 3. I’m going to try and cast some competitive games, try my hand at some PVP and see how well things go. Using my past experience playing multiplayer hero based action games be them WoW, custom games in Warcraft 3, HoN, Bloodline champions, ect.

    How I Learned to Stop Trolling and Love The Skill System” may apply to many of us as there is now some distance between the news there are to be no skill trees and today when some of us have experienced the more flexible system first hand.

    TheOatman was one such person and in his blog he contemplates whether rose-coloured glasses might have stopped some fully embracing this new system in favour of clinging to skill trees and the more rigid build system they created.

    With flexible skills, further stretched by a variety of rune stones, the challenge is of a different nature. We must now be intimately familiar with all of the potential capabilities of our class. If designers are going to give us this flexibility, they can also give us more specialized and difficult encounters in the late game.

    Blogs are easy to have, you simply need a site account, then you just hit the Post to your Blog link in the blog page and you’re off and running.

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