Minion Fixes and Keywarden Bug

Two interesting posts from the PTR:

From the 1.0.5 patch notes:

  • “Followers, pets, and summoned creatures will no longer attack enemies that are in an idle state unless the player is within 10 yards of the enemy.”
  • This is a bit of a bummer. My wizard likes deploying DiabloWikiHydra up ahead to scout for monsters. Does the nerf apply to this skill, or only to other followers/pets? This was a fun part of my battle tactics and now I have to walk right up to ’em to get ’em with Hydra?

    Lylirra: Good news everyone! (Imagine I said that like Farnsworth from Futurama.)

    I spoke with one of our designers and he confirmed that summoned stationary “pets” which behave more like spells — i.e. Hydras and Sentry Turrets — will not be affected by this change. They will continue to attack targets as normal.

    This change primarily affects followers, quest NPCs, and mobile pets like Gargantuans, Zombie Dogs, and demon hunter Companion.

    Seems a smart fix. No one likes their Enchantress or Scoundrel activating the Treasure Goblin from halfway across the screen, but everyone wants their Hydras constantly sniffing things out at the edge of the screen. And since Hydras only go where you cast them, you’ve got no one to blame but yourself; compared to the pet AI which might have them wandering into trouble.

    Elsewhere an annoying monster bug is pointed out, with a cool screenshot:

    Die die die! Why won’t you die?
    The Keywarden in Act 2 will not die. I have tried fighting him in 5 different games, with different difficulties, and each time he gets to 1hp and just stands there. I included a screenshot as well.

    Vasadan: This will be fixed for the retail release of 1.0.5 😀

  • 09/21/2012 12:55 PMPosted by Lylirra
    It is possible for Sohkar the Keywarden to become stuck at 1 HP when fighting him.
  • Not sure if the fix will reach the PTR though.

    It’s funny how often monsters end up with this 1 hit point bug. We’ve seen it several times in D3 and it comes up in other games as well. This bug is not uncommon as a benefit either; various bugs stick players at 1 hit point and in an unkillable state. Programming is hard.

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    14 thoughts on “Minion Fixes and Keywarden Bug

        • Well I main a WD and a Monk so I’ve been taking the time these past couple weeks to level my Barb, Wiz and DH to 60 before 1.05 hits. Farming doesn’t seem worth it right now when it will get so much better post patch.

          • Actually leveling will be much better with 1.0.5 too, since leveling in MP10 with the help of the AH speeds up the thing quite a lot and also gives you some nice MF to maybe collect some legendarys along the way.

            The fights are challenging at first but I think since you level up way faster you end up out-leveling the game so you can still progress easily. You then reach lvl 45+ (where you get high end weapons with – level req) earlier and once you’re 60, probably still in early hell, you can just turn off MP and blitz through the remaining acts of hell to reach inferno.

            It’s very nice this way I think since an inexperienced player who doesn’t really have access to the AH stuff and doesn’t know the game well probably won’t be able to play on high MP effectively, but it allows you to level up rerolls faster.

    1. Unlucky on the WD and Monk man. I started with a Monk and quit for a couple of months when the Attack Speed nerf hit. When I came back I rolled a Wiz but just before 1.04 hit I had the foresight to roll a Barb.

      • I started Monk as well and fortunately didn’t get killed by the AS nerf since I didn’t have much AS gear, if any. Switched to WD once my Monk couldn’t get past A1 Inferno. The 1.04 WD pet upgrades really helped out and I’ve been having a lot of fun with that since. I can farm A2 super comfortably with the WD and relatively well in A3, although better if I’m playing with my DH friend.

        I like having the Alts to level up, it gives me something to do when I’m bored of farming. Probably gonna start a hardcore Alt or two after I get my five 60s to see how that is.

      • I love how you pussies bail out the moment you are faced with a challenge or increased difficulty. Go play Torchlight 2. You won’t be missed.

    2. I never made a wizard work. Now that they nerfed it…

      Monk reachead act 3. And dies there too often for my taste. And gearing him is painful. It looks like they put the monk inside the freezer untild decide how to “fix” OWE.

      DH was the first char to reach inferno Belial… And fail misereble at that. But I never got DH.

      After 1.0.4. I just put garbage on my WD (Int/vit/AR) and cleared act 3 with little trouble (except for cydea). MPed on act 4 (people like gargantuan in MP games) and cleared inferno. I plan to gear him up into something decent for MP… “Soon…”

      Barb always was my favored class (since d2). Even with nerf/buff, it’s always boils down to str/vit/AR, with loh and crit%, crit dmg and IAS around. I cleared the game with it as a personal project. I’m wasting millions on him because I can’t life with the fact that I have 1993 STR or 49 crit… I like round numbers. I want to get him able to farm act 1 MP 1 efficiently with my non-rend, non-double tornado build (killing stuff with a couple hits, no NDE, almost no potion using etc.)

      As a barbarian player, I’m tired to see people wearing partial IK/ skorn/ lacuni’s/ little boxes on the hillside, little boxes all the same. While they apparently are “fixing the game”, I just kill some time testing my own things and fooling around on act 1.

      My guess? They are trying to force us into MP and getting PVP balance, something like a world where a wizard don’t insta-kill the monk nearby because dodge, well…

      The diablo clones made me forget about pvp (1 hit ko from poison hydra? No thanks).

    3. ” various bugs stick players at 1 hit point and in an unkillable state. Programming is hard.”

      As a programmer, I hope this was meant sarcastic xD

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