Minecraft Mastermind Mints Millions, Marinates in Misery

Minecraft Mastermind Mints Millions, Marinates in Misery

A nice view, admittedly.
A nice view, admittedly.
Interesting short piece about Markus Persson and the lottery-winning misery he’s sunk into over the year since he sold his company, Mojang, to Microsoft for $2.5 billion dollars.

Minecraft creator Markus Persson has posted a series of tweets revealing that he feels deeply lonely. He spent a reported $70 million on an 8-bedroom, 15-bathroom mansion in Beverley Hills that came complete with a replica James Dean motorbike and a bar stacked with Dom Perignon.

Since, he’s been hosting parties attended by Selena Gomez and skateboarder Tony Hawk and had Skrillex DJ a pool party for guests in his infinity pool, which has panoramic views across LA. So many parties, that he was surprised recently to discover a huge pile of lost and found items left by guests in his garage.

The problem with getting everything is you run out of reasons to keep trying, and human interaction becomes impossible due to imbalance.
— Markus Persson (@notch) August 29, 2015

Hanging out in ibiza with a bunch of friends and partying with famous people, able to do whatever I want, and I’ve never felt more isolated.
— Markus Persson (@notch) August 29, 2015

This sort of thing is quite common with lottery winners and others who achieve sudden riches, where suddenly they go from a normal life with real friends to this quasi-celebrity figure surrounded by parasites who all want to leech off of them. It’s not usually so intense in the tech field since the nerds who hit the jackpot usually know and want nothing more in life other than doing their computer stuff, and they can keep at it. For instance, the Schaefers and Dave Brevik (plus their other early employees) did very well when Blizzard bought Condor and turned them into Blizzard North just before Diablo 1 became a smash hit, but that just meant they drove a Mercedes instead of a broken down Volkswagon to and from their job making video games.

You have to think Markus Persson would be happier if he’d stayed in the video game field and just thrown himself into making some new game or running some new computer company. I hope he gets better financial advice than he did personal, since he seems to have made horrendous choices. Moving to the most superficial place on earth and buying a gigantic house that feels like a hotel, without a single comfortable, intimate room, and wasting money throwing huge parties for the superficial fame-hungry parasites that fill LA sounds like a sure route to misery and despair, for any real computer gaming geek. (Pics or video of his outrageous house here.)

That said, it’s easy to lecture and scold from a safe distance, uncorrupted by fame and fortune. What would you guys do if you were abruptly hit with that sort of impossible wealth? Could you resist the urge to throw your life upside down and fall into some club party scene of phonies and celebrities, even knowing you’d soon come to hate it and everyone attached to it?

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21 thoughts on “Minecraft Mastermind Mints Millions, Marinates in Misery

  1. I'd take some of that money off his hands. I'm sure the fancy house is amazing and all, but I'd start traveling abroad or something.

  2. To have such problems…. I am unable to feel any sympathy for the guy as there are a million and, or in his case a billion and one things that would be much tougher to deal with in life!!

  3. Well how about start with not buying a place that has a bathroom to use for every single part of the day for a week… Just cause you have money doesn't mean you need to invite total strangers to a party either. If you had friends beforehand they should still be your friend afterwards. Invite them.Hire someone who 'teaches' you about suddenly being rich (like lotteries do when someone wins big).

    • Watching the video of the house, I didn't see one room I would feel comfortable in.  It feels like a hotel, with seating for 20 everywhere, and all these huge, open spaces.  The house is basically destiny; it's scaled so large that you almost have to have parties or a dozen house guests or else you feel like you're standing alone in an empty theater.

      But of course any thinking person just ends up feeling more alone when pretending to party along with a bunch of drunken strangers, so that's no solution…

      • I always just say (jokingly) that I would have my own house build and then not a massive villa but more like a semi-villa.Nice and a little expensive looking but practical and "normal sized" (still need a few big rooms for my dvd/blu-ray collection since it will go from ~500 to 5000. 😉 )I also read a story (years back) from some guy who won the powerball (?) lottery. He was broke X time later. Giving money to 'friends' and such.I would never do that. Maybe my sister and such at best and if I were to lend money to someone I kinda know it would be on black and white and not a ton either. Then again I'm Dutch. ^^

  4. Give me some money? That'll make you feel good! I don't ask for a lot, just some to help tide over new-baby life and lack of jobs to apply for 😀

  5. This is the same as the D3 Vanilla problem. Everyone bought the best gear on the auction house and no one wanted to actually play the game.

  6. Ummm – what does thet mid life crisis self pity sick idiot have to do with diablo 3 coverage? ´10 for you Flux. Maybe you should change to Boulevaard journalism.

    Mr. Person there are thousands of refugees pouring into western Europe right now – care to help or will you continue to wade in self styled depression? Get over yourself.

    • i agree that this is not related to d3 and should not belong here

      but minecraft is far from garbage; it may not be your style (have you ever tried it?) which is fine… but it is not garbage.

      it is not obvious at first glance (because many choose not to investigate the topic) but this game has massive modding scene;

      yes, the graphical engine stays the same but what you can do in game can vary completely (it can even be educational and there are also studies that properly dosed – young children benefit from it as their imagination and cognitive skills are improving)

      on top of that, a lot of people made it possible to earn money on it… be it youtube videos or streaming but also servers hosting and even programming (developing of mods and mod frameworks, organizing conferences about both, etc).

  7. Actually, while not about d3 I enjoyed this article more than many and when my gf asked “what are you reading about” the consversation went a little further than my normal “diablo” answer

  8. Even if this isn’t D3 related, I don’t mind the read. It’s not like there is too much stuff to read on this site, let alone on diablofans.

    And anyway all the glory to Flux for being such a witty writer. I really like his humor which usually make articles much more fun to read. \Pretend they are typing\ 😀

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