Mike Morhaime Technical Entrepreneur of the Year

DiabloWikiMike Morhaime has bagged himself a gong at the Ernst & Young National Entrepreneur Of The Year awards.

The awards encourage enterpreneurial activity and recognises leaders and visionaries who demonstrate innovation, financial success and personal commitment. Mike was recognised for his commitment to a high standard of quality that has propelled Blizzard to where they are today on the global playing field. Bryan Pearch, America’s Director of the awards had this to say:

“To use his words, Morhaime has unleashed his ‘inner geek,’ creating a cultural phenomenon that is unparalleled in the gaming industry. Morhaime brings a commitment to quality to his consumers and an inclusive work environment to his company, both of which have contributed to the immense success of Blizzard.”

And Mike this:

“We have some of the most successful online games in the world. Diablo III is actually going to be our 14th No. 1-selling game,” Morhaime says. “World of Warcraft has been the No. 1 massively multiplayer online game for seven years in a row.”

Congratulations to Mike. If you’re not familiar with Blizzard’s road to super stardom you can check out their official about page for history and mission statement.

Thanks to ericbrighteyes for the news tip.

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10 thoughts on “Mike Morhaime Technical Entrepreneur of the Year

    • Meanwhile, some people simply refuse to accept that in REALITY you can’t eliminate all the bugs in any software.

      • This may be true, but some of them are achievement bugs. You would think having achievements that are glitched or 100% impossible to get would be at least somewhere on the planning sheet for getting fixed before the games been out for so long. The ‘Stay a While and Listen’ glitch has been here since day 1, preventing pretty much anybody who got through Act 1 on the first day from finishing that achievement (or rather, anybody who paid attention and tried to get all the conversation achievements on day 1).

        • I don’t know if you have any programming experience, but the thing about bugs, and other programmers can back me up on this, is that there’s absolutely no correlation between the “seriousness” of the bug and how easy it is to fix.
          A game breaking, horrible, nasty bug might be fixed by changing a single line of code, while harmless little bugs could prove nearly impossible to fix or even find in the codebase.
          My point is, you can’t really judge Blizzard’s debugging efforts by looking at what you think is a minor bug. If it’s on the known bugs list, they’ll probably try to fix it at some point or another, according to their priorities.
          Personally, as long as any game doesn’t have a Bethesda level of bugs I simply ignore them if they’re not serious.

  1. I found these choice of words interesting:

    “Diablo III is actually _going_ to be our 14th No. 1-selling game,” Morhaime says.”

  2. Mike is a stand-up guy, but this award would have made more sense a dozen years ago.

    He co-created exactly one business, and sold it very cheap almost twenty years ago. Not really an “Entrepreneur”.

    And, in any case, Bliz is currently the dictionary definition of an overripe, bloated company more defined by internal politics than dynamic approaches to a market.

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